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invisible balance, invisibleness, invisibly
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To dream that you are invisible denotes feelings of being unimportant, overlooked and unappreciated by those important to you. Or it may simply suggest that you are trying to alienate yourself from life's realities.
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Being invisible (invisibility)
General Meanings:
Feels ignored and invisible for others When the dreamer becomes invisible or disappears in the dream, then this points to the fact that the dreamer is afraid to confront with insights or there is something that he would like to forget.

Something invisible in a dream may link to someone or some idea that is very dear to you. You may remember someone who has inspired you and they are with you all the time. It could be that some idea or feeling has inspired you and continually motivates you.

it was, well the best i could conclude, an invisible ghost had picked me up and threw me into the ceiling then allowed me to fall back into the couch. Kind of like an exorcism kind of thing or somthing. no one seemed worried about me though...it was kinda wierd.

Dream interpretation - ~
Event to come. Anxiety. A warning that something will be discovered.... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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~ :
If you were ~ in a dream will things improve. You may also be shy, or you want to get noticed.
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If you dream that you are ~, you feel like you're not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. To dream that someone else is invisbile, represents unresolved issues or feelings regarding that person. Pehaps you feel they don't pay enough attention to you.

Becoming ~ (i.e. disappearing) indicatives that we are for some reason not ready to internalise knowledge on offer. It can also mean we are trying to forget something that our unconscious wants the waking person to deal with.
Additional Dream Interpretation...

To dream that you are ~, signifies feelings of not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. Alternatively, you may be trying to withdraw from the realities of life.

~ feeling unimportant; unnoticed, or not taken seriously; not paying attention to something important right in front of you. Who is too good at blending in?

To dream of being ~ represents feelings of not being noticed, recognized, or acknowledged. Being purposely overlooked.

A dream featuring invisibility suggests that you feel like you are not being recognized in some part of your life, or that you have lost out on something. It may also indicate ..Read more →

~ person
Person: Can be presence of one's Higher Self lending strength and comfort. Power: Something in your life that you haven't been able to rationalize.
Seeking a refuge away from life situation. Feeling displaced and isolated from everything.

Event to come. Anxiety. A warning that something will be discovered.
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X-Rays ~ influences in your life. Penetrating insight, fear of being seen through, looking at the inner self. Fear of illness or inner faults. More
Xylophone Playing upon feelings, or sympathies. More
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Angels represent ~ energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible; therefore, unconscious material coming into consciousness.

As the smell - it's ~ substance, by itself it can not appear in a dream. However, we can clearly feel it, and we have certain associations appear to him. An unpleasant odor reports that reality around you someone hard multiplies nasty rumors and gossip.

But the memories which are preserved in these obscure depths are there in the state of ~ phantoms.

~ - Are those things that you are not aware of in your life, possibly unconscious aspects of the psyche. An ~ man or woman would indicate that those aspects {masculine or feminine} are not being utilized in a proper way in your life.
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So in sleep, man dreams the future by intuitive perception of ~ signs or influences, while awake he reasons it out by cause and effect. The former seems to be the law of the spiritual world, while the latter would appear to be the law of the material world.

Thoughts proceed from the visible mind and dreams from the ~ mind. The average waking mind receives and retains only a few of the lessons of life. It is largely filled with idle and incoherent thoughts that are soon forgotten. The same may be truly said of the dream mind.

Leadbetter also created a chart in his book, Man Visible and ~ (1902) that doesn't seem to follow any of the current cultural or western definitions.

The room is swirling with ~ demons, and they press against me, trying to kill me, and I am finally able to ask Jesus to help me. He does, and the evil must leave us alone, but I know that I need to leave, and only have enough time to get out.

Alternatively, you may be putting up an ~ emotional barrier around yourself.
To see broken glass in your dream, signifies a change in your life. You will find that a situation will come to an abrupt and untimely end.

To dream of the sun alone would indicate this but a solar panel harnesses the ~ rays of the sun to power other devices. Like the solar panel you can channel ~ energy that is around all of us.

Germs/VirusDreaming of germs may mean that you feel that your health is being damaged by something ~. You may know instinctively that you have been exposed to some type of virus and you are coming down with something even if you are not currently experiencing any noticeable symptoms.

Noticing that something is ~, or seeing only the outline of bones and organs can show how you remain unconscious of how you have structured your sense of Self to please others. Having X-ray vision shows willingness to see the truth of what the symbol you are seeing through - represents.

Sun Kachina:
From the Hopi tribe, Kachinas are the spirits of the ~ life forces. They are supernatural beings who serve as divine messengers between people and gods. The Sun Kachina is a symbol of life, growth, strength of spirit, and abundance.

Others ignoring you can mean you're feeling overlooked or disrespected or ~ in some aspect of your life.
Ignoring someone else can mean you feel someone's trying to tell you something you don't want to hear in real life.
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Then ask the ~ dream person 'Why can't I remember you.' Next, listen to your own inner voice. What does it tell you? The same technique can be used to help you understand a dream's meaning.

cluttered house
flash flood
looking black wolf on table in the eye
pile of dead babies ...

More likely is the idea that part of your personality may be ~ to you and needs to be uncovered in order for you to function.

When children experience confusional arousals, they typically awaken frightened and confused, and often scream in terror at an ~ threat. As a rule, children remain distant and unresponsive to a parent's attempt to wake or calm them.

Probably because of the paralyzing power of electrical shock and the ~ nature of electricity, we feel invisibly restrained or unable to move.

Transparency, such as a person's thoughts or feelings being easy to read
Communication, openness, honesty
~ barrier, such as a "glass ceiling" or other situation where you can see something but not get to it, or see someone but not communicate with them ...

To dream that you're ~ is metaphoric. You may feel you're being ignored by others and would like to be recognized more for who you are than who others think you are.
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The ability to understand the messages received in dreams is quickly being recognized as the link between the physically visible and ~ universes of man.

The feeling i had while dreaming was very comforting. She had black hair with red streaks and was by my side in a car around my arms. We were passengers, the driver was ~. I woke up wishing it was reality, and confused about who this girl was.

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