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A particular insect often means that certain qualities of that insect are significant to you right now.

Ant - industrious; wise; diligent; prepared for the future; nuisance; stinging or angry words
Bee/hornet - painful; strong demonic attack ...

A particular insect often means that certain qualities of that insect are significant to you right now.
Think of what that insect symbolizes to you, and the standard ideas about the insect. For example, ants are usually thought of as industrious and well-organized.

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Insects maybe a symbol of life's irritations. If someone was annoying the day before then that could have caused the dream. If you seem very depressed and irritable then that could have triggered the dream.

Category: ~
Association: - Stabbing rage. Question: - Where in my life I really would like to sting? General Meanings: Low instincts - Wasp stands for "low" instincts, desires and feelings, especially rage, blind aggressiveness, hate or revenge about which the dreamer is warned.

Dream Interpretation/spiders & ~ dreams
last night I dreamt I was staying with friends of mine at their house and I was sitting on their bed which has some sort of hole with a screen in the middle of the mattress.

If ~ appear in a dream, they generally signify processes connected with the autonomous nerve system. Bees, because they gather honey, can have a positive meaning. When beetles appear in a dream great care is advisable.

~ or bugs represent things that are bugging you in reality.
An inspector symbolizes you are good at uncovering the underlying cause of problems, for example, through regression.

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Some dream interpretation books name specific insect symbols. However, the main idea to consider when you are interpreting this dream symbol is that you may currently be annoyed or "bugged" by a person or a situation in life.

A dream about ~ suggests the dreamer must confront unpleasant feelings, or possibly an unpleasant person, in real life before a situation will be resolved. Also see "Beetle", "Cockroach", "Crickets" and "Ladybug."
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The vast majority of life forms are ~. Their longevity on this planet suggests that they will outlive us, but we have little respect for their strength as a species. Although we do not consider ~ to be intelligent - they are more successful as a species than we are.

~ can imply we are feeling irritated, bugged, and/or in danger. Much will depend on the species of insect. For example, a spider might indicate danger.
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What's annoying or 'bugging' you? If you dream of ants, you may be feeling 'antsy' about a matter (see ant). Most ~ in dreams are about your fears or frustrations.

~ can generally mean two things, either that you worry too much or that you can meet obstacles on the road to achieving your goals. If the ~ did not bother you will the problems be easy to solve.
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sick baby
pregnant and giving birth to a baby boy
swimming in blood ...

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Some dream interpretation books name specific insect symbols. However, the main idea to consider when you are interpreting this dream symbol is that you may currently be annoyed or "bugged" by a person or a situation in life.

~ in a dream always represent obstacles that you must overcome to reach your goals, if you manage to exterminate them... Continue dream interpretation - Insect"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Insignia ...

Overall a dream of ~ denotes financial gains, abundant means, and also a mystery will be solved.
Jellyfish ...

~: Irritation, as in what is bugging you? The attributes of certain ~ can be used to represent what is going on. For example, bees, though communal, are individually self-sacrificing.

To see ~ in your dream means that you must rise above your trials. This may also represent someone or something "bugging" and "pestering" you. These unwelcome intrusions and disturbances must be immediately addressed.

To see ~ in your dream, signifies minor obstacles that you must overcome. There are small problems and annoyances that need to be dealt with. Something or someone may be (bugging) or (pestering) you. Alternatively, ~ are also said to be symbolic of precision, alertness, and sensitivity.

If many ~ or other small animals are biting you in your dream, you are being bothered by many petty annoyances.

Termites are ~ which are associated with words like sabotage, erosion, change, attack, subterfuge, stealth and destruction.

Idioms: bitten by the same bug; bug (someone); chicken on a June bug; cute as a bug's ear; Love Bug; put a bug in my ear; snug as a bug in a rug. See ~

Useful Questions and Hints: ...

A dream featuring ~ implies that someone or something is creating an obstacle for you. The dream suggests that there are minor problems or inconveniences you are dealing with or ..Read more →

Do the ~ in your dream symbolize people in your life who are getting under your skin?~ are notoriously known to cause discomfort. Are the ~ in your dream annoying you? Where are you, and who are you with? What does this say about what’s troubling you in your waking life?

Viewed through a magnifying glass of some small ~, plants, etc. means that you will have to seek help from neighbors to help move furniture or unload something very heavy.

I see them in the spirit as ~, small crustaceans and so forth. I remember one time really suffering with a pinched sciatic nerve on my left side. The pain was unbearable, shooting from my hip and down my leg, sometimes even making my leg feel lame.

To dream of bronze serpents or ~, foretells you will be pursued by envy and ruin. To see bronze metals, denotes your fortune will be uncertain and unsatisfactory.
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Our dreams can contain any type of imagery - old friends, monsters, and elephants - even ~. Dreams involving bugs can be either positive or negative in nature. Here are a few of the ~ about which people more commonly dream: ...

Bugs are ~ which ay symbolize either your attitudes toward your instinctive drives or unconscious forces that seem to constitute a threat to the rule of reason. If a solitary insect, it may be bringing a message from your inner self (the unconscious).

I dreamt several times about ~ mostly daddy long legs spiders, the most is when a daddy long leg spider is biting my math teacher, I don't hate him, he always says jokes to the class and makes us happy but I don't know why I dreamt about that can anybody explain this?

Swarms-to dream of swarming ~ is symbolic of a de­vourer or destroyer, Ps. 78:45
Swashbuckler-a person who is difficult to live with and likes to argue, Titus 3:10
Sweeping-cleaning out your life, Isa. 14:23 ...

Like with any symbol, numbers, colors, animals, ~, plants, etc. , they may vary in interpretation depending on the context in which they are seen. For example let's use the number of five, it could be five years or days, if you saw it in a context of time.

Anyone who has lit their own campfire knows the light magnetizes all manner of ~. In turn, their natural predators will also come to the flame looking for an easy insect meal. And so, bats were a common sight at Halloween-time festivities.

Beetles. A dream involving these unpleasant creatures is a warning of hostility and jealousy among your associates. If you killed the ~ or managed to get rid of them, your difficulties will be temporary.

If the statue simulates life, or moves, she will be involved in a love affair, but no marriage will occur. Disappointment to some person may follow the dream.
To dream of bronze serpents or ~, foretells you will be pursued by envy and ruin.

Thus the soul is filled with thought images that assume the form of vicious animals, homely visaged fowls, rabid and snarling cats and dogs, leprous and virile serpents, cankerous lizards, slimy intestine worms, hairy and malicious ~.

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