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Basic or essential nourishment or sustenance
Emotional nourishment or support, especially of a motherly kind
The sweetness of life
Childhood, childlike qualities, or innocence ...

Seeing in your dream, symbolizes maternal instincts and motherly love. It also indicates human kindness, wholesomeness, and compassion for new acquaintances. Dreaming that you are drinking means domestic bliss and inner nourishment.

To see milk in large quantities, signifies riches and health.
To dream of dealing in milk commercially, denotes great increase in fortune.
To give milk away, shows that you will be too benevolent for the good of your own fortune.

If you dream about drinking , true love is coming into your life. It may also imply your need to strengthen your ties and relationships with others. To dream that you are choking on , indicates that you are being overprotected.

* Goat's milk cheese, goats' cheese, goat cheese or chèvre (French for goat) is cheese made from goat's milk.

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To dream of drinking , denotes abundant harvest to the farmer and pleasure in the home; for a traveler, it foretells a fortunate voyage. This is a very propitious dream for women.

Dream Interpretation Milk
To dream of drinking milk, could denote abundant harvest to the farmer and pleasure in the home; for a traveler, it foretells a fortunate voyage. This is a very lucky dream for women.

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Mother's , the primal noursihment. Feeding or giving another may symbolize giving basic life energy, nurturing at an elemental or primal level; a need to restore yourself in some basic ways.

To see milk in your dream, symbolizes wealth, good health and kindness.
To dream that you are drinking milk, signifies pleasure in the home and fortunate voyage.

To dream of drinking , denotes abundant pleasures in home. It is a very propitious dream for women.
Mirror ...

Milk: The ability to give up adult responsibilities and to have someone else take care of your basic needs
Oatmeal: Being comforted during a difficult time
Onion: Understanding the deeper layers of yourself ...

- good nourishment; elementary teaching
Pears - long life; pear trees have long life; enduring much without complaining ...

Milk-symbolic of the word of God, 1 peter 2:2
Millstone-symbolic of being weighed down with sin, Isa. 1:4
Mine field-symbolic of hidden dangers ...

in a dream can combine a desire for greater fulfillment with ideas associated with the mother. You may dream of when you are - or may need to - activate new ways of being that will lead to a greater sense of self sufficiency.

milk in need of care and nurturance; wanting to be cared for by another; crying over it; getting all the laughs they can; drawing poison out. Who can you turn to right now who will give you loving care and support?

To dream of drinking , denotes abundant harvest to the farmer and pleasure in the home; for a traveler, it foretells a fortunate voyage. This is a very propitious dream for women.

A dream with milk suggests that you are intuitive, kind, or seeking satisfaction or balance in your home life. It may also imply that you need to be more caring and giving ..Read more →

Feeding young's maternal love. Part of you is seeking nourishment.
Minister ...

dream interpretation
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The interpretation of this dream can be looked at from two very distinct viewpoints.

- It may symbolize mother-love, or your nurturing (or lack of) as a child.
Mirror - Your true self (not your ego self). The way you see yourself or the way you want others to see you (see mask).

milk: A mother's love and nurturance and nourishment.
To milk something e.g. to squeeze out from a situation, person or circumstance all that you can, is another meaning. Many symbols can be metaphors or puns.
mine: Hidden riches.

Orange Juice, and Cheese and a table spoon of mustard.
Also before you go to bed everynight, tell yourself that you will have a lucid dream. Have three key words that you will say once you realize you are dreaming.

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To carry water or milk in a bucket is a sign that you will remember happier days. It foretells death if... Continue dream interpretation - Bucket"continue dream interpretation
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Through that connection it again receives nourishment, but it also receives in the things that help it meet the infections and threats confronting it in the external world. Again, connection means survival.

This temporary starvation insures a pure formulation of milk (otherwise their offspring could not digest bits of solid food in the milk).

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To refuse a glass of in a dream means you had or have major issues with your mother. Symbolically you are refusing her nurturing .
A glass bottle symbolizes your kidneys.

To dream of full pails of milk, is a sign of fair prospects and pleasant associations.
An empty pail is a sign of famine, or bad crops.
For a young woman to be carrying a pail, denotes household employment.

Adequate serotonin levels promote deep, restorative sleep. Also, a glass of warm 15 minutes before going to bed will soothe your nervous system. contains calcium, which calms the nerves and helps you relax.

If a woman dreams that she drinks goat's milk, she will marry
for money and will not be disappointed.
If you dream that you drink water from a silver goblet,
you will meet unfavorable business results in the near future.

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