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disclosure, distinguishing, distinguishment, dog tag, echo, empathy, establishment, evaluation, expression, exquisiteness, factoring, fellow feeling, fineness, fingering, free association, fusion, gauging, grouping, hint, hyperesthesia, hyperpathia, hypersensitivity, ID card, identification badge, ...

To spot your I.D. in your dream indicates pride in your identity and capabilities. Alternatively, to dream that you lose your I.D. denotes a weak sense of self-identity.
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Dream "Identification"
Dream interpretation from A to Z
A dream in which you have to include a few people identify the perpetrator, which you set eyes on something never before seen - so soon get about the same ridiculous situation where you are from, or seek to require the impossible.

identification issues about who you are; a shift in self-image and self-presentation; a fear of losing identity. How is your identity changing?
idiot feeling inferior, or superior, to others; performance anxiety; unable to meet expectations at work. How are you putting yourself down?

To see your I.D. in your dream, signifies your own self-confidence. To dream that you lose your I.D., denotes confusion about your own self-identity.

To dream of a ~ represents a need to prove yourself to someone. Proving your worth, skills, or that you deserve something. TOP
Igloo ...

2. ~: Identify what it is about the dream that upsets and disturbs you.

~ of our own destiny. Tranquility. Danger. Like learning something new. Relaxation. Uncomfortable. Distress. Action. Uncontrollable force. Frightening. Overwhelming. Anxiety. Inability to cope. Floods of tears. Release.
Naked or Nude
Hen or Chicken ...

An important note: ~ of symbols is personal. Your ideas about apples (and thus your decision based on the symbolic evidence) will differ from anyone else's.

Patriotism. Honor. ~. Success in own undertakings.
Inspiration. Intensity of emotion. Need to release a feeling.

Because they hold our ~ papers (driver's license, social security card, student ~, etc.), money (cash, checkbooks, bank and credit cards), and beauty accessories (make-up, lipstick, personal hygiene items), purses in dreams are associated with feelings of identity, ...

The dream has to do with your ~ with your grandma, because she had the same relationship issue. The petunias are orange/peach and flourish easily. Orange is the color of the second chakra energy center that has to do with relationships.

A dream featuring a birthmark, ~ marks, silver marks or any distinguishing-type mark predicts interesting new friends who will turn out... Continue dream interpretation - Mark"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Market ...

Sometimes, if you are experiencing particularly strong ~ with a co-worker, they will show up in dreams as a newfound sibling. If the dream solution to the new sibling is a comfortable arrangement, this may herald a positive partnership. However, this event can be a little troubling.

Quick Decode: Inclusion; ~; familiarity

Popular Expressions: Familiarity breeds contempt; you can pick your friends, but not your family; the black sheep of the family ...

Who conjures there is seldom seen, but most of the dream is an indication for ~. It is probably someone who understands the wax, you do not and it is not even familiar to you, and the dream reflects this lack of confidence. This dream also describes how you should react.

To see a wallet in your dream, symbolizes financial resources or self-~.
To dream that your wallet has been stolen, indicates that someone may be trying to take advantage of you.

The mask is an indication that the dreamer identifies himself with a person of force which does not belong to his conscious personality.The mask symbolizes ~ with an anonymous, superhuman power.
The meadow symbolizes new growth and productive activity.

a person loses their legs, becomes paralysed, loses childbearing ability, becomes blind or is made redundant, they face an identity crisis. Yet despite all of that they still exist as a person, and if we realise that early we can avoid all the pain and distress caused by a complete ~ ...

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