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Gnome Computers, gnomic, Gnomical, Gnomically, gnomish, Gnomologic, Gnomology, gnomon, Gnomonic, Gnomonically, Gnomonics, Gnomonist, Gnomonology
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Christmas Gnome Symbolism ...

To see a gnome in your dream, signifies the inner child and its fantasies. What is your heart lacking?
Goalie ...

Gnome - Gnomes symbolize the magical world of wishes and make-believe related to your inner child or the inner treasures that you may possess.

gnome a mischievous part of you has a message, believe the unbelievable; guarding the treasures you keep underground. (See elf) Who is the odd, 'little person' you know?

Garden gnomes due to their shape indicate your kidneys.
Garden path ...

As of this writing I have not yet begun preparation for the other initiations, so I know only the earth intelligences: the gnomes, those peculiar dwarfs, known to Paracelsus, who dwell in the earth and are the guardians of its treasures.

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The Gnome & The Rabbit (Rabbit Neuter Dream)
Traveling through a snowy forest in a sort of open train, we encountered a bearded and very gnome looking man holding a gray rabbit straight out away from him with one arm by the scruff. He then lift...

Love; Front: facing life or the future; Back: colon, influences from the past. Basement: uterus; Path: colon; Shed: colon; Trees: Reproductive system; Gnomes-Kidneys.

GNOME fictional problems associated with some issue
GNOME strange unknown help or hindrance
GOAT need to get involved in anything / nosey and curious
GOBLET magical/mystical thoughts and experiences
GOBLIN strange unknown help or hindrance ...

Whether the fairy in your dream was of a pixie, a gnome or just a plain garden-variety fairy, these charming creatures... Continue dream interpretation - Gnome"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Goal ...

noun: sprite, goblin, gnome; plural: sprites, goblins, gnomes; related terms: gremlin, imp, pixie, pixy, hob, brownie, folklore, faerie, faery, fairy, fay, leprechaun, sandman.

Depending on its massage or wisdom, it may represent the archetypal Wise Old Man or Woman. The spirit may also appear as a gnome, or boy, or talking animal. Is there something in your life that has about it a sense [.] ...

On Dreams, by Sir Thomas Browne - Classic British Essays - British and American Speeches and Essays
Paranormal Story Archive - December 2001 - Page 1 - Bizarre Gnome Sighting ...

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