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Frozen in a dream can represent:
Feeling emotionally closed off.
Feeling frigid/cold emotionally
It can also represent feeling 'frozen with fear' in a situation.

Freeze Frozen
To repress emotions. To become cold emotionally and perhaps sexually. To need affection or warmth. To be unfeeling, but sometimes painfully unfeeling.

We are walking up the trail when we come across a frozen stream. Its not really frozen though. It looks like the water is all crystals. Like those rocks that you break open and they have purple colorful formations inside.

To dream of something frozen symbolizes something that has been rejected or denied.

Dream interpretation - Frozen
Preservation. Restraint. Feelings need to be resolve.... Continue dream interpretation - Frozen"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Fruit ...

Frozen food :
This symbolize a nice experience.
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frozen symbol in dream
Dreamed about frozen. What does it mean?
For more dream interpretations and dream meanings, please refer to our Dream Dictionary. Some of our top dream symbols include: ...

frozen time to thaw out; frozen emotions; feeling unable to move; scared. (See defrost) What needs to be thawed out?
fruit more sweetness needed; something is coming to fruition; full and juicy; a nutty person. What is about to bear fruit?

Dreaming that something is frozen, represents something that has been suppressed, rejected, or denied.

A frozen chicken indicates that you are being cold in your relationship and need to be warmer towards your partner.

Frozen state of feelings. Anxiety without cause. Obstacles in business affairs.
Loss of control. Insecure. Misery and afflictions.

Frozen - emotional self closed down. Frigid emotions.
Fruit - new life, new developments; fruit of your labors.
Funeral - axiety over your health; thoughts of approaching death. Planning for the end of something in your life.

Water in frozen (solid) form.
Complete definition
Ice is water frozen into the solid state. It can appear transparent or opaque bluish-white color, depending on the presence of impurities or air inclusions.

To see a frozen stream in your dream, indicates that your emotions have grown cold and hardened. This may reflect your hurt feelings which you need to confront and deal with.
Street ...

Ice or something frozen can represent:
Rigidity, stubbornness, or unchangeability
Brittleness or fragility
Cold-heartedness or unwelcoming
Dormancy, a rest period, or being "on hold" ...

PARALYSIS frozen with fear
PARALYZE unable to think clearly
PARAMEDIC help patch feelings up
PARAMEDIC in need of some immediate care and attention
PARANORMAL seemingly unexplained events and behavior ...

etiolated, eunuchized, exanimate, exclusive, expressionless, extinct, fade, faint, familiar, far, fervorless, fibrinous pneumonia, flat, flinthearted, flu, forbidding, forward, freezing, freezing cold, frigid, frigidity, frosted, frosty, frozen, ...

The material which makes up the avalanche is snow, and snow is frozen water. Water symbolizes your emotions, the unconscious, and, at times, life itself. Therefore, this dream is about rapidly and violently descending emotions and thoughts.

I had a dream my baby boy was drowning in a frozen lake. I jumped in to save him, my armed where instantly froze. I couldn't reach for him.

Dream dictionary definition for glacier: Dreaming of a glacier represents frozen or blocked emotions.  You may have difficulty connecting with your feelings or expressing your feelings and needs to others.

(What's the message? Navigate with care!) Ice also can represent "frozen emotions," or a person in our lives whom we feel is emotionally "cold" or distant.

Hail in a dream is indicative that the dreamer is being pounded by frozen emotions; either their own or someone else's - frozen emotions refers to cold type feelings.
- see Dream Dictionary: Body
Hairdresser ...

In the dream landscape, ice or a frozen-over river or lake are danger signals. They indicate relationships growing sterile, spiritual frigidity and isolation.
Idols ...

We went around back and then we turned around and walked up the side of the house and the ground was frozen. In the driveway there were ice puddles==that were water when we were there in the springtime.

Melting - Melting ice or snow may suggest a meltdown of frozen emotions that you previously held back. Molten metal may symbolize a major transformation-taking place.

Ice can also reflect the feeling of being "frozen" or paralyzed with fear, guilt, or other anxieties.
The Freudians also suggest that ice in a dream can symbolize sexual frigidity or repressed sexual desires.
Could you or someone [.] ...

To dream of ice fishing symbolizes a search for insight into hardened, or"frozen" unconscious thoughts and emotions. Things from your past that are difficult to understand, or that the ego prevents you from seeing.

(I.e. fear and anxiety about death or sexual frigidity [for some people these are one and the same, sorry, just a joke!].) Things that are frozen are generally not usable and they do not change or grow.

To see a stream in your dream, signifies that you will come upon a flow of fresh and profound ideas. To see a frozen stream in your dream, indicates that your emotions have grown cold and hardened.

Water in dreams often symbolizes the emotions, so hail in a dream can represent emotions that have become frozen.

Are you staring at instant foods, or frozen ones, or too many leftovers, or mostly gooey, soupy foods, or foods past their shelf-life? If we are what we eat, then we are what we also store in our fridge.

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