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To dream of goldfish, is a prognostic of many successful and pleasant adventures. For a young woman, this dream is indicative of a wealthy union with a pleasing man. If the fish are sick or dead, heavy disappointments will fall upon her.

This symbol means abundance of gold, making the Goldfish a popular symbol in the Chinese culture.

Goldfish :
A goldfish generally symbolize a joyful experience. If it was ill or dead you can get disappointed.
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Goldfish - Hands-on / Spiritual healer. Usually means dreamer has no outlet for this work.
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Grass - Heart, circulatory system, emotions; Weedy or water logged: Circulatory system, lymph system ...

goldfish swimming symbol in dream
Dreamed about goldfish swimming. What does it mean?
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To see a goldfish in your dream signifies wealth, many successful and pleasant events. If the fish are sick or dead, then it represents grief and bitter disappointments.
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To see a goldfish in your dream, foretells of wealth and many successful and happy adventures.
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Seeing a goldfish in your dream, foretells of wealth and many successful and pleasant adventures.

goldfish swimming with wealth; your emotions hold treasures; feeling as if you live in a glass bowl. What does it feel like, 'living in a fish-bowl'?
golf a place to make contacts; a lot of walking and hitting things. What are you driving at?

To dream of goldfish represents inaction. Issues that you can't do anything about or that you are unwilling to change. Something you think about a lot, but have no interest in pursuing or confronting.

To dream of goldfish, is a prognostic of many successful and pleasant adventures.
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"A couple of days ago I was full of the joys of the world yet now I feel DEPRESSED"[Dream Dictionary - dead goldfish pond]
"I am not sure of this extra work I take on. Its only voluntary and it leaves me EMOTIONALLY tired. "[Dream Dictionary - Pond] ...

I watched a single large-ish goldfish(not dead, just swimming on it's side)swimming around in the pond.

Synonyms of aquarium
nounfish : tank, marine museum; plural: fish tanks, marine museums; related terms: fish bowl, fishbowl, goldfish bowl, storage tank, tank, vivarium.

ghost, ghosts, giant, gift, gifts, gig, girdle, girl scout, girlfriend, girls, gita, glacier, glass, glass house, glass-blower, glasses, gleaning, gloomy, glove, gloves, goal, goat, goblet, god, goddess, gods, goggles, gold, gold leaves, goldfish, ...

Tropical or goldfish in tanks, bowls or pools indicate ephemeral pleasures. Baiting a fishhook in a dream is a prediction of a passionate new love affair--and if you're not eligible, it will be someone close enough to share the excitement with you.

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