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Glass Drinking
It depends what is in the glass. See alcohol
In so many films and TV shows people are shown with a glass in their hands. Also at weddings and parties it is the same, people wandering around drinking alcohol.

glass slipper dream symbol
glass slipper
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Glass Dreams
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Glass is a substance that is very useful but that shatters easily, so glass in a dream can represent something important in your life that you are in danger of hurting or destroying.

Glass has another property - it shatters into very sharp shards. Many, many horror stories train us to learn how incredibly nasty glass can be when broken. So if you are worried about something, glass is often the way that it's shown in your dreams.

Glass, such as plate glass or a window pane, can represent:
Awareness or clarity, especially of situations, events, people, dynamics, etc. out in the world
Ability to see or be seen ...

Seeing glass in your dream, symbolizes passivity. Dreaming that you are drinking from a glass, is an omen of good luck. Dreaming that you are looking through glass, represents your openness and non-defensiveness.

To see a glass house, foretells you are likely to be injured by listening to flattery. For a young woman to dream that she is living in a glass house, her coming trouble and threatened loss of reputation is emphasized.
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Synonyms of glass of water.
noun plural: glasses of water.
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To dream that you see glass-blowers at their work, denotes you will contemplate change in your business, which will appear for the better, but you will make it at a loss to yourself.
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A glass bottle symbolizes your kidneys.
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To dream of seeing or wearing an eyeglass, denotes you will be afflicted with disagreeable friendships, from which you will strive vainly to disengage yourself.

An hourglass represents the passing of time and the beginning of a new stage in the dreamer's life.
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Dream Dictionary
To dream of a wine-glass, foretells that a disappointment will affect you seriously, as you will fail to see anything pleasing until shocked into the realization of trouble.

Magnifying Glass
To look through a magnifying glass in your dream indicates that you have procrastinated and were unable to complete a task to the best of your abilities.
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Dreams About Glass
What do dreams about glass mean?
To dream that you are looking through glass, denotes that bitter disappointments will cloud your brightest hopes.

Dream Interpretation Glass
To dream that you are looking through glass, could denote that bitter disappointments will cloud your brightest hopes.

First I was in this glass case filled with water. It looked a little like a phone booth only with no phone in it. Then the water emptied and I picked it up almost like how you see people wearing empty barrels in cartoons.

DREAM DICTIONARY - Magnifying glass :
Most dreams will translate into thoughts which you are all too familiar with.

Dreams of looking through glass reflect feelings of how well one can see what is on the other side, whether it be a person, relationship or what's coming, as in the future.

Glass: To dream that you are looking through glass, denotes that bitterdisappointments will cloud your brightest hopes.
To see your image in a mirror, foretells unfaithfulness and neglectin marriage, and fruitless speculations.

Glasses :
If your glasses got destroyed or you lost them, you are in danger of ruining your reputation. To see someone usually not wearing glasses, but are using them in your dream, you should end a relationship.

Glasses / Spectacles
The significance of this dream depends on whether or not the dreamer normally wears glasses. If he or she does normally wear glasses, this aspect of the dream has little significance.

Dream interpretation - Glass-blower
To dream that you see glass-blowers at their work, denotes you will contemplate change in your business, which will appear for...

- also see Dream Dictionary: Lens
Glasses in a dream, whether adorned by ourselves or others, infer we/they have clear vision about a specific topic or issue.

Glass House
To dream of a glass house, suggests that you are feeling exposed. Your secrets are about to be revealed. You may feel emotionally unprotected. Alternatively, it suggests that you are being watched.
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Glasstop list
Seeing thru the vale.
Glovestop list
on The Hands: Protection and cover up to that which holds and creates.

A dream that focuses on eyeglasses can be offering a message about putting things in perspective or seeing more clearly.

glass easy to see through; shine up the surface; feeling exposed; no place to hide; seeing through rose-coloured glasses. What is being reflected back to you?

To dream of glass represents expectations. What you think or expect to happen.
To dream of glass that is dirty, cloudy or discolored suggests a need for more clarity in a situation.

Dream dictionary definition for glassDreaming of glass represents transparency.  Transparency can take many different forms so look for other symbols in the dream to gain more insights as to what it represents to you.

A dream with glasses may suggest that you need to look at something more clearly in some part of your life, or that you need to be more of an ..Read more →

Spy Glass
To dream that you are looking through a spy-glass, interpret that changes will soon occur to your disadvantage.
To see a broken or imperfect one, foretells unhappy dissensions and loss of friends.

Hourglass-symbolic of running out of time or needing to manage your time better ...

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