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homeless dream symbol
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A homeless person can represent: ...

A homeless person can represent:
A feeling or fear of losing your quality of life, security, personal support (family, friends, etc.), or personal or financial well-being, etc. in some way ...

Seeing a stableman in a dream also means managing one's business, showing kindness to others, distributing charity, helping foreigners, assisting travellers, turning one's attention to slothful people, or feeding the homeless. (Also see Driver).

Dreaming that you are homeless indicates that you are feeling insecure. You are unsure of yourself and where you are headed.
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Homeless suggests that you are lacking a real sense of belonging. You are maybe having to deal with changes in your life which have taken away a network of friends.

~ :
A ~ person either symbolizes bad luck in business or personal problems.
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Dream interpretation - ~
The meaning of the dream depends on its action, and all the details should be carefully considered, but as a general... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Homesick ...

To dream that you are ~, indicates that you are feeling insecure. You are unsure of yourself and where you are headed. Also see "Kicked Out." For "~ Person", see "Hobo."
Homework ...

~ man-a vagrant may be symbolic of a spiritual enemy, a wanderer
Homerun-success in the game of life
Homosexual-a spirit of perversion, Lev. 18:22-23 ...

Seeing a ~ person in a dream is an objective first step in exploring your own lack of fulfillment. A beggar or vagabond is a character that can portray a lack of self esteem or the ways that you kid yourself into believing you are happy.

A symbol of total powerlessness.
1. If the dreamer is the ~ one, then he or she is facing an unpleasant situation, which seems to have no solution. But if, in the dream, the weather is good, the dreamer has more strength than he or she thinks.

~ dream to the feeling of loneliness, which will soon visit your soul, despite the fact that the circle does not decrease. If you dreamed that you gave him the money, you should not rely on the excellent results of its activities, and all because a lot of time and material you spend pointless.

Spiritual deprivation. Absence of security and stability.
Homosexual ...

warehouse ~ness; insecurity; loss; unable to find where you belong; a new life experience in store; bringing something from your past in preparation for this new thing; feeling in need of a home as in 'where house'; looking for your true home. What are you storing up for the future?

Suddenly, his ~ guy came out from
a metal shed that was close to his. He had his hand in his
coat pocket and he slowly approached the first two other
people, who I noticed were two of my other friends here in
college. He just stared at them and my friends just stared ...

so in the dream chuck the bro in law and i were in a dangerous part of the city and (in real life my bf told me when u go to a dangerous part of the city if u dress like your ~ no one will hurt u) so in my dream we were dressed like we were ~ and he went to buy drugs i think (cuz he in ...

I made a film a few years ago about a dream I had: 1) My friend and I were starving and ~ living in a dilapidated house. I used a hacksaw to cut off his leg. So we could eat it. Then stole it and took off. The dream jumped forward I felt a week later.

The lady who works at a ~ shelter was a strong symbol. The previous time that the dreamer met her she had been making an assessment of a ~ man who had let health problems get out of control. There was a clear link to the dreamers own life.

To dream that you are a vagrant, or are ~, represents your desire to escape from the mores of your social circle. Your friends and family have placed expectations on you, which you hope to leave behind. This dream may also be a representation of your current financial situation.

If you have been suffering depression recently then you're likely to dream of being ~. This is due to the fact you may not be well mentally. It is important for you to get better and take some time for yourself.

Teeth ideally mean strength and stability and not having teeth can be seen as being ~ or somebody with financial loss.
If your in a relationship and you don't feel you have the upper hand you might have a dream where your teeth will fall out.

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