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Dreaming that someone is giving you a haircut, suggests that you are experiencing a decreased sense of power. You may feel that you were criticized unfairly.
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Dream " H " Haircut
The interpretation of the dream "Haircut"
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Haircut meanings in dreams:
Sometimes haircut could show the fear and mostly of the times it represents grief, loss and sorrow;
According to Indian dream journal "Jagaddeva", haircut signifies poverty and miserable life, which the dreamer will have.

To dream that you OR someone else is cutting your hair, it symbolizes that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to supress you. This dream can also mean that you are reshaping your thinking to eliminate negative attitudes or habits.

To dream of willingly getting a haircut represents a fresh start or change in your thinking style. Shedding unwanted thoughts, emotions, or life situations. Alternatively, you may have gone to far with something and are cutting back. Being set straight by someone else on an issue.

The ~ goes well.
You were able to change your hair in a positive way.
The barber is friendly and sociable.
The barber is someone you know.

Having your hair done or a ~ is a request to change how you think with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

A scorpion in a dream also means that one may be deceived by someone with a scorpion quality, and particularly if he uses a short ~ around the ears in the dream. A scorpion in a dream also represents a backbiter and an enemy from within one's family.

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The Perfect ~ -- Long, Layered & Shaggy
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The type of hairstyle can also portray different attitudes where a short ~ can relate to being conservative; long, flowing hair can suggest being more natural or earthy; and a clean shaven head can symbolize a rebirth in outlook.

Shaving= Putting away the filthiness or nature of the flesh. ~= Removing or breaking covenants or religious traditions. Hair Growing Back Out= Restoring the covenant (or tradition), (See barbershop, section 2).
(1 Cor 11:15; Judges 16:17; Num 8:7) ...

The characteristics of a stranger's hair, or a new color or style of hair on someone you know, may be a clue to what that person represents. Consider what that hair characteristic means to you—for example, gray hair might represent older or experienced, and a short, neat ~ could ...

If you saw others get a ~ is someone envious. If you curled your hair you will do well in love. If you touched the hair of someone else you can get money. If you compared black and white hair you will have to take a difficult choice.

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