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To dream of a leopard attacking you, denotes that while the future seemingly promises fair, success holds many difficulties through misplaced confidence.

Sometimes represents libido or sexual drives that appear as threatening. It also depicts anger, passion - in caring or protecting, spitefulness and power of response. That is, responses without too much thought.

Ability for action, decisiveness, and quick results. Well adapted for your environment. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Spotted animals are interesting symbols because of their nonconformity to a uniform color. Often we may see people as spotted or as leopards if we suspect them of shiftiness or insincerity.

Seeing a leopard in the wild in your dream means that through persistent efforts, you will eventually overcome your difficulties. If the leopard is in a cage, then it suggests that you will overcome any obstacles.

To dream of a leopard attacking you, could denote that while the future seemingly promises fair, success holds many difficulties through misplaced confidence.
To kill one, intimates victory in your affairs.

Your answer surprised me because when I looked up lions, leopards on dream dictionaries on the internet and also sought advice from my closest friend who is very good with dreams, ...

Leopard :
A leopard fleeing from you mean that you can get embarrassed. If it attacked you, you trust someone you absolutely should not trust. If it was in a cage your enemies will not manage to hurt you.

Dream interpretation - Leopard
To dream of a leopard attacking you, denotes that while the future seemingly promises fair, success holds many difficulties through misplaced...

To be attacked by a leopard in a dream predicts trying experiences, but if you succeed in killing it or getting it to go away, you will achieve your ends.

To see a leopard in your dream is great good luck, meaning that you will overcome any obstacles.
Leprechaun ...

To dream of a leopard, denotes that you will overcome the difficult situation through persistent efforts and struggles.
To dream that you kill a leopard, means you will succeed in overcoming obstacles.

leopard trust your animal instincts; listen to your heart and trust what you can see, even in the dark; be truthful about who you really are. Who thinks they can't change?

Leopard - cruelty, aggression, abuse of power.
Lion - majesty, strength, courage.
Lynx - in a dream portrays objectivity.

To dream of a leopard represents persistence. TOP
Leopard Skin Clothing ...

Leopards, Tigers, Cheetahs...? (Being Chased Dream)
I had a very quick dream the other night, and it was also very weird. I started out running down a hiking trail in the mountains near where I live. From out of the underbrush there is a leopard. It..

Enemies seek to cause injury but will fail. You will be embarrassed in business or love, but by persistent efforts you will overcome difficulties.
Lice ...

Leopard - such animal represents power, aggression and loneliness. Maybe you have too much energy and and directing it in wrong direction. The leopard might show the anger which you suppressed.

I had a dream about large cats, all different types panthers, leopard, tigers, etc. They were all playing in a yard and a pet kitten was attacked by one of them. There were guns in this dream as well.

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