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hat dream symbol
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A role you play, want to play, or want others to think you play ...

Dream Dictionary
To dream of losing your hat, you may expect unsatisfactory business and failure of persons to keep important engagements.

A role you play, want to play, or want others to think you play
The impression you want to give to others, or your self-image (for example, wearing a top hat might mean you want others to think you're formal or wealthy, or wearing a jester's hat might mean you want others to think you're funny, ...

astrakhan, balaclava helmet, Balmoral, baseball cap, beany, bearskin, beaver, beret, boater, bonnet, boot, bowler, brass hat, breech, busby, calash, campaign hat, cap, capote, castor, ceil, chapeau, chapeau bras, cloak, cloche, coat, cock-and-pinch, coif, cork, coverchief, coxcomb, crown, derby, ...

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Meaning of Dreams About Hats
To dream of losing your hat, you may expect unsatisfactory business and failure of persons to keep important engagements.

Joker's ~
General Meanings:
In General the ~ of Jester/Joker warns you to be careful, otherwise you will make yourself look like a fool, especially in the relationship you are at the moment.

A ~ - con-caution: you should watch your head, be exposed to the disease.
Dream Interpretation birthdays in September, October, November
To dream of a man in a fur ~ - you will be called on the carpet to the authorities.

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To dream of losing your ~, you may expect unsatisfactory business and failure of persons to keep important engagements.
For a man to dream that he wears a new ~, predicts change of place and business, which will be very much to his advantage.

Dream Interpretation/Stovepipe ~ dream
My dream was brief. I am driving then park and exit my car.

Dream Dictionary: ~ - Hero
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Popular Expressions: Be it on your head; Come out on top; Keep it under your ~
Possible Meanings: ...

- see Dream Dictionary: Clothes
The harp is said to be the musical instrument of angels. Thus, when present in a dream it is informing the dreamer that they are either in harmony with their existence or not.

1. If the ~ is new, the dreamer may be considering a new job - and should go for it. If the ~ is old and shabby, the dreamer's current job will eventually "get old."

~-Covering: Attitude; protection; thought; activities ( as in "wearing many different ~s"). (Isa 59:17) ...

A ~ covers the head and therefore, the thoughts, signifying how you express yourself or what you are known for.

~ ~chet ~e Hawk Hay Head Headgear Hearse Heart Heat Heather Bells Heaven Hedges Heir Hell Sneeze Coffee House Leaves Vatican Soup
World Flags
Glomerular Filtration Rate Estimation ...

~ - a role one plays. changing ~s denotes change of attitude.
Hawk - aggression. a symbol for the spiritual self. ascending to great heights.

~: Might have something to do with opinions or thoughts.
panties or underwear: May indicate the private self and your sexual identity.
shoes: Indicate one's grounding and connection with the world.

If you dream ~ you are standing at a gravesite, you dreaming mind could be telling you that you are dwelling on a hopeless situation. It is time to "bury the past" and move on.

To see or dream ~ you are wearing a garter, represents seduction and titillation. You are looking to be more sexual adventurous.
To smell or see gas in your dream, indicates that your need to be reenergized.

In some cases, the ~ is simply a reminder of another event, such as a sporting event involving a professional team, or an activity like skiing or fishing.
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If you dream of past friends or relationships, this shows a longing to be back into ~ place and time, perhaps a time which was more innocent for you and less complicated.

To dream of an asian rice ~ represents a conservative mood or attitude that rejects progress. It reflects a resistance to new ideas or opportunities. You think what you are currently doing is good enough. TOP
*Please See Concrete. TOP ...

tip feeling off centre; getting a hot tip; showing how grateful you are; something on the 'tip of your tongue'; feeling tipsy; on the extreme edge; empty out the contents; something read to 'tip the balance'; tip your ~; feeling you have to tiptoe around.

This is a variable dream and depends more on the action in the dream rather then the ~ itself. These are... Continue dream interpretation - ~s"continue dream interpretation
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For a young woman to be putting a quill on her ~ interpret that she will attempt many conquests, and her success will depend upon her charms.
Quilts ...

Quills: To dream of quills, denotes to the literary inclined a season of success.
To dream of them as ornaments, signifies a rushing trade,and some remuneration.
For a young woman to be putting a quill on her ~, denotes that she willattempt many conquests, ...

The rabbit is a symbol of fertility and magic, like the rabbit pulled from the magician's ~. Although fertility could relate to the conception of children, it might also concern financial abundance, the success of a particular project, or other matters.

He is dressed in some very odd clothes. He has a jumper on and a weird ~. I am then in some car in the back seat. There are some TVs there. There are three of them(reminds me of an old and out of shape Elvis Presley who watched a bank of TV's).

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