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As can be seen in the following examples the grandfather is often a helpful, healing or supportive influence. Sometimes they are even spiritual teacher and guide. Grandfather is the highest in us. He is ones own inner light, the descending light.

grandfather dream symbol
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Your real-life grandfather
An authority or caretaker figure
Unconditional love and support, wisdom, understanding, or mature masculinity, or anything you associate with a grandfather
A spiritual authority figure or wise elder in your life ...

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Grandfather dreams can also be symbols of illness and ill health. You can dream of a grandfather and it just means that you feel old and tired.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
To become a grandfather in a dream means longevity or earning respect. Seeing one's grandfather in a dream also means enjoying a happy life. A grandfather in one's house in a dream represents one's own father.

~ Clock
To dream of a grandfather clock means you can improve your life by taking action, instead of just waiting and hoping things turn out okay.
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A grandfather also represents knowledge and wisdom, but with a touch of authority and tradition thrown in.
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To dream of your grandfather may represent your conscience in situations that you are experienced in. Your ability to make a decision or choose between right and wrong when you already have previous experience.

Your grandfather symbolizes your father in a dream. Here the dream is telling you something about the nature of your relationship with him. Most likely it is a negative influence that needs to be dealt with.
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~s can often be very symbolic. The dream world has no real symbols for the passage of time. So grandfathers, grandmothers... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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~/Grandmother - wisdom, your wise, mature self. Having to do with actual grandparent{s}
Grape - Grapes are nurture for the soul, and are fruit. Fruit often symbolizes new life, new developments. Also grapes are purple which may represent treausre, or your true self.

Seeing your grandfather in your dream may indicate you are ill. If your dead grandfather is talking to you, it might be that you have unfinished business you need to take care of. Grandfather and old people represent wisdom and intellectualism.

Clock-Time: Late; early; delay. Grandfather Clock=past
Ephesians 5:16- covering clean or unclean. (Matt 5:40)
Closet-Private: Personal; prayer; secret sin (as in skeletons in the closet); something hidden.

designer, deviser, discoverer, dry-nurse, effector, engender, engenderer, engineer, executor, executrix, fart, father, fatherlike, fatherly, feed, first cousin, fondle, foster, foster brother, foster mother, founder, frater, generate, generator, genesis, genetrix, get, give birth to, grandfatherly, ...

If for instance you had a dream about your grandfather and you had just met your grandfather the previous day then that's a coincidence that is a good clue to the dreams meaning. The dream maybe about that situation in some way. It maybe about your reaction to what happened there.

As I prayed, I saw a chain from this person, to his father and then, his grandfather. As I shared this revelation, it turned out that both his father and grandfather had delved into the occult and considered themselves 'medicine men'.

Nick @ 2012-03-27 20:20:51
I dreamt I saw my dead grandfather, he poured oil on my head and started to comb my hair. He then gave me a stash of money and told me to put it away for him. I was then awaken by my husband
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Your personal grandfather, or any elder person may symbolize the Wise Old Man archetype, your inner spirit. Interpretation of grandparents in dream points to the message that provides needed insight or wisdom. A grandmother or elder female may represent the Great Mother [.] ...

They worship Wakan Tanka - the grandfather spirit, pray with the pipe, and have vision quests - some lasting for days. Sioux symbols are an integral part of their rituals and ceremonies.

Is the clock a soothing presence in the dream? Is it the steady tick-tock of a grandfather clock as you sit in a living room? That could mean that you are comfortable with how life is going, with the things you are experiencing. You're ready for the next step.

A spontaneous gift of life - In the dream a man found bowl piled up fully of snow-white eggs under the bushes on the grave of his grandfather.

For the Navajo and Crow Indians, the bear is a father or grandfather figure that possesses wisdom and knowledge of the sacred.
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