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Neighborhood dreams indicate a need to be around others or a sense of belonging. When you see a neighborhood in your dream you may want to focus on the social, interpersonal, and enjoyable sides of life.

Dreaming about your neighborhood, represents a sense of community and the need to be more active. You are expressing a need to develop new friends and new ties. Consider your waking feelings toward your neighbors.
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we were in my neighborhood, and he was playing soccer with all his friends
which is wierd because he hasn't gone there in a long time. then i had to get
through them in order to get to my house through a door, but he was
blocking it, and out of nowhere he says "what?" not annoyed but curiously, ...

To see your neighbors in your dreams, denotes many profitable hours will be lost in useless strife and gossip.
Night ...

Neighbor-symbolic of the people who live near you. Curs­ing your neighbor in a dream is symbolic of not having common sense, Prov. 11:12
Nest-a person’s home, Prov. 27:8, Job 29:18
Net-a trap laid out by evil, wicked people, or spiritual ene­mies, Ps. 31:4 ...

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To see your ~s in your dreams, denotes many profitable hours will be lost in useless strife and gossip. If they appear sad, or angry, it foretells dissensions and quarrels.

To dream of having a good ~ is a good omen showing that you will enjoy your home and domestic tranquillity will reside with you.

To dream of a ~ you actually have represents an aspect of your personality based on your more honest feelings or memories of that person.

To see your ~s in your dreams, signifies many useless strife and gossip. If they appear sad, or angry, then it foretells dissensions and quarrels.
To dream of helping a ~, foretells you will receive an unexpected gift or news.

~. To dream of a helping a neighbour predicts an unexpected gift or minor legacy, but to dream of quarreling with neighbours is a warning of possible troubles through being quick-tempered.

If you dream of a ~, think about the qualities you either like or dislike in her. These qualities reside in you as well, so pay attention to the events in the dream to figure out the message.
nest ...

Fellowship. Work on community. Ready to join others in a project.
Nephew ...

To dream of having a good ~, signifies enjoyment and tranquility at home.
To dream of having an angry ~, signifies quarrels, dissensions and possibly relocation from your home.

The ~hood character who cuts hair is representing the part of you that grooms your ideas. The barber or beautician in you may be be more interested in conforming to make an acceptable appearance, not necessarily presenting your real face.

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Canning preserves - the ~s will be your good friends. Ham. You will meet a very outgoing, cheerful person. Wine. If you dream that you are drinking wine - it's a good omen, foreboding health, wealth, long life and happiness. If you're in love, you enclose a marriage with someone you adore.

Disputes with ~s if the cat is wild - such dreams warns about the danger that lives next to you;
Will get robbed if fighting with the cat - for a dreamer to see himself fighting with the cat signifies that he will get robbed and/or cheated.

Was walking through a ~hood (possibly where I grew up) with my brother and came across this huge but pretty yellow orange red and white snake. My brother was trying to push it away with some garden tool and I was fumbling with my phone.

Sidewalks define the path in most ~hoods. In dreams, the sidewalk often feels more like the yellow-brick road in The Wizard of Oz, intended to help you stay on course. The sidewalk is interesting because it often leads to scenes that would not be found in a ~hood.

If you are African American yourself, or if you have friends, family members, ~s coworkers or acquaintances who are African American, then it will be normal to see African American characters in a dream.

I had a dream 3 of my ~s houses were on fire. The fire woke my husband and I up. When I looked out the window and saw the fire I called 911 and told them to please hurry up because we were surrounded by fire. When I got off the phone with the fire dept.

Originally, they were turnips hollowed out and equipped with candles to light the way of "guisers" and beggars roaming about on All Hallow's Eve for a bite to eat or rousting ~s door-to-door for a donation to their cause.

For a preacher, this dream is undeniable proof that he is over-zealous, and should forebear worshiping God by tongue-lashing his ~.

To dream of having a good ~ is a good omen showing that you will enjoy your home and domestic tranquillity... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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In this way we would not covet our ~'s goods, or grow angry with our brother over trifles. The theory used in this book to interpret dreams is both simple and rational. By the using of it you will be surprised to find so many of the predictions fulfilled in your waking life.

(American) Strong, reliable, resourceful, determined, ~ly, helpful, offering good will, or whatever characteristic you tend to associate with Yankees.
Category(s): People
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Rat: To dream of rats, denotes that you will be deceived, and injuredby your ~s.
Quarrels with your companions is also foreboded.
To catch rats, means you will scorn the baseness of others,and worthily outstrip your enemies.
To kill one, denotes your victory in any contest.
- See Mice.

To dream of your own offspring, denotes cheerfulness and the merry voices of ~s and children. To see the offspring of domestic animals, denotes increase in prosperity.
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For a farmer to dream of showing his devotion to God, or to his family, denotes plenteous crops and peaceful ~s. To business people, this is a warning that nothing is to be gained by deceit.
For a young woman to dream of being devout, implies her chastity and an adoring husband.
Home ...

condemnation, inclined, idiot, wilderness, ostracised, calling attention, ~s, sacrilegious, wrecking, kill, deduced, dying, freedom, pervert, victims, slavery, silence, sinner, self-condemnation ...

We was walking around in the ~hood asking people had they seen it, but it appeared only one guy did but I couldn't understand him. I shook the man's hand and thank him and apology for not understanding him, but I express my appreciation all the same.

To hear the cackling of hens denotes a sudden shock produced
by the news of an unexpected death in your ~hood,
Sickness will cause poverty.

Proverbs 25:18 "A man that bears false witness against his ~ [is] a maul, and a sword, and a sharp arrow." (GMR) ...

You may dream about dying when you are going through an important change, such as moving to a new area, changing jobs or having a child. The death in your dream represents a loss of something old (of your old ~s, your old coworkers, of the freedom you had when you did not have children), ...

A dividing wall is also about your heart with the emphasis being on how you separate yourself from others. You have erected a dividing wall between you and your ~ - literally you and others who are close to you.

To see a coffee maker in your dream represents hospitality and sharing of knowledge, hopes, concerns and/or ideas. It may also represent friendliness to new people (in the ~hood or at school), comfort, and companionship.

This can only be accomplished through the material mind or reason dominating the animal emotions of the heart. In this way we would not covet our ~'s goods, or grow angry with our brother over trifles.

First, remember that while culture "teaches us" that colors have meanings, your own life may have strong lessons of its own. For example, culture teaches us that white is the color of the bride, the color of joy, purity, a fresh life and clean slate. But if in your life a cruel ~ always wore ...

If the betrayal occurs in a business context, one may be concerned about being lied to or defrauded by a partner. Betrayal dreams often occur for years in the wake of actual betrayals by real life partners.

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