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To dream that you walk in mud, denotes that you will have cause to lose confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances in family circles.

A sticky or dirty mess, such as a challenge or problem
Feeling stuck, or feeling the potential to get stuck somehow in your life
See also: ground or land dirty ...

To see mud on your clothing, your reputation is being assailed. To scrape it off, signifies that you will escape the calumny of enemies.
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To dream that you walk in , denotes that you will have cause to lose confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances in family circles.

Dream Interpretation Mud
To dream that you walk in mud, could denote that you may have cause to lose confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances in family circles.

To see in your dream could indicate body problems in which some internal cleansing is needed. dreams are common when people have a stomach ache.

Mud - Colon (more); Muddy water / river: toxins from colon are getting into the blood stream (more)
Music - Medium / Channel
Mutation - Threat of cancer ...

To dream that you walk in , interpret that you will have cause to lose confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances in family circles.

Like Marsh, this type of landscape appears when feelings (water) are coming to the surface (below the dirt) to allow you to express yourself or open to an intimate relationship.

someone's reputation may be at risk; stuck in one place and needing a change; something not clear. What is muddying up your vision?

A dream with mud suggests that you feel sad or mentally exhausted, confused, loss of clarity, or you are facing a sticky situation or troubled relationship. If you can't get ..Read more →

A situation that has no clear solutions or understanding at the moment.
A person you know: Helps you accept their passing. One that walks and talks: Death is not the end. Nor is the end of something, the end of it either.

To see mud in your dream, suggests that you are involved in a messy and sticky situation. It also suggests that some internal cleansing is needed.

: Messy feelings; feeling stuck.(see marsh)
music: Harmony of expression; your creative side.
There is music in the Sound of the Universe—Aum ...

see also: mud dirty earthquake underground
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Dreaming about walking in represents a feeling of being weighed down by a situation or problem. If you dream that has gotten on you, it means you feel that your reputation is being attacked by others.

To dream of raking mud or grass that turns into mud may represent a problem that you keep doing everything to fix and it never works.
The dream suggests that you need to find or listen to new ideas, or give up methods that aren't working.

the lily grows in water and ) Cayce (137-63, A-3). Fly 1. mastering physical laws and overcoming them - awakening to higher, fourth -dimensional understanding Cayce (900-159, A-4). 2.

The scene changes again and I'm surrounded by grey mud accompanied by a strange old woman. I'm cold, hungry and scared and then everything goes black.

They fell in puddles of but got back up and jumped over. And then there was the younger looking white horse and she couldn't jump over the fence and I look at her and she was scared and I was like vient "minou" (which is the nAme of my ct so it ...

Scarabs utilize the power of the sun by rolling up their eggs in mud or dung. The hot sun bakes the little mud balls - essentially incubating their eggs. Pretty resourceful way to hatch babies.

If you were crawling in you can get depressed. If you crawled over rocks and other things so you get hurt, you might experience being degraded by others.

Then she came back and she was a little girl again and she was all covered in mud. She started sort of like choking. Like she couldn't breathe and she started clutching her throat.

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glebe, gossip, gossip column, grassland, grime, ground, iconolagny, indecency, inside information, juicy morsel, junk, land, landholdings, leavings, lewdness, lithosphere, loam, low-down, malicious gossip, marginal land, marl, mire, mold, muck, mud, ...

The symbols of the dream caught this mood:Elvis getting old and out of shape watching a bank of TVs; Terry Marsh a play on words linking to swamp like territory and with that a mood stuck in the .

We men tend to be sticks in the mud, but with a little convincing we can be dragged out of the cave now and again. This would let him know that you do indeed want him in the center of your life, and there are a few other benefits as well.

A beach itself contains neither pure water nor solid ground. It is made up of sand and , products that come from the interaction of land and water. Therefore, a beach represents the integration of practical knowledge and intuition.

Similarly, to be sinking in mud or quicksand symbolizes a lack of support, coupled with powerlessness and possible isolation in waking life.

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Dreams  Moving  Muff

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