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Ancient peoples believed that seeing a meteor in the sky, or finding a part of a meteor suggested that a gift had been give by heaven. That is where the idea of wishing upon a falling star arose.

meteor shower dream dream interpretations
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Example dream : A meteor crashing into the moon dream occurred shortly after the September 11th attacks. It was symbolic of the huge impact and consequences of this event. This attack obviously personally affected many people who were not involved directly - it was an attack on civilisation.

Meteor-symbolic of disaster or end-times events, Rev. 8:10
Meth (see Drugs)
Mice-mice can be symbolic of a curse, 1 Sam. 6:4. Mice can also symbolize things that are detestable, Isa. 66:17
Microscope-symbolic of self-examination, Lam. 3:40 ...

meteor news from a far away place; unexpected and surprising; moving at terrific speed; shooting stars are considered a good omen. Where have you been receiving messages from unusual sources?

To see a ~ in your dream, suggests that you will experience success in a project. You are trying to realize your greatest desires. To see a ~ shower in your dream, signifies romantic thoughts and idealistic notions ...

To dream of a ~ represents a potential problem with the ability to devastate goals, plans, relationships, or your sense of stability. Something you feel isn't impossible to avoid or that won't totally ruin your life if it happens.
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A ~ or falling star may indicate that your wish will come true. Or, the dream could suggest you are engaged in wishful thinking. Look at the other elements in the dream to decide which possibility is true for you.
microphone ...

To see a ~ streaming across the sky in your dream is a sign of a sudden flash of success that... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Mice ...

Merteoroids - ~oids are powerful unleashing of energy, perhaps in your unconscious life suggesting you need to acknowledeg the source of this energy.
Mice - Mice are often symbolic of little things that irritate you in life, or small fears that drain you of energy.

A comet, asteroid, ~, shooting star, etc. could represent:
A feeling of good luck
Outer space
A perceived threat (physical, emotional, or mental)
An unexpected or uncontrollable event or challenge ...

headland, headline, headman, headmaster, headmistress, headmost, headpiece, headstream, headwater, headwaters, heavy smoker, heavy water, hegemonic, hegemonistic, hierarch, higher-up, highest, hit for, hold a heading, homo, honcho, hook, hophead, human, human being, hustle, hydrol, hydro~, ...

John dreamt he was trying to hurry across a rope bridge while ~ites were falling. His path was blocked by a man coming in the opposite direction. In this dream the man represents John's father, a man whom John feels has obstructed his path in life.

THE DREAM - I am on one side of a lake. I appear to be with a friend. There is some kind of ~ coming in. I see it very clearly. Then a second time I watch this and zoom in closely with some camera or something. But on closer inspection its not a ~.

I dreamed about Ural Mountains before ~ hit but I've never even been there. Sometimes I have dreams that come true or parts of them come true.
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I did say earlier in the day that its a wonder that the ~s that caused so much damage in Russia and the fireballs seen in the UK and America had not caused any planes to come down. We have booked our holiday with Thomsons.. so part of me is just thinking that it was all part of that ..

But, look, not at all proud, because it is often replaced by the ~ic rise of not less than slumps. You need extreme caution, and certainly as long as you are lucky enough to fly up to Olympus, so do your best to hold out there as a possible long-term.

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