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graduation dream symbol
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Completion or ending
Accomplishment or achievement
Official approval or permission, or feeling qualified to do or be a certain thing in your life ...

A Graduation a in a dream can represent:
Marking of an important transition in life.
'Rite of passage'
Moving up to a new level.
The completion of something important.

Graduating from school is a very big change in your life. Some students start dreaming about death around graduation time. You, however, seem less concerned about your life changing than you are about losing touch with those you care about.

Symbolizes successful transition to "next level" of ability and accomplishment. Dreams of graduation usually are very happy dreams. We sense fulfillment and achievement, admiration and respect of our peer group. ...

To dream that you are at a graduation represents your achievements and a successful transition to a higher level of ability. You are ready to move forward with your accomplishments and do more important things.
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Graduationtop list
Initiation, lessons learned, completing a phase.
Gasstop list
Outside carpeting, foundation and support in the outside world.

graduation symbol in dream
Dreamed about graduation. What does it mean?
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Graduation Cap
To dream of a graduation cap represents your attitude and mood with a sense of achievement. You are aware of your transition to a higher level as you move on to a new phase in your life.
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Dream dictionary definition for graduationDreaming of graduation represents completion.  Congratulations.

Completion and accomplishment recognized. Ready to go on to the next stage or level of life.
Encouragement and sustenance instilled. Their house: Need to regain peace and tranquility in life.

graduation: Completion.
grave: Is something dead? What in you may have died?
Is there something you would like to bury, or keep hidden, or left in the unconscious?

Graduation - a new stage of life begins.
Grasshopper - loss.
Guitar - declaration of love.
Gun - deceptive gain. Rethink your plans.
Hermit - need to bring quietness into one's life.

GRADUATION mastered a skill
GRADUATION recognition of your new skills and abilities
GRAFFITI expressing your youthful identity
GRAFFITI plain bold statements
GRAFT getting seperate parts to work together ...

exert, exertion, exploit, exposition, extensive study, fascinate, fash, fetch up, fetching-up, fish to fry, fit, fix, follow, form, formal, formality, foster, fostering, fret, function, functioning, gall, get, go in for, good use, grab, graduation, ...

Stand during a graduation ceremony away symbolizes the opposite: you feel undervalued and ignored. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - in general: you have neglected a … Continue reading → ...

graduate congratulations, you made it; remember your own graduation; you have 'made the grade'; something is gradually changing. What are you completing?

Goose - Flexibility in handling emotional situations. If swimming, you are in control of your emotions. Graduation - completing the goal at hand. Moving on to new and better things in your life.

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Dreams  Graduate  Grafting

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