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To dream that you limp in your walk, denotes that a small worry will unexpectedly confront you, detracting much from your enjoyment.

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To dream that you limp in your walk, could denote that a small worry will unexpectedly confront you, detracting much from your enjoyment.
To see others limping, signifies that you may be naturally offended at the conduct of a friend. Small failures attend this dream.

Limp-walking with a limp is symbolic of having been hum­bled, Gen. 32:25
Limp hands-powerlessness, Jer. 50:43 ...

limp having trouble moving forward; not centered; moving along slowly; soft and flabby; performance anxiety. What is out of balance?

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To dream that you walk with a limp when walking, means a little trouble, had risen suddenly in front of you, which strongly reduce your joy. See other lame - foretells that you will be offended by the behavior of other. Dream promises you a small failure.

To dream of crisp and tasty popcorn, foretells good health and full of ideas. If the popcorn is limp or unpopped, then it symbolizes potential or disappointment news.
Potato ...

If the popcorn in your dream was fresh, crisp and tasty, it predicts love, good health and the means to enjoy them. But if it was stale, limp or not fully popped, you will get disappointing news.
Pope ...

i was sobbing in my dream, i went over to pick him up and he was just so limp in my arms. I remember really screaming out Noooooooooooooooooo. this woke me and my husband and i could really feel my heart pounding, i cannot get this out of my mine if i shut my eyes now i can still see it ...

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Dreams  Limousine  Limping

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