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kitchen sink dream symbol
kitchen sink
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A place of transformation where you can change parts of your nature. It also links with how well you provide for yourself or neglect your body needs. It might also portray you caring for others, or in the mother role.

A kitchen sink with dirty dishes stacked up can represent a catch-all—someone or something who takes on any and all problems from other people, or someone who has trouble saying no.
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Kitchen and Stoves - Dream Symbols
Are you dreaming about kitchens and stoves and other kitchen situations? What do these sorts of dreams mean?

Seeing a kitchen in your dream means your need for spiritual nourishment. It also forewarns that you will be met with some depressing news.
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To dream of a kitchen, denotes you will be forced to meet emergencies which will depress your spirits. For a woman to dream that her kitchen is clear. and orderly, foretells she will become the mistress of interesting fortunes.
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Synonyms of Soup kitchen.
plural: soup kitchens.
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Okay so i start out in the kitchen and walk out the kitchen doors after talking with D...don't remember what was said but i didn't have that feeling of idiocy i had in real life.

- Have you been thinking about your own kitchen?
- Did something happen in your kitchen yesterday such as an argument?
- Are you in need of some new interesting challenge?
- Have you been assessing your plans for the future?

House - Places - Dream Dictionary
The kitchen can represent a nourishing, maternal role. It can also be a symbol of creativity, or hunger (spiritual or physical hunger) ...

The general atmosphere of the kitchen governs the meaning of this dream.

Kitchen :
The kitchen symbolizes yourself, your health or how you act towards others.
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To dream of a kitchen, denotes you will be forced to meet emergencies which will depress your spirits.
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Kitchen - heart (as in the 'kitchen is the heart of the home'); spiritual preparation; going deep in the Word; spiritual food & feasting ...

Kitchentop list
Houses in dreams generally represent the dreamer (dreamer = house). The kitchen is the heart of the house. For most families, the kitchen is a place of warmth and nourishment (emotional as well as physical).

A kitchen represents the heart of a home. It is the place where most communication takes place and most work is done. As such, it is associated with motherly-type nurturance in dreams; either the dreamer needing it or wanting it.
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Kitchen-home life, serving others, or worrying too much, Lk.10:40
KKK (Ku Klux Klan) symbolic of racism and bigotry ...

Kitchen walls indicate the walls of your intestines. If the paper or plaster is falling off the walls it indicates the lining of your intestines is damaged.

Dreams that take place in a kitchen signify the dreamer's need for emotional and spiritual nourishment.
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Since rooms in a house represent our 'inner architecture' the kitchen has associations with nourishment from a more broad perspective.

kitchen place of transformation; life is changing due to a new job or relationship; associated with mother's role; nurturance, food and warmth; all the parts of your life that make it whole; don't throw away the pieces that you treasure.

Kitchen Sink
Dream dictionary definition for kitchen sink:  The kitchen sink is where you generally clean up after cooking.

To see a kitchen in your dream, signifies your need for spiritual nourishment. It also forewarns that you will be met with some depressing news.

To dream of a kitchen represents a preparation to notice yourself experiencing something. It may also reflect plans you are making for later. A kitchen may represent a change or life experience that is about to occur.

A dream featuring a kitchen symbolizes your well-being. Focus on the state of the kitchen for ideas about this. To cook for others or yourself suggests that you are open ..Read more →
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KitchenDreaming that you are in the kitchen may be a sign that you long for warmth or spiritual guidance.

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Kitchen - A place of preparation, where one receives certain knowledge {food} about oneself. This knowledge may be unconscious contents that have not received proper attention {not properly prepared}. What 'foods' are you cooking up in your life?

kitchen: Nourishment.
porch: Where you meet the world. Where you are approachable.
roof: Protection.

A KITCHEN would symbolize the need or act of supplying nourishment or food for the body/mind/soul...whatever is currently "cooking" or developing in your life. If the food is plentiful, you have what you need.

The kitchen might represent your core personality, kitchens tend to have a lot of activity and creativity going on. In your core, the scary parts are pressing in, demanding expression? You fear they will kill you.

To dream of a kitchen, denotes you will be forced to meet emergencies which will depress your spirits. For a woman... Continue dream interpretation - Kitchen"continue dream interpretation
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Attic: brain; Basement: subconscious; Bathroom: elimination, liver, kidneys; Bedroom: rest, sexuality, meditation; Corridor: transition; Dining: digestive system, sharing; Kitchen: digestive system; Hallway: uterus; ...

lit a ' save' one I left it lit to go shower I think and go to one of the main cabins then a small fire breaks out in the kitchen then I go to check my cabin discover that alot of the cabins are on fire it doesnt make sense cause the kitchen is far ...

I was walking my baby girl(13 months) into the kitchen to see my mother.
My mother was making something and I was telling my baby " look! There is grandma! ...

"That which the fire operates is alchemy, whether in the kitchen or in the universe" as stated by the alchemical forefather Paracelsus 1493-1541.

It may be literal, which is to say that you may like to help in the kitchen, but most likely you are busy symbolically "cooking up" (devising) a plan or project of your own.

Absorption is usually related to items like sponges or kitchen towels, soaking up water and spills etc. Absorption is also related to education, absorbing information that we are told or taught.

A bathroom, may pertain to your general health and hygiene habits, and a kitchen might be about your eating and nutrition. What you associate different locations to mean in general, usually points to what the dream was getting at specifically.

In dreams different types of rooms represent different aspects of our subconscious, or symbolize thoughts connected with whatever we connect that type of room with in waking life. So, for instance, a kitchen in a dream may represent sustenance, ...

*Please see also Bathroom. or Kitchen,.
To see a rooster in your dream, indicates that you or someone is being a show-off. It is an indication of cockiness and arrogance. You have little or no regards for others.

Sometimes, the time spent to help another could mean all the difference in the world. Your time might be spent in that soup kitchen peeling spuds, having a game of ball with the street kids, or filling a small need next door.

some fears or anticipation in regard to having children. A warm oven is said to have "fruitful," or positive, connotations while a cold oven the opposite. Of course, an oven may simply represent housekeeping and cooking. See also: Kitchen ...

It was supposed to have some type of explosion upwards but it didn't happen, it only gave out a few lines of glittery sparks. The angel looked at me and asked if some witchcraft had happened in the house or if someone had died in the kitchen.

night I had a very disturbing dream where a man (a stranger to me) was attempting to attack me with a knife. This stranger was unsuccesfull as I was stabbing him before he could stab me. The knives i was using were clean shiny knives such as kitchen ...

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