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Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
A frog in a dream represents a pious and a religious person. Sitting with frogs in a dream means having a good relationship with one's family and being friendly with one's neighbors.

frog or toad dream symbol
frog or toad
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frog or toad
Moving forward in leaps, possibly amongst long periods without apparent progress
Making progress in ways that don't appear to move directly towards a goal, such as through trial and error
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A frog is a sign of the unpredictable, changeable, and spontaneous. If you see a frog at your door, this means a visit is coming soon. Encountering a frog in your dream means you have good kids that make you happy.

Frog Meanings and Symbolism
When the frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition. We see animal symbolism of transition with the frog in its unique growth cycle.

Quick Decode: Transformation; major leaps; adaptability


Dream Interpretation/huge silver frog
A few weeks ago I had a dream that I saw this huge (very big - size of a pillow, i guess?) golden frog. but since it happened few weeks ago so I cant remember the details that much.

Frogs in dreams (like lizards, turtles, and fish) are highly associated with babies, and are common in the dreams of pregnant women, or in women who are contemplating children in their lives.

It indicates change or transformation. The frog's life in water refers to cold and still impersonal elemental nature. The toad is the symbol of the fertile, devouring mother goddess, who is also the mother of death. A toad in a man's dream can, therefore, be seen as a warning signal.

To see a frog in your dream, symbolizes fertility, self-exploration and transformation.
To dream that you are catching a frog signifies your carelessness in watching after your health. You may have some health problems and disorders.

Frogs are symbols of self-exploration and transformation. Pay attention to messages from frogs in dreams, which are really messages from your unconscious mind.
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Frog - spirit of lust; demon; curse; witchcraft
Goat - sinner; unbelief; stubborn; argumentative; no discernment; negative person; being blamed for something (as in 'scapegoat'); positive - prosperity in some cultures
Hawk - predator; sorcerer; evil spirit; a person who is for war ...

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Old dream interpretation books say that frogs are a good omens and represent happiness and great friendships. From a more modern point of view, frogs may be considered symbols of the unconscious because they live in the water.

Frog - transformation is taking place; something distasteful is changing into something of beauty.

frog a hope for the future; comfortable in two mediums; hopping along; someone who speaks as if they have a frog in their throat. Have you found your prince yet?

A positive omen in all ways. Whether you saw them, held them, heard them, or ate them, they signify happiness, success in your profession, and true friends.
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The frog in a dream can represent the need to take a ‘leap’ in a new direction. This reptile is known for its ability to jump from one place to another and can represent staying in one place too long when you may need to take a ‘leap of faith.’ See Reptiles.

A dream with a frog suggests that you are ready for something in your life or a part of yourself to change. It may also imply that you're looking for ..Read more →

Mysterious, or magical feeling intended. If it is staring at you: a spiritual significance of being watched. If the dream focus is not on the frog, but something else: it represents another person in your life. It also signifies something is known about you by others, but not known by you.

They are related with health problems and may cause no little distress among those of your family.
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Frog - a part of your psych that still lies buried in the unconscious; the Frog Prince motif where the frog represents the unconscious which at first sight is frightening but, when assimilated by the conscious ego, reveals itself for what it is - the total psyche, beautiful and true.

Frog - for a dreamer to see a frog in his dream means changes or transformations. Everyone knows the fairy tale about the frog becoming the prince, therefore in dreams it might also represent important changes within you or those you are surrounded by.

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I got a dream early in the morning that group of snakes are climbing a hill but one frog is jumping along with them and then a green snake fell down and it bite on my right hand. At that moment is really feel the pain in my hand.
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Tadpole Sperm, a baby, perhaps in the womb - i.e. pregnancy. Possible feelings arising from pre-natal life. See: Frog. More ...

To identify common dream symbols in your own dreams, keep a dream journal. Write in the present tense as if you're actually re-experiencing the dream, and underline any unusual or poignant aspects (eg, "the frog is sad because he knows a drought is coming").

thanks for your dreams dictionary but i haven't seen flying, frog(mountain chicken)and pepper.i dreamed while animals attacked me and i began to fly. i dreamed mountain chicken in my shoe, i dream i saw lots of pepper.i also dreamed someone injecting me on my arm. can u tell me the meanings please?

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