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Fruit Seller
Dream Dictionary
To dream of a fruit seller, denotes you will endeavor to recover your loss too rapidly and will engage in unfortunate speculations.

Fruit ice cream in a dream is an omen of unpaid debt. Rotten fruits mean sadness or that satisfaction will come too late, as well as some misunderstandings in the future. Eating fruit in your dream foretells a good life full of abundance.

Fruit can be a symbol for femininity, harvest, or decay. However, it could just as easily fall into interpretations of food. Therefore, how the fruit was present in your dream should be carefully considered.
Did you offer fruit to someone, or vice versa?

Seeing fruit in your dream means a period of growth, abundance and financial gain. Fruits generally represents lust and sexuality. In particular green fruit in your dream indicates your hastiness and disappointed efforts. You need to work harder and longer in order to achieve your goals.

To buy or sell fruit, denotes much business, but not very remunerative.
To see or eat ripe fruit, signifies uncertain fortune and pleasure.
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American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of seeing ~ ripening among its foliage, usually foretells to the dreamer a prosperous future. Green ~ signifies disappointed efforts or hasty action.

To buy or sell ~, denotes much business, but not very remunerative.
~ ...

Quick Decode: Abundance; product of your work (~s of your labour); protecting yourself


Grape~ is popular, juicy and healthy for some, so it has those connections. But for some it taste quite bitter and acidic, so much suggest something good you do not like.

Category: ~s
Psychological Meanings: The dream symbol of decayed things is like the dream symbol of spoiled things.

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Date Dreams - ~
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The date is a symbol of nourishment, so you may dream of eating dates when you are in need of emotional or spiritual nourishment.

Dream Interpretation/strange dream of ~ and rings?
Hi Debiprasad,
I have always been very interested in my dreams, and usually interpret them myself, but the dream I had last night was unusually puzzling! I was wondering if you could please tell me what it means?

~ symbolizes your reproductive system. ~ is the ripened ovary, together with seeds, of a flowering plant. There is also the expression that your children are the ~ of your loins.
Funeral ...

~ed Trees - healing
Gate - spiritual authority; entrance point for good or evil
Key - spiritual authority; wisdom; understanding; ability; Jesus ...

To dream of seeing ~ ripening among its foliage usually foretells the dreamer of a prosperous future.
Funeral ...

Nature - Plants - Dream Dictionary
Ripeness; abundance; fertility; earthly desires; a project that is finally bearing ~. It is related to the egg because at its center is the seed of the future.

To see or eat ~ is usually a very favorable dream, symbolizing pleasure, abundance, success, good fortune, and financial gain. However, dreaming about ~ is a very bad omen for sick people. You need to be careful of your health after this dream.

~. Productivity, the desire for children, or an intimate relationship.
holiday. Change, freedom, escape, or travel.
horse. Power or control.

~-symbolic of God’s blessing upon the earth and Christ’s love for His bride, Song. 2:3, Gen. 1:11. ~ in a dream can also mean results. If the ~ is rotten or spoiled in a dream it symbolizes abandonment, curses, and people of bad char­acter, Jer. 24:1-10.

~top list
~ represents abundance and prosperity. As a result of the seeds that they carry, they may also represent new beginnings. In biblical stories, mythology and literature in general, ~s have enjoyed much symbolic meaning.

~ more sweetness needed; something is coming to ~ion; full and juicy; a nutty person. What is about to bear ~?
frying pan something getting hot; feeling burned or cheated; eating too many fried foods. Have you just jumped out of it, or into it?

~ on a Tree presents a type of food, where sustenance is there for you, to be taken from the ‘Tree of Life.’ Apples can represent consequences, or achievement and effort, as something that grows and falls to the earth.

~, in your dreams, refers to health, long life, and knowledge. Are you yearning to take a class? It may be a good time to do so. Sometimes, ~ in dreams can be your unconscious giving you a literal warning to eat more healthfully.
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A dream with ~ suggests that you feel abundant, optimistic, talented or skilled, or ready to chase your dreams. The dream may also imply that you need a healthier lifestyle or diet. ..Read more →

A ~ common to most people, it has both a negative and positive connotation.
Definition For:
An apple in an internal dream can speak of favor or a gift.

Grape~ :
A grape~ symbolize confusion.
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To dream of a grape~ represents personal indulgences or activities. Doing something all by yourself. Negatively, it may reflect your tendency to be too introverted. TOP
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Grapes- ~: ~ of the Spirit; the Spirit of promise (Holy Spirit); promise of wrath. Pomegranate= The word of God (because of the seed). (Matt 7:16; Num 13:23; Gal 5:22-23)
Grass- Flesh: The Word of God; self (as "in the flesh"); (1 Pet 1:24a; Zech 10:1) ...

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~ dreams have a lot of sexual symbolism, although some may indicate bitterness and jealousy too.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
~ represents abundance and prosperity. As a result of the seeds that they carry, they may also represent new beginnings. In biblical stories, mythology and literature in general, ~s have enjoyed much symbolic meaning.

~ - new life, new developments; ~ of your labors.
Funeral - axiety over your health; thoughts of approaching death. Planning for the end of something in your life.
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To see or eat a grape~ in your dream, represents a sense of well-being and a refreshed state of mind. Your are experiencing an uplift in your spirits and rejuvenation of your body.

Date (~) -
Dates in a dream can represent a desire for adventure in your life. Traditionally, a dream about dates is believed to bring good luck.
Daughter ...

A busy, ~ful, and prosperous farm is a sign of abundance ahead, while a derelict, barren, and decrepit farm implies the need to work hard to avoid a rocky financial road ahead.

9. Nine, ~ of the spirit, divine completeness from the lord, manifestation of the sons of God
10. Ten, testimony, law, responsibility, commence, Divine government, building faith
11. judgment, disorder, confusion, insufficiency ...

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To dream of a ~ seller, denotes you will endeavor to recover your loss too rapidly and will engage in unfortunate... Continue dream interpretation - ~ Seller"continue dream interpretation
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To eat of this ~ is divine. To symbolically eat of the ~ of a tree is to absorb the most precious understandings of life.

orchard: Being ~ful.
orchestra: The relationship between different aspects of
yourself or your partner or colleagues.

To dream of eating ~ is very lucky and symbolizes spiritual learning and self-knowledge. Rotten ~ in a dream is a sign that someone in your life is being untruthful. If you dream of picking ripe ~, this is a favorable omen of good times to come.

To gather the ripe ~, is a happy omen of plenty to all classes.
Orchards infested with blight, interpret a miserable existence, amid joy and wealth.
To be caught in brambles, while passing through an orchard, warns you of a jealous rival, or, if married, a private but large row with your partner.

Echo - you reap the ~s of his life.
Dream Interpretation Birthday May June July August
Echo - will come with vengeance for a long time has passed.

Analogies are also drawn between women and earth and the grave, as man comes from earth and returns to it; gardens, the ~-bearing tree; the year (in view of what it conceives and delivers); cows (because of the milk) and ewes; the rain; and, ...

Apple, Apples - Plans are coming to ~ion; a good omen.
Barrel - if full, prosperity. If empty, tightness of money.
Bear - a friend who is awkward will help you, if you are kind to him (her).
Bees - successful work.
Birds - if flying high, good luck.

If the orchard is filled with ripening ~, it could denote recompense for faithful service to those under masters, and full ~ion of designs for the leaders of enterprises. Happy homes, with loyal husbands and obedient children, for wives.

To see your image in a mirror, foretells unfaithfulness and neglectin marriage, and ~less speculations.
To see another face with your own in a mirror indicates that youare leading a double life.
You will deceive your friends.
To break a mirror, portends an early and accidental death.

Frugality will be the ~s growing out therefrom. To see the hair growing out soft and luxuriant, signifies happiness and luxury.

The puppy can then jump into your arms and you can hug it or you can use the same imagery of your dream and create another bowl of ~, this time with fresh, lovely, clean ~ which you can then eat and become the most powerful person on Earth.

trees crucifix patio willow caught unknown bodies slap light ~ ticket belongings wheels tomb position stillborn arguement iguana trailer west paranormal spirits breasts sharks planning friendly womb with anymore motorcycle
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You may have compromised your beliefs or integrity and/or wasting your energy and time on ~less endeavors. Alternatively, it reflects the intensity of your sexual passion and exploring areas of your sexuality. It is actually a reaffirmation of your commitment.

To dream of riding on horseback and passing musca-dine bushes and gathering and eating some of its ~, denotes profitable employment and the realization of great desires.

and gathering and eating some of its ~, denotes profitable
employment and the realization of great desires. If there arises
in your mind a question of the poisonous quality of the ~
you are eating, there will come doubts and fears of success,
but they will gradually cease to worry you.

To admire the golden ~ upon graceful trees, denotes that fortune will wear a more promising aspect than formerly.
To dream of gathering them, denotes pleasant surprises will follow quickly upon disappointment.
To preserve them, denotes that you will take reverses philosophically.

As with most natural products this popular ~ is generally a good omen, but the interpretation depends greatly on details. If the apples were ripe and sweet (or cooked and sweet), they are a promise of well-earned rewards.

To see a damson tree in full leaves loaded with luscious ~ shows you will get your reward with the inheritance you receive. Should you eat of the plums you will have sorrow and grief as well as loss. If the tree is misshapen then it foretells of a time of domestic unrest.
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To see yourself in October means you are enjoying the ~s of hard work and will make lasting friendships.
To dream of November ,augurs a time of happiness and success in all affairs.

She could use things like ~ loops and marshmallows for the different parts. And we stayed up gluing these things to a poster board and I kept thinking it wasn't really 3D. And then I had a dream that night.

Orange is an unusual color, a color of fire, of tropical ~s and island sunsets. This color represents adventure, change, unusual situations. Negative - an unwanted change.

In more experienced mothers dreams of neglected babies may symbolize neglect of relationship with one's partner, (the ~ of the relationship). Also can symbolize neglect of oneself: Dreamer is not caring for one's inner child.

This will increase the release of serotonin immediately before going to bed.
Foods high in carbohydrates include: Cereals milk, cakes, candy, sugar, ice cream, dates, figs, chocolate, cakes, ~ pie, potatoes, spaghetti, honey, and jam.

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