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Example dream : A neighbour symbolised the woman a dreamer wanted to talk too and be friends with. The conversations he had had with her were similar to conversations that you would have with a neighbour (simple small talk).

neighbour having problems with your workmates or friends; doing a good deed for someone you don't know very well; the person next door. How does your neighbour remind you of yourself?

To dream of having a good neighbour, signifies enjoyment and tranquillity at home. To dream of having an angry neighbour, signifies quarrels, dissensions and possibly relocation from your home.

Neighbour Probably a symbol of the qualities we feel they have. They may be helpful or grumpy. Or may be used as a male or female symbol. See: Man; Woman. Ones relationship with other people; the […] More
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A nearby neighbour may be vaporising strong incense oil. When the wind comes your way, the incense appears with it. Anything that has any odour will smell more when this vapour comes around.

I had a very strange dream, a ~ of mine was on a stairwell with a female centaur(His long lost partner) of which i couldn't see her but i remember having to embrace an image of my own in accordance to her heavy steps and grunting.

Fictitious CharactersThis type of dream may include a kindly ~ that does not exist, a dear sister you do not really have, or a fictitious character from movies or television such as Peter Pan. This dream can mean one of two things.

He had been working with a ~ on a cause to improve the local community. In the dream he ends up in a place he does not like. That simply follows and mimics reality. In reality he was more a free and easy type of person - a hippie. This new 'cause' did appeal to his own love of causes.

Dreams of having a good ~ signifies enjoyment and tranquillity at home. If you dream of an angry or unfriendly ~, it may indicate animosity or disappointment. There may be an issue that needs to be addressed with a ~ in waking life.

Gemma @ 2012-01-28 19:05:24
Interesting to read rats in a dream can be associatated with ~s as my ~s also featured in the dream... strange
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To visit a ~s basement is a sign that one will be attracted to careers which involve travel, communication and creativeness. To be attacked in a basement means intellectually demanding work which benefits others.

Neighbor. To dream of a helping a ~ predicts an unexpected gift or minor legacy, but to dream of quarreling with ~s is a warning of possible troubles through being quick-tempered.

Beggable, beggar lice, Beggarhood, Beggarism, Beggarliness, Beggarly, beggarman, beggar-my-neighbor, beggar-my-~, beggar's lice, Beggar's ticks, beggar's-ticks, beggar-ticks, beggarweed, beggarwoman, Beggary
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To dream of being in a battle means quarrel with ~s or friends in a serious manner..
Bubble Bath
American, Unitarianism E. Mis ...

The reason for this because walls in a house are where you hang the pictures, calenders, or objects that define who you are as a person. They are also what separate you from your ~s. TOP
Walls (Boundary) ...

moving tables, pictures etc..
- Walking and feeding there pets
- Driving there car or motorbike
- Dressing up for the day
- Attacking people in or outside the house
- Walking around the ~hood
- Watering the lawn
- Going inside other peoples houses ...

I noticed some coals that were just about to go out, but there were a few. Then I looked out the window from the basement and saw flames and smoke. I heard a young man run in for he was a ~ and friend to those in the building.

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