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helicopter dream symbol
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The ability to "lift above," as in being able to "rise above" a situation or problem
Ability to see the big picture or the grand plan
Personal mobility or autonomy in life, such as the ability to make your own decisions, or work towards goals and dreams on your own ...

The helicopter is an interesting object in our culture. Originally, it was thought that the helicopter would replace the car someday. However, prices never came down, leaving the helicopter as an icon of wealth or authority.

Seeing a helicopter in your dream, represents your ambition and achievements. You are in full pursuit of your goals. Dreaming that you are in a helicopter indicates that you are living beyond your means. You need to slow down and don't try to please everyone.

Example dream : A helicopter symbolised the dreamers belief that a project he was working on would sort things out then things would really move much faster .
Example dream : A helicopter symbolised the dreamers wish to get something going really quickly.

Dream Interpretation/~ crash dream
I have a recurring nightmare. I live in a rural part of town with my husband and dog. We were standing on our porch together just talking when we heard a very loud noise.

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Zooming through dreamland aboard a chopper suggests that you're living beyond your means. On the other hand, the sight of a... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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~ :
A ~ symbolizes spiritual progress.
The dream symbols are also available in an iPhone app which you can download from iTunes: ...

~ - mobile, flexible, able to get in Spirit quickly
Limousine - Positive: being taken to your destiny in style; Negative: materialism
Mickey Mouse Car - purpose is colorful & entertaining ...

~-a ~ can symbolize someone who lives a fast paced lifestyle, someone who drinks, parties, and uses drugs
Hell-eternal punishment, Matt. 10:28
Helmet-a symbol of salvation, Eph. 6:17 ...

Dreaming of a ~ represents that you are passionate about achieving your goals. If you dream of riding in a ~, this might mean you need to slow down and stop trying to please everyone.

~- When dreaming of an ~ this vehicle could represent one's ministry or an individual. Depending on the direction or movement of the ~ depends on the movement of one's ministry or personal life.

~ whirling around in one place; going up and down; make a landing in tight places; being rescued. Who do you want to get away from quickly?

To dream of a ~ represents plans or projects that are getting off the ground and allow you full discretion. Starting something that allows you to take your time or not be influenced by others while doing it. Full control as you begin something.

A dream featuring a ~ suggests that you are experiencing some change in consciousness or awareness, experiencing greater freedom or are embracing or welcoming change into your life. Alternatively, the dream ..Read more →
HERO ...

A ~ symbolizes your heart for several reasons. Firstly, the beating sound is symbolic of the beating sound of your heart. Secondly the propeller rotating, like any circular movement in dreams, is symbolic of your circulatory system.

~ - Rising above yourself. Are you projecting too much of yourself as being more than it is? Rotating emotions or attitudes. The blades rotate freely. What about aspects in your life, are they rotating out of control. Freedom to be yourself.

These also refer to a type of ministry. An airplane has many functions. A fighter jet speaks of warfare and is prophetic in nature in that it surveys the land and routes out the enemy. I have often seen all my team members as a fighter plane, flying in formation.

we see ~s in the sky, The teacher is saying we need to call the recuse squard no one has a phone I found mine suddenly on the ground my friend had been on faceb part of me wants to login and say good bye..

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In my case, having spent time in the Marines and combat in Vietnam (~s), military dreams often reflect my own experiences (feelings, memories) and thus symbolizes something more personal in my dreams (e.g.

Watching a plane crash
Shark tooth
~ rescue
what does a dream of killing roaches and cockroach
rose burning ...

The experience of flying was overbearing and you were terrified during your dream.
Dreaming of being on a mode of transport such as glider, ~, elevator, or aeroplane.
You are trying to escape by flying away from others.
you are flying downwards or upwards.

A girl I know we'll was on the unit he came to me to help she had my blood on her when he knew it was my I saw fear in her eyes. As the loaded me in the ~ I told her sorry an out the blood. That's when I woke up in a panic any idea about why I had something like that ...

Other types of flying dreams, such as flying in an aeroplane or ~, aren’t usually as exhilarating. Sometimes they occur before you or someone else is about to take a flight somewhere.

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