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Seeing a lock can represent:
An obstacle to getting what you want in a certain area of your life
A need for more emotional or mental security
A need to focus on personal boundaries (strengthening them, or loosen them up a bit) ...

Seeing a lock in your dream means your inability to get what you want or being kept out. Perhaps an aspect of yourself is locked up inside and needs to be expressed.

To put a lock upon your fiance'e's neck and arm, foretells that you are distrustful of her fidelity, but future episodes will disabuse your mind of doubt.
Locket ...

- "I want to lock out all those types of thoughts"
- "I just want to forget about it"
- "I want to escape my problems"
- "It is easy to tamper with"
- "I just want to unlock those bad emotions in her"
- "I wish she would let me into her feelings" ...

Lock and Key
The dream image of a lock indicates an attitude of reserve. If the context indicates that the lock can be indicated as a symbol of the female genitals, this can be a reference to a woman needing protection or to female frigidity.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of a ~, denotes bewilderment. If the ~ works at your command, or efforts, you will discover that some person is working you injury.

~-symbolic of something that is sealed or cannot be opened without God’s permission, Song. 4:12
~er room-symbolic of preparation or the time right be­fore a major event in your life
Locusts-symbolic of many enemies, Jer. 51:14. Also symbolic of a large demon army, Rev. 9:3 ...

Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Unpleasant events if be ~ed - In the dream you are ~ed, this indicates that you will be put into pitfalls, this will bring you lots of damage.
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~ shutting yourself off emotionally; you will have to raise or lower something to get through this; time to let go of something ~, stock and barrel; someone you know with curly hair. What has been ~ed away inside you for a long time?

~: To dream of a ~, denotes bewilderment.
If the ~ works at your command,or efforts, you will discover that some person is working you injury.
If you are in love, you will find means to aid you in overcoming a rival;you will also make a prosperous journey.

A dream with a ~ suggests that you are experiencing obstruction or being kept out of something, you are unable to get what you want, or you feel there is ..Read more →
~ER ...

To ~ a door signifies refusal to create or take an opportunity out of fear. Your protection mechanism is to avoid it. This is not good to do, regardless of what you think you are protecting yourself from in the dream.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
If things are ~ed up and we don't have the key, then it is impossible for us to get to it. Consider the details in your dream and try to decipher the message. Are you the one that is ~ed up inside, or are opportunities closed to you?

~ - Inaccessability. You can't get what you want. A denied part of yourself.
Locomotive - symbolizes power, energy, your instinctive drive.

Do you ~ yourself from yourself and from others? Do not you hide the skeletons in his closet? If so, what sort things out with them to live honestly and openly.
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see also: ~ ~ed
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Bolt (~)
To see a bolt in your dream, suggests that you are protecting yourself from difficult emotions and experiences. The dream may also be a pun on your tendency or desire to flee from a situation.

Confinement. ~ up a secret, a fear.
Out of control and direction. Lacking in confidence somewhere in your life.

Dreaming of a ~ may indicate an inability to get what you want. You are being ~ed out of a situation or kept away from a person. It may also mean that an aspect of yourself is ~ed up inside yourself and needs to be expressed.

~ Dreams about locks mean you are frustrated and need to express your feelings about a situation in real life. Lonely To dream that you are lonely indicates feelings of rejection. You may be feeling that no one understands you.

Ladder Lake Lamb Lateness Leaf Leak Leech Left Letter Library Light Lightning Lion Lips Lizard ~ Love ...

To dream that a ~ of your hair turns gray and falls out, is a sign of trouble and disappointment in your affairs. Sickness will cast gloom over bright expectations.

Dreaming about a ~ or anything ~ed is the sign of confusion. A working ~ indicates that someone is trying to hurt you, while if you are in love, the same dream foretells that you will be able to win over your rivals.

Were you trying to ~ something away? You may be worried about your privacy. You have personal stuff that you aren't ready to share with the world, yet. Were you ~ed out of a building or room? You're most likely feeling ~ed out of or frustrated in a relationship.

Keys can be used to ~ up things and keep them safe, providing a sense of security. They can also be used to unlock things to give you access and freedom. They can open doors. If you see one key in a dream, it may suggest that you have an answer to a question that’s currently concerning you.

4- our church has this thing called the ~ in its when the livewire (middle schoolers) sleepover at the church and my friend Ally and I volunteered to be helpers (cause we know what a handful they can be. our brothers being two of them.) then Ally's bother invited his friend rozner (dan rozner but ...

To ~ one, denotes successful enterprises and well chosen friends. A broken one, signifies failure and discordant surroundings. To be troubled to get through one, or open it, denotes your most engrossing labors will fail to be remunerative or satisfactory.

A burglary can be a warning telling you to ~ the doors, etc. It can also mean that someone exploit you, or that you exploit others.
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Example: A young girl dreamed of overhearing someone threatening to put the thermostat on full and ~ her in a room. In waking life she left the church and feared that fellow attendees would choose to give her a cold shoulder for her decision.

To give someone you know a key implies that you will offer assistance to that person, while giving a key to an unknown person indicates an improvement in your own circumstances. To be given a key augurs assistance from friends in positions of power.
3. To fit a key in a ~ implies romantic and ...

door: Transition point. With a large ~, it may indicate defensiveness or some hostility. A very small door may be limiting access to yourself. An open door might represent accessibility and openness. See Dream Dragon Blog for an example.
dragon: see under animals, above.

A combination for a safe ~: is usually an attitude or understanding that you have or have failed to achieve.

To dream that you attempt to close a door, and it falls from its hinges, injuring some one, denotes that malignant evil threatens your friend through your unintentionally wrong advice. If you see another attempt to ~ a door, and it falls from its hinges, ...

its hinges, injuring some one, denotes that malignant evil
threatens your friend through your unintentionally wrong advice.
If you see another attempt to ~ a door, and it falls from
its hinges, you will have knowledge of some friend's misfortune
and be powerless to aid him.

If the canal was full of water, the omen is good, especially or the water was sparkling clean. If the canal was nearly empty or had filthy water, you need to cut your spending and make do with what you have. If you passed through a ~ in your dream, ...

in your dream, forewarns that you should guard your own wealth against those who may steal or cheat. Symbolically, vaults represent your inner storehouse of psychological potential. You are at a time where you need to start using your inner reserves of skill an energy and quit continuing to ~ and ...

and self-righteousness (not under grace, see Galatians 5:4); using sex to control others (which is witchcraft); ashamed; stubborn, exhibitionism; Nuts and Bolts-Essentials: Bottom line (as in "getting down to the real nuts and bolts of an issue"); indispensable; wisdom; to fasten. ~ ...

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