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Feelings with which you clothe yourself. Particularly to do with degree of formality you present yourself with. See: Clothes.
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To dream of putting on a jacket signifies success ahead, while taking one off is a forecast of trouble. A shabby or dirty jacket warns against mixing friends and money.

Dreaming that you are wearing a life jacket, symbolizes security and reinforcement. You are in need of some support.

Seeing or wear a jacket in your dream represents the image that you want to present and project to the outside world. Alternatively, it symbolizes your protective and defensive persona.

Wearing a fine jacket in a dream foretells that you will be invited to a select dancing party where attractive favors will be handed to the guests. A worn jacket is a sign that you will not have a good time at the next party you attend.

Dream interpretation - Jacket
You can expect increasing security and success in all your affairs if you dreamed of a mixture of bright colors. Individually,... Continue dream interpretation - Jacket"continue dream interpretation ...

jacket feeling vulnerable and exposed; needing to protect yourself from nosey people; a coverup. What's under the jacket?

This symbol also appears in the definitions for:
Colors, and Clothes.

Life Jacket
To dream that you are wearing a life jacket, symbolizes security and reinforcement. You are in need of some support.
To dream that you are being lifted, represents that you are rising above unpleasant conditions or issues.

Life Jacket
To dream of a life jacket represents security and reinforcement while confronting uncertainty or negative situations. A backup plan or insurance that you can't fail or be overwhelmed by a negative situation.

Traditionally: Arabian - To dream straitjacket: you must spy on your enemies. European - To see or to wear straitjacket in dream: you want to keep distance between you and your competitors. And you are just doing everything great.

Straitjacket. An obstacle dream pertaining to financial stress. It's meaning depends on the outcome of the dreamed action.

Conform. Freedom of movement. Seeking liberty of actions. Luck and prosperity.
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Fur Jacket
I dreamt that I was with my oldest sister and that we were in a museum/store. She saw a beatiful fur jacket and tryed it on. So I tried the other one on. there was only 2. Her's was brown and mine was...[More of this dream] ...

He had on a yellow jacket. Then the next day when he was outside playing in the back yard and talking to my dad he had on the same yellow jacket.
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Theres this cut boy in a red and yellow jacket who knows me. My dream skips and im at a party. Something happens there and then my dream skips again. Im in a different outfit its dark out and im walking home.

Dreams where zippers are left open accidentally in jackets and other clothing can reflect a feeling of being slightly exposed, that people are seeing a part of you that you'd rather stay hidden.

Self-protection, as in protecting one's self from others' cold or negative emotions the way a jacket protects a person from cold temperatures
Self-nuturing, self-care
Measures towards emotional, mental, physical survival ...

To put a god into that strait-jacket, even a minor one, is to disrupt the routine, to interfere with the direct line of ice cream to mouth.

What was happening in the water dream - Who was around you, Where you playing?
How did you feel when you woke up from sleep?
Did you remember seeing any symbols like life jackets, boats etc.
How do you feel in your walking life?

Have you ever wondered why certain fasteners on Chinese influenced jackets are called frogs? It's because these fasteners were replaced with what was originally embroidered frogs on clothing to represent good luck and success.

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