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jewelry dream symbol
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The way a person wants to portray themselves to the world
Something of value to you, such as love, acceptance, sentimentality ...

Dream Dictionary
To dream of broken jewelry, denotes keen disappointment in attaining one's highest desires.

Jewelry you're wearing or desiring can represent something valuable that you want in real life, or it can show a low sense of self-worth by attempting to boost your self-value through superficial, material items.

To see jewelry in your dream, represents how you see yourself, your worth and personal value. It also signifies acute awareness of what you want in life and what you hold dear.

The meaning of this dream depends on your current concerns. Jewelry is usually a representation of materialistic values. Gender differences imply that for a man this dream symbolizes material wealth and for a woman, love.

Rings (jewelry or magic)
Rings may be symbols of covenant or commitment, as in marriage. Often rings of this type reflect our deepest desires to make or receive commitment from others or in regard to a particular task.

Synonyms of jewelry
adjective: jewellery; noun: jewellery; plural: jewelleries; related terms: adornment, bead, bijou, bling, bling bling, bangle, bracelet, clip, cufflink, earring, jewel, precious stone, gem, necklace, pin, ring, band, tie clip, ...

Much of my sculpted jewelry could be turned in to more traditional pieces of sculptures if I wanted to do so.
Behind each sculpted piece is exactly the same creative path all the way.
WYS: What first got you interested in sculpting jewelry?

Jewelry :
Jewelry generally symbolizes problems in your social life.
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To dream of broken jewelry, denotes keen disappointment in attaining one's highest desires.
Journey ...

Jewelry is often used in dreams to highlight your spiritual gifts and to emphasize that most precious part of your nature. You use them to repay your karmic debts and achieve your life purpose.
Silver indicates a psychic / intuitive ability.

To dream of jewelry represents the value you place on relationships or commitments. It may also reflect knowledge, identity, or qualities in yourself that you value. An indication of feelings about status, self worth, or personal value.

Genealogical Tree To dream of your genealogical tree, denotes you will be much burdened with family cares, or will find pleasure in other domains than your own.

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jewel/jewelry. Enrichment, good fortune, and certain characteristics of the self depending on the nature of the item: The diamond signifies commitment and resolution; the ruby, quality and depth; the topaz, sincerity and warmth; the pearl, ...

Jewels or jewelry in a dream suggests that your physical health will improve. They also signify inner strength and confidence.
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Jewels/Jewelry - Jewels in a dream often signify value in the spiritual sense of protection. Magic cures and healing energies are also traditionally attributed to jewels. In addition, they can signify inner wealth.

In a material sense, jewelry can symbolize affluence, but look to other aspects of the dream for confirmation. Jewelry can also stand for inner wealth, psychic protection, or healing.
Job ...

jewels or jewelry: Things that you or your unconscious mind might hold dear, such as your honesty or the eternal aspect of self, your dignity.
journey: How you are feeling about your life.

Jewellery, Jewelry, Jewels, Well, Swelling, Underground Dwelling
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Dream dictionary definition for jewelryDreaming of jewelry represents sexuality, beauty, and adornment.  Pay attention to the type of jewelry in the dream.

Jewelry Suggests that your physical health will improve. They also signify inner strength and confidence. Job To dream that you are looking for a job suggests that you are unfulfilled and feeling frustrated in the current phase of your life.

A display of real jewelry featured in your dream is a fortunate augury for your current interests, but a display of... Continue dream interpretation - Gems"continue dream interpretation
Genealogical Tree
Dream interpretation - Genealogical Tree ...

camphor glass, carnival glass, cement, ceramic ware, ceramics, cheval glass, china, clapboard, clear as glass, CM-glass, coated lens, concave lens, concave mirror, concavo-convex lens, condenser, convex lens, convex mirror, coralene, costume jewelry, ...

To see jewelry in your dream, signifies your own sense of self worth and personal value. It is also symbolic of knowledge, identity, or whatever qualities you hold precious in your life.

If you inherit jewelry, your prosperity will be unusual, but not entirely satisfactory. To dream of giving jewelry away, warns you that some vital estate is threatening you.

Are you dreaming about ornamental jewelry or merely noise? If you are dreaming the former, the ring may be symbolic of your commitments and promises.

Has been used in jewelry, particularily in rings, cameos and seals since before Christ.
It is said to protect the wearer from tricks of envious people when engraved with Arabic characters.
Said to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision.

To receive diamond jewelry in your dream, signifies love, commitment and dedication. If you lose the diamond jewelry, then it indicates difficulty in your love relationship. It may also be analogous to financial hardships.

If the agate you dreamed of was polished or in jewelry form, it is a warning not to allow yourself to be drawn into disagreements between your friends.
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Jewelry, and Stone.

Tipping a waiter or waitress in a dream is an augury of losing a piece of jewelry. To dream of having a waiter spill soup or other food on your clothing portends being misunderstood by your best friend.

Accessories. To dream of accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. indicates that you feel, somehow, incomplete with something - either work, yourself, schoolwork, a relationship, or a particular project.

As jewelry it can represent affiliation (a class ring); promise or romance; commitment. Rings can indicate that the activity you perform with your hands is one you highly value and or wish that others will see [.] ...

To dream of gems, foretells a happy fate both in love and business affairs.
Also See Jewelry.
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An eye, or a piece of jewelry in the form of an eye, can be a symbol of the supernatural.

She was starting her own line of jewelry and walked around showing all she had made to everyone. When she got to me she just walked right past me. I was hurt because Marsha let her do these things to me under her own roof.

Agatetop list
If the agate you dreamed of was polished or in jewelry form, it is a warning not to allow yourself to be drawn into disagreements between your friends.

Stealing or counting gold is a warning that, "the love of money2 is truly a root of evil and can be very costly. Items made of gold, such as tableware, jewelry, medals, coins, etc., or gold-plated items, are a forerunner of steady financial gain.

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