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To dream of iron, is a harsh omen of distress.

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A household iron, or ironing clothes or other garments, can represent: ...

A household iron, or ironing clothes or other garments, can represent: ...

Iron grille announces considerable resistance to one's own intentions, which can be overcome only with great effort, the Indian dream interpretation sees ahead difficulties and problems with authorities.
Traditionally: ...

If iron advances, you will see a gleam of hope in a dark prospectus.
To see red-hot iron in your dreams, denotes failure for you by misapplied energy.
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To dream of iron can mean a dream of being judged or sitting in judgment of others. Either way, the iron object is the power icon for whoever is in control of it.

To feel an iron weight bearing you down, signifies mental perplexities and material losses.
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To dream of iron, is a harsh omen of distress.
To feel an iron weight bearing you down, signifies mental perplexities and material losses.
To strike with iron, could denote selfishness and cruelty to those dependent upon you.

Each building had an iron fence around it and they also has swimming pools. While I was driving down the street I noticed on the left there was a nude man sitting in a lounge chair.

Iron: Iron is a most abundant metal, and is believed to be the tenth most abundant element in the universe. In alchemy, iron is representative of the planet mars in astrology.

Iron :
Iron symbolizes endurance, strength, vitality, anger or aggression.
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Iron bars-symbolic of arguments, Prov. 18:19
Iron rod-symbolic of judgment, Rev. 19:15
Island-a place of temporary, seasonal growth, or a symbol of isolation ...

To see iron in your dream, symbolizes harshness and ruthlessness. On a positive note, it may signify strength and willpower. To see red, hot iron in your dream, denotes failure resulting from displaced energy.

Dream dictionary definition for ironDreaming of an iron could indicate a desire to solve a problem or 'smooth out the wrinkles' in a situation.

To see or use an iron in a dream suggests that you want to present yourself in a better light. It could also suggest that you are trying to smooth ..Read more →

Flat Iron
To see or use a flat iron in your dream suggests that you are trying to change in some way, or surpress a part of your nature that you are uncomfortable with. It can also mean you have strong feelings for someone of the opposite sex.

Sheet Iron: To see sheet iron in your dream, denotes you are unfortunatelylistening to the admonition of others.
To walk on it,signifies distasteful engagements.

To dream of a hurricane can indicate many things; approaching danger, frenzied emotions; feeling as if all power has been taken from you and you are tossed around by forces you have no control over; ...

signify strength, but often with overtones of inflexability and ruthfulessness ('ruling with a iron fist').
signify imperfection, inferiority - as contrasted to gold.

Iron, with respect to a clothes iron, can imply we are concerned with how we present ourselves socially.
Island ...

iron: Steadfastness, strength, and endurance.
island: Solitude or wanting to be separate, or feeling lonely, or to escape something. Sometimes it represents the self rising out of the unconscious.

Band of Iron and Brass put around the stump of a tree.
Definition For:

To see hot iron with sparks flying, is significant of a pleasing work; to the farmer, an abundant crop; favorable indeed to women. Cold, or small, favors may be expected from those in power.

velvet a hidden iron fist; wealthy; smooth; rich; soft; cozy. Who or what does this describe in your life?
vending machine small change; mechanical buying; frustration. What part(s) of yourself are you selling for a few coins?

hour hand, hunter, husbandry, imitatee, inaugurate, incline, incomparability, index, index finger, indium, induce, influence, ingenue, inimitability, initiate, inspire, instigate, interest in, intimation, introduce, inveigle, invent, iridium, iron, ...

To see rust forming on iron or tin implies that you need to take better care of yourself, another person, or a certain possession. It also represents the progression towards the end of life.

To dream of rust on articles, old pieces of tin, or iron, is significant of depression of your surroundings. Sickness, decline in fortune and false friends are filling your sphere.
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To dream you are quarreling with a certain person usually shows there are some hard feelings that are either hidden or you find hard to speak about. This dream shows that unless you take the time to iron out the problem that it could indeed become ...

When young, we may dream more of sexual experiences yet as we age, our dreams explore true love. Remember that even if you dream of someone else when you are currently involved in a relationship, it is your psyche's way of trying to iron out any ...

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