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moving around
Someone or something moving around or being energetic can represent:
Feeling high-energy or active
The desire for activity, excitement, or interest
Life or being alive, where movement indicates the presence of life ...

If you dream of moving in or out of a house, important changes are about to take place in your life.
Moving Objects ...

Last night I had a dream of my friend moving away. In the dream when she told me the news I was shocked and pretended not to make a big deal out of it but later I was really upset and started crying about it to my sister (with whom I'm currently not ...

Moving Van - transition; change
Ocean Liner - impacting large numbers of people
Riverboat - slow, but impacting many people ...

Moving to another country signifies a change in consciousness. Generally you want to be moving to a country that is larger than the one you are leaving as this would indicate an expanded consciousness.

Moving van-symbolic of relocation
Mud-if a person is covered in mud it may sym­bolize being tainted or spotted by sin, Isa. 57:20
Muddy pit-if a person is in a muddy pit it symbolizes a place of destruction, Ps.40:2 ...

To dream that you are moving away, signifies your desire or need for change. It may also mean an end to a situation or relationship and your are moving on.

A moving or rolling boulder might represent momentum, critical mass, overwhelm, the idea of being out of control.
Consider also the context of the boulder, and how you feel about it.
see also: hard object rigid rocky
categories: Objects ...

KEY WORDS : Moving, compromising, changing , trying , crucial moment ...

Moving into a new house in a dream symbolizes your feeling that you are moving into a new phase or stage in your life. A new opportunity has presented itself in your waking life.

Moving - Making changes in your life {waking conscious or unconsciously wanting or needing to}.

Moving upward in a dream is a way of exploring upward mobility. If you reach a plateau the message can be about taking time out for introspection or feeling like you have reached a stable position so you can explore new opportunities for growth.

moving to a larger house - need for a change due to requiring more space
being outside the house - the dreamer's social side
small house or birthplace house - dreamer seeks security ...

moving: Taking on a new start; a new life.
mud: Messy feelings; feeling stuck.(see marsh)
music: Harmony of expression; your creative side.

Slowly moving wheels predict hard work but with satisfactory results; fast-moving wheels are an omen of rapid advancement. Exciting adventure is forecast in a dream of losing a wheel.

oar moving forward on your own steam; strength and physical exertion indicated; time to take a rest on your oars. What alternatives might you consider before making your final decision?

If you are moving toward a center in a dream, it is a sign that you are looking for an honest answer to a question.
A shopping center in a dream can symbolize the different options that you have in your life.

Again, with moving, we have another obstacle dream, in as much as, if the move goes smoothly and is completed in... Continue dream interpretation - Moving"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Mucus ...

To dream of moving in reverse represents your choice to intentionally reverse decisions or your direction in life. You may feel that you've gone to far with something or need to reexamine something before continuing again.

To see them moving draperies, or moving behind them, is a warning to hold control over your feelings, as you are likely to commit indiscretions. Quarrels are also threatened.

Success and Moving toward Axis of a car shows continuing success and overcoming obstacles, if it runs like well lubricated.

To see anything moving on the belly, prognosticates humiliation and hard labor.
To see a healthy belly, denotes insane desires.

animal instincts or human nature (more) ; Rabbits: Reproductive system; Talking: animal expression; With young: Reproductive system; Slow moving: digestive elimination system ...

If it is an object moving, it suggests the thing has direction, life, or purpose of some kind. In this case you need to understand what your relationship with it is in the dream. It might also refer to it attracting your attention.

Genesis 9:3 "Every moving thing that lives shall be meat for you; just as with the green herb I have given you all things." (GMR)
Speaking of Peace and provision: ...

You are entering into a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another.

horse, filler, finger post, first, first tragedian, fist, flex, fool, foregoing, foremost, forerun, forge ahead, front, front position, fugleman, fugler, gadolinium, gallium, genotype, germanium, get, get ahead of, get before, get going, get moving, ...

Suddenly and out of context to the rest of the dream you find yourself in the outside of the house and getting onto a bus with your best friend, the bus is not moving, but you feel relieved not to be around the cooks.

as I open it went out of the container and start chasing me it got me afraid but I've able to jump and fly and it start moving up but cant get me so it start gliding up to wall it almost hit m but wasn't able to bite me.

They are open to view and the waters are moving. It is all open to view. Some new water comes in from below. It gushes up and spills over the top. I am then outside looking at the house. Someone has reported some activity outside.

You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind. These changes do not necessarily imply a negative turn of events. Metaphorically, dying can be seen as an end or a termination to your old ways and habits.

For example, moving forward toward a new destination or climbing stairs, a ladder or a mountain can signify moving onward in a career or a relationship, or it can mean that you are growing spiritually. How easy is it for you to advance in your dream?

Train: To see a train of cars moving in your dreams, you will soon have causeto make a journey.

To dream of a coffin moving of itself, denotes sickness and marriage in close conjunction. Sorrow and pleasure intermingled. Death may follow this dream, but there will also be good.

A submarine is a powerful moving machine that travels through deep waters. Deep waters represent our emotions and our unconscious.

The spiraling feature is symbolic of the creative god force moving upon and within the earth. The line is symbolic of foundation and time.

A common test dream that we encounter is not being able to write a exam that is detrimental to moving on to the next stage in life.

  If the escalator is moving up it indicates that you are viewing (or need to view) a problem, situation, or challenge from a broader perspective and examine it from a global point of view.

Once a practitioner is centered, they assess their client by first finding the edge of their field and then feeling it by holding their hands over the body and moving them from the head down to the feet, front and back.

Do you look at your wristwatch or other clock and realize that it's not even moving? That you thought you had plenty of time but it turns out you were wrong? This is similar to the fast-ticking situation above, but even more urgent.

I have been having dreams of moving back to Maui (where I recently moved from after 2 years of living there), but I cannot seem to pack all my stuff and it all is too big for my bags and I always miss my flight.

Often your body, or your way of moving through life approaching situations, although it can also represent someone else. It may be a message to shift gears.

To dream of anointing with oil, foretells events in which you will be the particular moving power. Quantities of oil, prognosticates excesses in pleasurable enterprises.

as i was looking out the window i noticed there was very bad weather and it had jus been sunny outside a few minutes earlier i started to notice the walls were kinda not staight i guess u can say and the building was moving unnaturaly i got nervous ...

To dream that the clock is running backwards runs concurrent with the way you feel your life is moving. You feel as though you haven't done anything important with your life or that you are currently stuck in the same place.

A dream with a bridge symbolizes moving into a different stage of your life.
A dream with a broom symbolizes changes that will take place in your life. It may imply that you are moving on from bad habits of old beliefs.

To see a large fleet moving rapidly in your dreams, denotes a hasty change in the business world. Where dulness oppressed, brisk workings of commercial wheels will go forward and some rumors of foreign wars will be heard.
Flies ...

If the weather is good, this indicates positive developments, but if the weather is stormy, you may be on the verge of moving from one difficult situation to one that's even more confusing.

Throwing things is a dream of either removing influences from your life or seeking to reduce the clutter in your life. If you throw things directly at someone, this could also be a dream of anger, beating, or power against another.

To see a table walking or moving in some mysterious way,
foretells that dissatisfaction will soon enter your life,
and you will seek relief in change.

To dream that you are a ballerina, suggests that you are moving through the obstacles of your life effortlessly. If you are a ballerina in real life, then the dream is just a reflection of who you are.
Boy Scout ...

Transition. May be dark or light. Moving through confusion.
Stimulation. Sometimes over-excitement. A need to slow down.

Mother-in-law Motorbike Motorway Mountain Mouse Mousetrap Moustache Mouth Move Movie Moving staircase Mud Muff Mulberry Mule Murder Muscles Museum Mushroom Music Musk Mussels Mustard Mutation Mute Muzzle Myrrh Myrtle Mystery ...

Lauri Loewenberg interprets this type of dream as your subconscious mind sending out a red flag that something in your life is moving rapidly in the wrong direction. This could be your relationship, career, finances or something else.

It is bad to dream of seeing a swollen mortifying belly, it indicates desperate sickness.
To see anything moving on the belly, prognosticates humiliation and hard labor.
To see a healthy belly, could denote insane desires.
Also See Abdomen.

IThe veil can signify the dangers implicit in forcibly removing the veil of mystery surrounding a situation.

Victim ...

Some of the strongest doctrines of devils' today are against the spirit of faith. Moving in the gifts of faith are like praying for the sick and seeing real results.

The boat is a dream symbol for your life and/or business, and the dreamer must pull together all the aspects of this dream to approximate the meaning, such as: the water, whether it is clear, murky, inland lakes, or oceans, was the boat moving, etc.

Another variation on dancing with others is moving through diversity in relationships. This may be especially true if you are considering beginning a romantic relationship among several choices of partner.

DizzyIf you dream you are dizzy or faint, it could mean that you are involved in a situation or relationship in which you fear failing. You may also feel overwhelmed, that things are moving too fast, and are out of control.

the necessity to get moving, to grow to change Cayce (900-110, A-4). Trash disorder and laxness in the life Cayce (262-8). Travel 1. changes that will come Cayce (136-41). 2.

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