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helicopter dream symbol
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Like any aircraft it is about the adventure and uncertainty of flight. See airplane.

The ability to "lift above," as in being able to "rise above" a situation or problem
Ability to see the big picture or the grand plan ...

A Helicopter in a dream can represent:
The ability to hovering above everyone/everything and see things from a different point of view.
Ambitions and achievements.

The helicopter is an interesting object in our culture. Originally, it was thought that the helicopter would replace the car someday. However, prices never came down, leaving the helicopter as an icon of wealth or authority.

Dream Interpretation/helicopter crash dream
I have a recurring nightmare. I live in a rural part of town with my husband and dog. We were standing on our porch together just talking when we heard a very loud noise.

Helicopter :
A helicopter symbolizes spiritual progress.
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Dream interpretation - Helicopter
Zooming through dreamland aboard a chopper suggests that you're living beyond your means. On the other hand, the sight of a... Continue dream interpretation - Helicopter"continue dream interpretation ...

Dreaming of a helicopter represents that you are passionate about achieving your goals. If you dream of riding in a helicopter, this might mean you need to slow down and stop trying to please everyone.

helicopter crash symbol in dream
Dreamed about helicopter crash. What does it mean?
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helicopter whirling around in one place; going up and down; make a landing in tight places; being rescued. Who do you want to get away from quickly?

Seeing a helicopter in your dream, represents your ambition and achievements. You are in full pursuit of your goals. Dreaming that you are in a helicopter, demonstrates that you are living beyond your means.

To dream of a helicopter represents plans or projects that are getting off the ground and allow you full discretion. Starting something that allows you to take your time or not be influenced by others while doing it.

Dream dictionary definition for helicopter: Dreaming of a helicopter represents having an expanded view of a particular situation.  It may indicate looking at life situations / challenges from a different perspective.

A helicopter symbolizes your heart for several reasons. Firstly, the beating sound is symbolic of the beating sound of your heart. Secondly the propeller rotating, like any circular movement in dreams, is symbolic of your circulatory system.

Helicopter - Rising above yourself. Are you projecting too much of yourself as being more than it is? Rotating emotions or attitudes. The blades rotate freely. What about aspects in your life, are they rotating out of control. Freedom to be yourself.

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machine, flying platform, freight transport, freighter, fuel injector, fuselage, gas-shaft hood, glide, glider, gore, grasshopper, ground-attack fighter, gull wing, gun mount, hatch, heavier-than-air craft, heavy bomber, heavy transport, helicopter, ...

we see helicopters in the sky, The teacher is saying we need to call the recuse squard no one has a phone I found mine suddenly on the ground my friend had been on faceb part of me wants to login and say good bye..

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In my case, having spent time in the Marines and combat in Vietnam (helicopters), military dreams often reflect my own experiences (feelings, memories) and thus symbolizes something more personal in my dreams (e.g.

One was a tall building in the distancce that was on fire and a helicopter was trying to spray water onto the fire. One was an old historic building with the top floor (an antique shop) on fire and the patrons were not aware of the fire.

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