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Heart attack

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heart attack dream symbol
heart attack
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heart attack
Dreaming that you're having a heart attack can mean you're afraid of actually having one, or you're afraid of a sudden crisis that's out of your control. A dream about a heart attack can also be triggered by real physical sensations in your chest at the time of the dream (heartburn, etc.

Suffering a heart attack in a dream indicates that you will be criticized by your closed relatives. If you see another person having a heart attack, this is a sign that you will soon depart on a long trip.

Heart attack
A heart attack in a dream may reflect a physiological problem such as a sleep disorder, especially if accompanied by a racing heart or shortness of breath. If so, consult with a physician immediately.

Heart Attack
To dream that you have a heart attack, refers to a lack of support and acceptance. Perhaps you also feel a loss of love.
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To dream that you are having a ~ represents a fear or concern of never doing something ever again. A powerful fear of permanent loss or failure. Fearing losing everything you have or everything you've worked for.

Loss of love or security. Need for someone to care for you.
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~: A loss of love, support, or of being accepted. It could also about your own health.
hiding: Secrets, withholding of yourself, withdrawal.
high: Expanded awareness; taking the larger view or gaining greater understanding.

Father ~
killing a bear
alligator eating my child
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She realised that he was really ill and needed to get treatment - he could have had a ~ and they needed to act. They were lucky that things did not turn out worse. ...

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You experience - in reality you are a discreet man, and your accumulated emotions can trigger a ~ or other serious illness. Directed at you - you call someone negative emotions that are ready to splash out on you.

Stress is a major factor behind many other illnesses, such as ~s. If you are experiencing chase dreams, it is your body's natural way of telling you to slow down and find ways to alleviate the stress.

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I had a dream last night about a man telling me that i will die in my sleep on Thursday at 3am by a ~. What does my dream mean?
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now im in my early 20s and i only dream of my Dad passing away. Its usually by ~ or car accident and no one is sad about his death but me. it seems so real that i have to call him as soon as i wake up and make sure he is ok. i dont understand why its just my dad now.

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