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To put on red lipstick in your dream it signifies that you may act not entirely truthful about a situation in your life. To see lipstick in your dream it means that you are attention seeking for passion.

Dream interpretation - Lipstick
For a woman, a dream of using or buying cosmetics is a very fortunate omen; it is for a man as... Continue dream interpretation - Lipstick"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Liquor ...

Lipstick-symbolic of beautifying yourself
Litmus paper-symbolic of establishing true character, Prov. 17:3
Lizard-symbolic of a familiar spirit. A lizard may manifest in a dream as a creature with a human face and a nasty disposition that lives in your home ...

lipstick not meaning what you say; being insincere and pretending you are pleased when you aren't. Why are you hiding the truth?
liquid flowing freely; easily turned into cash; clear and bright; inner truth. What new thoughts and feelings are pouring forth now?

To buy, see, or wear lipstick in your dream, suggests that you are not entirely truthful about something.
To dream that you are making a list, suggests that you are worried about a problem or situation in your waking life.

Applying ~ and rouge can portray how the psyche is trying to rouse the ‘sleepingsexuality of a woman, while suggesting the need for increased sensitivity for a man.

hand cream, hand lotion, hardpan, hypothesis, hypothesis ad hoc, inauguration, inception, infrastructure, initiation, installation, installment, institute, instituting, institution, investiture, investment, jointure, jump-off, keel, kick-off, leading edge, legal jointure, lemma, lip rouge, ~, ...

Makeup such as foundation, ~, or eye shadow can represent:
Femininity, as defined by society
Routine, especially morning routine
Feeling the need to enhance or change yourself somehow, to increase acceptance by others or yourself ...

Because they hold our identification papers (driver's license, social security card, student identification, etc.), money (cash, checkbooks, bank and credit cards), and beauty accessories (make-up, ~, personal hygiene items), purses in dreams are associated with feelings of identity, ...

ofwgktadgaf @ 2012-10-18 00:02:46
I had a dream I was putting on red ~. All the sudden it smeared onto my face and turned into blood. It got all over my hands but it was no where else on me. Just my hands & face.
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Kuchibeni: Also white and red (known as a "~" fish with a white body and red markings around the mouth) said to inspire long lasting, loving relationships.

As it fed I had a strong urge to touch it, such strong feelings of love were pouring out of me. The animal looked up at my face as I wanted to kiss it. The lips had pink ~ on. I kissed it, it's paw came up around my arm, I could see the black claws.

Then two more of this girl--with thick black eyeliner and eyeshadow and red, ruby ~--appeared, again, in front of the lake. I tried to save one...but she jumped in. I could see the blood bubble up from the lake, like adding cherry red flavor to a snowcone.

A tube of bright colored ~ fell out of her bag and two cards that resembled ID's or credit cards and I tried to give them back to her but she wouldn't take them and went on her way.
I have no idea what this dream means or what it represents.

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