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ink dream symbol
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Outward or obvious communication, message, meaning, expression, creativity.

Dream Dictionary
To see ink spilled over one's clothing, many small and spiteful meannesses will be wrought you through envy.

Outward or obvious communication, message, meaning, expression, creativity.
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To dream of seeing ink signifies creative vision and ingenuity. Spilled ink in your dream means some difficulties and setbacks in your life.

Empty ink-stands denote that you will narrowly escape public denunciation for some supposed injustice.
To see them filled with ink, if you are not cautious, enemies will succeed in calumniation.

To see ink spilled over one's clothing, many small and spiteful meanness will be wrought you through envy.
If a young woman sees ink, she will be slandered by a rival.

To dream of ink spilled on clothing, symbolizes bitterness and envy. To see ink on your fingers signifies jealouss and anger towards someone.

Ink :
If you spilled ink you might get sad or get a problem.
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Spilling ink in a dream is nothing to cry about, but to write with ink is a warning to go slowly in giving confidences even to your best friends.

Seeing ink spilled over one's clothing, symbolizes bitterness, spite and envy. Seeing ink on your fingers, indicates jealous and rage toward someone.

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Signifies the ability to transcribe and understand knowledge in a more sophisticated way.
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ink writing letters by hand instead of using the computer; making something official; protection from a predator. What is hiding under that protective cover?

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Dream dictionary definition for inkDreaming of ink suggests permanency.  Writing with ink suggests firm beliefs and/or universal truths.

Blue ink, denotes constancy and affection, also bright fortune. Red colors in a letter, imply estrangements through suspicion and jealousy, but this may be overcome by wise maneuvering of the suspected party.

- with blue ink, embodied continuity, the affection of others, and happiness;
- red color in a letter says ahead of alienation due to suspicion and jealousy, but this can be avoided by skillful acting against the other side; ...

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within this week i've seen two names in my dreams both in black ink. first name is alex stone was printed and the second name was helen dattas in written form. now i want ot understand how it relates to me.

To receive a letter written on black paper with white ink, interpret that gloom and disappointment will assail you, and friendly interposition will render small relief.

You can even get pens with ink cartridges in the cylinder - no dipping - easy-peasy! ...

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Dreams  Injury  Ink-stand

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