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Ice Cream

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Ice Cream
Ice cream, especially for young people, often has the association of being with friends, sociability and sharing relaxed pleasure, maybe family time. Ice cream can depict childlike desires for sweet things.

Ice Cream
General Meanings:
Time of joy Ice cream in a dream is associated and related with sensuality and taste. Under normal circumstances, this is an enjoyable and happy experience which will remind the dreamer his childhood and careless times.

ice cream dream symbol
ice cream
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Desire for or memories of fun, a fun activity, or special occasion
Happiness, as in eating ice cream with a certain person could mean that you feel happy when you're with that person ...

ice cream
Desire for or memories of fun, a fun activity, or special occasion
Happiness, as in eating ice cream with a certain person could mean that you feel happy when you're with that person
Category(s): Objects ...

Dreams about ice cream are connected to your quality of being sensuous. Normally this is a pleasant experience that could remind you of your childhood and other cheerful moments in your life.

Seeing or eating ~ in your dream indicates pleasure and satisfaction with your life. It is also an indicative of good luck and success in love. Dreaming that you are Seeing or eating ~ that is tasteless or sour means sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal.

For a young woman to upset her ~ in the presence of her lover or friend, denotes she will be flirted with because of her unkindness to others. To see sour ~, denotes some unexpected trouble will interfere with your pleasures.

A dream where you see or eat ~ often points to feelings of happiness, satisfaction and even good luck and love.
To dream of a bad-tasting, tasteless or sour ~ reflects sorrow, betrayal and loss of faith in things.

Dream "~"
Freud's Dream Interpretation
Eating ~ on a hot day - the dream means that will be a pleasant meeting with those with whom you have not seen for a long time.

Dreaming of ~ could indicate that you’re licking a problem you’re currently dealing with before it gets too sticky!If you’re enjoying the ~ in your dream, is it time to treat yourself to something pleasurable?

Example dream : An ~ dream linked to the dreamer actually being on holiday at the time.
Example dream : Chocolates and ~ in a dream where symbols of enjoyment. The dreamer was on holiday at the time and was wanting to relax and enjoy herself.

Dream Interpretation ~
To dream that you are eating ~, foretells you will have happy success in affairs already undertaken. To see children eating it, could denote prosperity and happiness will attend you most favorably.

~: To dream that you are eating ~, foretells youwill have happy success in affairs already undertaken.
To see children eating it, denotes prosperity and happinesswill attend you most favorably.

~ :
If you dreamt about ~ does this symbolize luck in love. If it was tasteless it is a sign of disillusionment, and if it was sour can someone be unfaithful. Melted ~ means that something will take longer time than planned.

To dream about eating ~ means you will have good luck and success in love. If you dreamed of an ~ sundae, you will have success with the opposite sex, especially if you dripped or spilled the sundae on yourself.

Desserts in dreams hold the same idea as Food, or how you are exploring nourishment and fulfillment from a more broad perspective. Associated with the idea of getting your 'just desserts' these types of foods are connected to your idea of success and rewards in life.

To dream of ~ represents comforting yourself or cheering up. Something you are doing to make yourself feel better. How you choose to comfort yourself during a difficult situation or disappointment. The method you use to feel good about negativity or a negative situation.

~-joy, happiness, fun
Ice water-refreshing, good news, Prov. 25:25
Iceberg-hidden disaster ...

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Then it was Haagen-Dazs ~, coffee and vanilla with hot fudge, no nuts. I dreamed of hunks of cheesecake and mountains of cookies and slabs of bittersweet chocolate.

when I was getting ~ from some ~ cart. When I was done
so strange man was staring at me. He told me I needed to put some
cloths on because I had on a tank top and a skirt. So I rolled my eyes and
kept walking. Out of nowhere my best friend runs past me and is telling
me to run.

That night in a moment of weakness, she eats a big slice of cake, and a bowl of ~. That night she dreams of being on a farm on a cloudy day, and watching in disgust as a big manure covered sow eats and sucks non-stop at her sloop.

See also related symbols: Chestnuts, Bacon, ~, Fruit, Grapes, Pickles, Raisins, Biscuits, Limes, Gravy, Meals, Blackberries, Cauliflower, Beets, Welsh Rarebits, Pancake, Jam, Salad, Oatmeal, Filbert, Tomatoes, Cheese, Marmalade, Spice, Pies, Damson, Macaroni, Beans, Figs, Jelly, Hash, Liver, ...

Eating, making, selling or serving ~ suggests that you are feeling contentment and satisfaction in your life. Things are well and the best is yet to come. Alternatively, you may be compensating in a dream for a lack in daily life.

If you are eating and enjoying ~ in your dream it denotes good luck and much success in matters of... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Iceberg ...

cone give yourself a reward of ~; acting like a dunce. What good stuff has fallen off?
conference call a board meeting of all your inner personalities and body parts; time to talk to someone; get away for awhile; presentation; performance anxiety. Who do you need to consult with?

holding a baby boy
Dream meaning of seeing a mad person
dream with enemy smiling and laughing at me
to see fridge full with food
~ ...

This will increase the release of serotonin immediately before going to bed.
Foods high in carbohydrates include: Cereals milk, cakes, candy, sugar, ~, dates, figs, chocolate, cakes, fruit pie, potatoes, spaghetti, honey, and jam.

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