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Seeing lava in your dream means an expression of anger which you have kept inside for awhile.
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The blue lava lamp is on, just lighting my room enough so that I can walk to my bed. I lay on my bed, bring the sheets up to my waist and try to sleep, even though the howling of the wind makes all the loose drawings and extra paper fly everywhere...

Lava :
Lava symbolizes a more exciting life in the social area.
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Lava-destruction, judgment, Rev. 8:8
Leaf-change or fragility, Job 13:25
Leak-symbolic of pesky problems in your life. A leaky roof may also sym­bolize idleness, Eccl. 10:18 ...

To see lava in your dream, signifies an expression of anger which you have kept inside for awhile.
To see lavender in you dream, indicates mysticism and spirituality.

To dream of ~ represents perceived danger or issues best avoided at all costs. A situation may make you feel as though you could harm yourself or lose everything you have if you get to close to it. TOP
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~. Molten rock, seen in a dream, coming from a volcano, is a sign that your social life will become more exciting, but you may have to juggle your budget to keep up; however, you should find the effort worthwhile.

If the ~ on the foreground, the feelings go very deep. If the ~ solidifies, so a strong passion has cooled. If, however, the more explosive power exercised, the anger is probably the stronger component. The fire-breathing mountain refers traits that we should sit in order to stand before us.

Molten rock coming from a volcano in a dream is a sign that your social life will become more exciting, but... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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At some point, I saw myself in the mirror, and saw that I had dark skin with cracks here and there filled with fire, like molten ~. My eyes were glowing red and my teeth were sharp as blades behind a very wide, haunting smile. My hands were no longer hands, but claws.

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The unconscious psyche might be releasing positive or negative feelings in a safety of a dream. (E.g. Strong sexual feelings, passion, anger, rage, and fear.) Superstition-based dream interpretations say that poring ~ is a warning about poor health.

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