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graduation dream symbol
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graduation picture dream interpretations
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Completion or ending
Accomplishment or achievement
Official approval or permission, or feeling qualified to do or be a certain thing in your life
Having a complete knowledge or understanding of a certain topic or area, or of yourself or part of your life ...

Quick Decode: Acknowledgment; success; completion


Graduating from school is a very big change in your life. Some students start dreaming about death around graduation time. You, however, seem less concerned about your life changing than you are about losing touch with those you care about.

To dream that you are at a ~, represents your achievements and a successful transition to a higher level of ability. You are ready to move forward with your accomplishments and do more important things.

Symbolizes successful transition to "next level" of ability and accomplishment. Dreams of ~ usually are very happy dreams. We sense fulfillment and achievement, admiration and respect of our peer group. ...

~top list
Initiation, lessons learned, completing a phase.
Gasstop list
Outside carpeting, foundation and support in the outside world.

To dream of ~ represents achievement. You are transitioning to a higher level. You be experiencing the completion of a difficult phase, or the end of a time of anxiety or uncertainty. You may have proved yourself in some way. TOP
~ Cap ...

Completion and accomplishment recognized. Ready to go on to the next stage or level of life.
Encouragement and sustenance instilled. Their house: Need to regain peace and tranquility in life.

~: Completion.
grave: Is something dead? What in you may have died?
Is there something you would like to bury, or keep hidden, or left in the unconscious?

A dream where you graduate suggests that you are aware and proud of your achievements and are ready to take on new challenges. Alternatively the dream can suggest that you don't feel ..Read more →

~ - a new stage of life begins.
Grasshopper - loss.
Guitar - declaration of love.
Gun - deceptive gain. Rethink your plans.
Hermit - need to bring quietness into one's life.
Horse - if tethered or confined, an overly restricted spirit.

execute, execution, exercises, exercising, exert, exertion, exploit, exposition, extensive study, fascinate, fash, fetch up, fetching-up, fish to fry, fit, fix, follow, form, formal, formality, foster, fostering, fret, function, functioning, gall, get, go in for, good use, grab, ~, ...

I put down the end of my rope on my seat and went to see what he wanted. I was upset because I wasn't able to see my friends graduate. My dad gave me my ~ gift. He gave me a piece of paper that told me what my ~ gift was.

graduate congratulations, you made it; remember your own ~; you have 'made the grade'; something is gradually changing. What are you completing?
grail a special container; looking for something special. (See Holy Grail) What are you longing to drink in?

* Please, see meaning of teacher, ~, test.
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Goose - Flexibility in handling emotional situations. If swimming, you are in control of your emotions. ~ - completing the goal at hand. Moving on to new and better things in your life.

If in your dream someone gives you a scroll, this means you will have to take responsibility and use, as well as share the knowledge you have gained over time. A ~ scroll in a dream is a sign that you have completed a cycle and accomplished your tasks, ...

June is often associated with weddings and ~s. This may be a time in your life when you are celebrating a love relationship or feeling you have 'graduated' in your personal growth and development.
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