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Dream interpretation - Mess
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think. Whatever may be worrying or confusing you... Continue dream interpretation - Mess"continue dream interpretation ...

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - take care of your feet, especially at high altitudes. Do not risk a fall. Joy by renewed friendship. Hindu (Hinduism) - There isn't any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

bloody mess symbol in dream
Dreamed about bloody mess. What does it mean?
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In a mess, a sticky situation. Conserved ideas. Fruits of labour. Pleasure, perhaps childhood pleasure or feelings.
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A sticky or dirty mess, such as a challenge or problem
Feeling stuck, or feeling the potential to get stuck somehow in your life
See also: ground or land dirty
Category(s): Objects Conditions Places ...

go, make light of, make like, make music, make out like, make use of, malfunction, manage, maneuver, maneuvering space, manipulate, manuscript, margin, masque, masquerade as, match, match coins, matter, meet, meet a bet, melodrama, merrymaking, mess ...

All I can remember is that at one point in my dream I was in an office and my work space was left a mess by others and me as well, so I volunteered to go and clean it up.

Dream dictionary definition for busser: Dreaming of a busser represents cleaning up after other people and cleaning up someone else's mess.  It does not necessarily relate to a physical mess, as in a messy table or room.

Beautiful, well-kept hands indicate satisfaction in life, while dirty hands indicate some kind of "mess" in your life that needs to be "cleaned up."

After I had finished, I realised the brother would not be comforted and then I knew I'd have to clean the mess up. So I took a bucket and scooped up as much of the urinated chaff as I could and took it outside.

If you dream of something being in a mess, it is a positive omen. Whatever is worrying or confusing you will soon come to an orderly conclusion.
Metal ...

Yarn as in wool is often seen in neat balls or in a jumbled, spaghetti-like mess. In this sense our dreams of yarn can reflect and ability, or want, to create something orderly from something chaotic.

Try and mess with your daily sleep patterns and set your alarm clock back 1 hour and fall back asleep. Lucid dreaming and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) work hand in hand because we get our REM sleep hours or minutes before we wake up.

Just as dark taboos are symbols, practices, or icons we do not mess with out of fear, certain positive symbols carry positive taboo power. We are secure because of the power of the symbol.

Accidentally breaking an object can represent a feeling or fear of making a mistake or making a mess of a certain situation in real life.
see also: broken object bursting hole accident destroying throw fragment
categories: Events ...

towel mopping up the mess; drying out; dry up. How are you tempted to 'throw in the towel'?

He has no upper skull at all, merely a bloated and foetid mess that is his maggot-festering, naked brain. A madly gazing, giant's "Cyclops" eye beringed by octopoidal palpi stares out of a face slimy and writhing with entrails over shark teeth below.

Whether you picked them, ate them or cooked them, the wild berries in your dream predict that you will be faced with a mess not of your own making. But don't be unduly worried; you'll be able to cope.
Dream Decoding 101 ...

"I am getting fed up with people shifting their emotional mess to me. "[Dream Dictionary - cleaning up pool] ...

A Zoo in a dream can represent:
Caged in
Loss of freedom
Feeling 'on display'
'This place is a zoo!' - a mess/chaos ...

not exist in an object, but in a relationship transaction that violates a moral code (such as incest, marital infidelity, or theft). Others times, the symbol of taboo is something shrouded, such as a stranger that you instinctively knew not to mess ...

Arachne took the dosage hard, and could not live with the intense feelings of guilt and sorrow so she killed herself. Athena felt awful over the whole mess and decided to resurrect Arachne in the form of a spider so that she and all her ...

one of them swam at supernatural speed underwater and came up to the balcony into the lounge leaving a huge mess.i yelled to my partner who brought him out the unit. then i saw a large tsnaumi like wave approach, i ran inside with bare enough time.

If the basement is a mess, and you see great disorder and clutter, it suggests that you may be experiencing confusion and that it is a very good time to sort things out emotionally and psychologically.

Perhaps you need to change your attitude and approach regarding a new idea or project.
To see dirty diapers in your dream, indicate that you need to clean up the mess you have created as a result of your childishness.

Fire : Problems, ties, tangles, mess.
Fire, from a torch : Conscience must wake up.
Fire, that falls from the sky : Punishment.
Fish served on a plate: Abundance of food.
Fishing : Ministry.

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