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To dream that you have a guitar, or is playing one in a dream, signifies a merry gathering and serious love making. For a young woman to think it is unstrung or broken, foretells that disappointments in love are sure to overtake her.

Guitar Dreams
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If you are playing a guitar in a dream, it can be a sign that you want to develop your creative side.

Guitarists are often storytellers, helping us understand more about our past and our present. What is the guitar doing in your dream? Is someone playing it? That person is trying to tell you something. Are they playing a slow song, a love song? A song about danger, or a fun song?

If you play on a guitar, your family affairs will be harmonious.
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Guitar Strings
A dream that features guitar strings suggests that you are concerned about holding some relationship together. This dream can also represent your need to use your position and power to get what you want.

To dream that you have or play a guitar symbolizes intensity and strong feelings. It may be suggesting issues related to sex and carnal fantasies.
To see an unstrung or broken guitar represents a shattered or dissolved relationship.

Dreams About Guitar
What do dreams about guitar mean?
To dream that you have a guitar, or is playing one in a dream, signifies a merry gathering and serious love making. For a young woman to think it is unstrung or broken, foretells that disappointments in love are sure to overtake her.

Seeing or playing an electric guitar in your dream means the power and strength of your passion. You clearly express your feelings to others. Alternatively, it is symbolic of youth and rebellion.
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Guitar :
A guitar is a symbol of femininity and the female body.
The dream symbols are also available in an iPhone app which you can download from iTunes: ...

Hearing guitar music in a dream can be a sign that you are looking for romance. If you are playing the guitar, it can be a sign that you need to get in touch with your creative side.
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Guitar-worship, melody, joyousness, Ps. 45:8
Gum-chewing gum can symbolize a person’s immaturity ...

To dream of any musical instrument indicates a need for peace, creativity, and harmony in our lives.
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guitar making sweet music; strumming along; being strung along. Who do you know who plays the guitar?
gulf a wide space between you and someone you care about; feeling swallowed up by something. What has caused this gulf between you?

To dream that you have or play a guitar, represents passion and emotion. It also has relates to sexual connotations. To see an unstrung or broken guitar, signifies disappointments in love.

A guitar, like any musical instrument, symbolizes that you are a channel / medium. You can communicate with spirits.
A 6 string guitar shows that channeling is your way onto the path of dharma.

Bass Guitar
To dream of a bass guitar represents making others feel good about how deep or interesting you are. TOP
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mandzguitar 5 years ago from USA
I have dreamt about snakes last bigh and thanks for sharing this, all I can do is to be careful and be aware of what's going on. You did good with this hub, I really like it. Thanks again!
marketingmergenow 5 years ago from Spokane ...

Guitar - how are things palying in your life?; creative abilities (or wishful thinking)
Gums - verbalizing what you want or need. A need to express your emotions.
Gun - a symbol for aggressiveness; sexual energy; to kill someone with a gun is your hostility toward that person ...

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Geddy's Bass Guitar Symbol
by: Rushfan03
I like your thread greatly!
Has anyone commented on the Symbol that adorns Geddy's Bass Guitar? The symbol looks like a "U" atop a short staff which in turn is crossed by three short transverse lines.

Guitar - declaration of love.
Gun - deceptive gain. Rethink your plans.
Hermit - need to bring quietness into one's life.
Horse - if tethered or confined, an overly restricted spirit. If standing in a field, wisdom and common sense mingle.

full of people wich it was,it was hard getting things ready,then i went to go take a shower and i remeber being worried about being ready on time for the party and i was struggling not to fall asleep and to hurry and get ready in time for the party,my friend ashleys boyfriend had brought his guitar ...

To dream that you have a guitar, or is playing one in a dream, signifies a merry gathering and serious love... Continue dream interpretation - Guitar"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Gulls ...

If you see the Lord giving someone a harp or stringed instrument, then it means that He desires to give them a spiritual gift. Others have been known to see a guitar or similar instruments. The point of the vision is not the instrument itself, but what it represents, which is Christ inspired music! ...

This section of our Free, Online Dream Dictionary contains the Meaning of Dreams starting with the letter 'G' include the following subjects Going Bald, Gun, Golf, God, Grandparents, Girls, Gasoline, Garden, Grass, Ghost, Gossip and Guitar.

See subtle artistic fingers strumming a guitar or piano fluttering on the keys - the pursuit of dubious entertainment will lead you to sin. Thick as sausages, fingers - come across a lack of understanding of the interlocutor, to which do not reach the basic things.

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