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Feelings with which you clothe yourself. Particularly to do with degree of formality you present yourself with. See: Clothes.
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You need to be more concealed, cover up, or there is a need for protection from elements outside of your own control in your life. Normally these kinds of dreams are indications that you need to focus on preparations or bringing aspects of your life together.

Seeing or wearing a jacket in your dream, represents the image that you want to present and project to the outside world. Alternatively, it symbolizes your protective and defensive persona. You tend to distant your feelings and as a result, you may be isolating yourself.

To dream of putting on a jacket signifies success ahead, while taking one off is a forecast of trouble. A shabby or dirty jacket warns against mixing friends and money.

Dream "Jacket"
Dream Interpretation Longo
If you dream you are wearing a jacket, it speaks volumes about your adherence to strict rules and instructions for you have always been the main guide to action. You're a good singer, but with a formalist and conservative.

We associate certain key phrases with dreams. With life ~s we might associate the phrase "its looking bad." So a life ~ dream may tap into any situation where we feel "its looking bad.

Dream interpretation - ~
You can expect increasing security and success in all your affairs if you dreamed of a mixture of bright colors. Individually,... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Jackhammeer ...

~ feeling vulnerable and exposed; needing to protect yourself from nosey people; a coverup. What's under the ~?
jack-in-the-box watch it when you look inside; a person named Jack who keeps jumping out at you. What surprising thing has popped up recently?

~-protection or covering
Jail-symbolic of a loss of freedom or being bound and impris­oned mentally or spiritually, Ps. 137:3
Jailer-symbolic of a spiritual oppressor, Matt. 18:34 ...

The ~ is associated with self-protection and can symbolize how you are 'covering' your sensitivity to what is happening around you. If you are finding an old coat in a closet, you may be exploring the defense mechanisms you established in childhood.

Life ~
To dream that you are wearing a life ~, symbolizes security and reinforcement. You are in need of some support.
To dream that you are being lifted, represents that you are rising above unpleasant conditions or issues.

Life ~
To dream of a life ~ represents security and reinforcement while confronting uncertainty or negative situations. A backup plan or insurance that you can't fail or be overwhelmed by a negative situation. Knowing that no matter what happens to you you'll make it through. TOP ...

Strait~. An obstacle dream pertaining to financial stress. It's meaning depends on the outcome of the dreamed action.

Conform. Freedom of movement. Seeking liberty of actions. Luck and prosperity.
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Bullet proof ~
Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
A bullet proof ~ maker in a dream represents someone who makes difficult work easier, one who helps people to attain their goal, a marriage broker, one who teaches people about good conduct, ...

see also Burglar; Thief ~ 1. thoughts and attitudes Cayce (137-73). 2. raincoat - recommendation regarding physical wealth: to stay dry in order to avoid a virus or cold Cayce (137-24, A-8). 3.

He had on a yellow ~. Then the next day when he was outside playing in the back yard and talking to my dad he had on the same yellow ~.
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Theres this cut boy in a red and yellow ~ who knows me. My dream skips and im at a party. Something happens there and then my dream skips again. Im in a different outfit its dark out and im walking home. The cute boy runs up to me and begins to argue.

Dreams where zippers are left open accidentally in ~s and other clothing can reflect a feeling of being slightly exposed, that people are seeing a part of you that you'd rather stay hidden.

i ran into his arms, and he picked me up and carried me. he killed one of the hornets but the other one sat down on my ~ and i couldnt shake her of before i knew it, it crawl into my ~. and thats when i woke up. my fear wa so real and strong.

Self-protection, as in protecting one's self from others' cold or negative emotions the way a ~ protects a person from cold temperatures
Self-nuturing, self-care
Measures towards emotional, mental, physical survival
A timeframe when you often wear sweaters ...

What was happening in the water dream - Who was around you, Where you playing?
How did you feel when you woke up from sleep?
Did you remember seeing any symbols like life ~s, boats etc.
How do you feel in your walking life?
Where you scared in the dream or happy?

Have you ever wondered why certain fasteners on Chinese influenced ~s are called frogs? It's because these fasteners were replaced with what was originally embroidered frogs on clothing to represent good luck and success. I've written more on the lucky frog here.

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