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The neck may indicate the way you connect your thinking (your head) with your feelings and sexuality (your body).

Dream Dictionary
To dream that you see your own neck, foretells that vexatious family relations will interfere with your business.

Something that connects two significant things together—as a person's neck connects the head and body
A bottleneck or slowdown in a process
A person's voice, personal expression, expression of opinions, etc.

Dreams About Neck
What do dreams about neck mean?
To dream that you see your own neck, foretells that vexatious family relations will interfere with your business.

I even felt someone or something touch the back of my neck and thought I heard my cat purring behind me (the cat was definitely NOT in the room..not even close).

Dream Interpretation Neck
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

Seeing your neck in your dream indicates the relationship between the mind/mental and the body/physical. It represents willpower, self-restriction and your need to control your feelings and keep them in check.

Practically all the oracle sources agree that any dream featuring the neck is a sign of approaching money.

To admire the beautiful neck of a strange woman shows that domestic ties may soon be severed. To see your own neck in a dream is an omen that someone will interfere with your business plans.

To dream that you see your own neck, foretells that vexatious family relations will interfere with your business.
To admire the neck of another, signifies your worldly mindedness will cause broken domestic ties.

Dream dictionary definition for neckDreaming of your neck represents your flexibility and how flexible you are in a given situation.

To see your neck in your dream, signifies willpower and self-restriction. If you have a scar on your neck, then it forewarns that you will undergo hardships due to your neglect.
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To dream of a neck represents the interface between your thoughts and feelings. What you feel and what you actually choose to do in life about those feelings. The connection between your thoughts and actions.

This part of the body is concerned with how you express yourself - by shaking your head or nodding or by using your voice.
A Pain in the neck! (what or who is irritating you?) ...

Neck - Are you sticking your neck out for some reason and is this wise?

To dream about any neck, denotes your present feelings of jealously and resentment. It involves emotional problems involving a friend or relative.
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neck or throat: Connection between body and mind. "Up to your neck in something" means to be in trouble but still okay. The throat is quite vulnerable.
nose: Instinctive knowledge, intuition, curiosity.

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Neck pain in a dream indicates being ill-treated by friends. Neck pain in a dream also may symbolize that the dreamer has betrayed his covenant, or that he has denied a promise.
Shoulder ache in a dream represents bad earnings and low profit.

If the head and neck appear prominently in your dreams, it may be a message from your dreaming mind to focus your mind, or think before you act. It may also be a warning to use your head in matters of love, as opposed to blindly following your heart.

For example a hands-on healer with a throat problem dreamed of being given a gold neck chain. In ways like this, a hands-on healer symbolically uses their gift to heal themselves in their dreams.

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As the councillors talked with me, two men brought a lame young man that was paralyzed from the neck down. This young man said that he wanted to help me however he could.

Locket: If a young woman dreams that her lover places a locket aroundher neck, she will be the recipient of many beautiful offerings,and will soon be wedded, and lovely children will crown her life.

My wife and I have the same birthmark on the back of our neck. We believe it corresponds to a death in a previous lifetime we shared together.

My friend Bucky wears a horn of plenty as a charm around his neck. He's convinced it brings him good fortune, lots of friends, customers and abundance. I think it looks dorky, but I like the symbolism behind the horn/cornucopia.

Last nigth i dreamed i was in the mountain with my kids,and i saw a girl bite by a snake on her neck,i was running to asked help,but i saw a lot of snake around ,and small snake passing by my side, in a coconut tree.all over.

Any dream featuring the neck is a sign of approaching money. The exception is dreaming about a broken neck, which is a warning against mismanagement of your affairs - pay more attention to your own and less to those of others.
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'Stretching your neck out' - Are you sticking your neck out in a situation and taking too big a risk?
Are stretching the truth?
Are you entertaining lofty ideas?
Are you trying to get a gain a different perspective?

turtle sticking your neck out; moving slowly but steadily; a symbol for the Earth; having a hard shell to hide in; yummy chocolates; watch out you don't turn turtle and capsize; wearing a turtle neck sweater. Who is your turtle dove?

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To dream of kissing a person on the neck, interpret passionate inclinations and weak mastery of self.
If you dream of kissing an enemy, you will make advance towards reconciliation with an angry friend.

If a young woman dreams that her lover places a locket around her neck, she will be the recipient of many... Continue dream interpretation - Locket"continue dream interpretation
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"In a pair of occasions I have dreamed of myself in water right up to my neck and then I have lived difficult emotional circumstances that have made me feel "drowned".

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"Maybe I should not have broken up with my boyfriend. There seemed to be good reasons at the time but I have a feeling I have made a mistake"[Dream dictionary - I tried pulling him out, and ended up snapping his neck] ...

Is it dark or light out during the kiss? The former suggests danger or an illicit situation while the latter represents honorable intentions. To dream of kissing someone on the neck symbolizes a passionate inclination in a matter at hand.

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