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Dreaming that you are feeling numb all over can represent an unwillingness or inability to feel emotion, or feeling disconnected from life or the world.

A feeling of numbness in a dream generally arises from an external physical condition such as too-tight bedclothes or lying in an awkward position; however, it could have an organic origin, ...

To dream that you feel numbness indicates that you are letting fear take over your life. You are afraid of taking any risk and failing. Just remember, there are no rewards without risks!
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numb cutting off feelings; shutting down emotionally; health issues may be indicated; dull; having no feeling. What past pain are you afraid to feel?

Numb Number Nun Nurse Nursing Nutcrackers Nutmeg Nuts Nylon Nymph
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A desire to numb-out and escape a problem or situation
A desire to feel more relaxed or more interactive with others
A desire to be accepted or go along with the crowd, especially to the detriment of yourself or your integrity ...

Dream dictionary definition for numbDreaming that you are numb, or that part of your body is numb represents disconnection.  You may be feeling disconnected from your feelings - as in, you are unable to experience a range of emotions.

I offered him my numb...[More of this dream]
Dream Posted on: 11/25/10
Dream Interpretations: No dream interpretations or meanings yet.

The crowd cheered and I took the ball in my right hand and tried to lift it above my head but struggled for a moment as if my arm had gone numb in the bicep.

Where I try and wake up and I am feel completely numb like I can't do anything. Sometimes I hear voices speaking to me telling me it's going to be okay, and once a little girl was speaking to me and told me her name.

Then my hand went numb and I felt a dull tention between my fingers. I pulled my hand from the water to reveal long pink parasitic worms intertwined in my fingers.I killed most of them by pulling them apart.

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If you receive an anesthetic in a dream, you want to numb yourself from emotional pain. You may have recently had a traumatic experience and your dreaming mind knows that you are not yet ready to deal with it.

In the absence of a scary movie, zombies in dreams often symbolize people in your waking life who you feel are numb, vacant and spaced out, often due to drug or alcohol abuse.

You are trying to numb and block out your problems.
To see an arch in your dream, represents your support system.
To dream that you are passing under an arch, signifies new opportunities. You are headed toward a different direction in life.

After my boyfriend passed away in the dream, I felt numb. I saw my mom, and was trying to figure out her reaction to his death. I also saw his brother and after that I was isolated in what looked like my apartment hallway next to the bathroom.

You may be wasting time, delaying something, or procrastinating. You may be trying to numb and block out your problems. You might also be waiting for something more interesting or important to happen. TOP ...

The dream arcade also serves as a temporary escape from reality. You are trying to numb and block out your problems. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are manipulating others or that you feel manipulated.

You may have compromised your own beliefs and values. Perhaps you are feeling numb or out of touch with those around you. You need to change some vital part of your waking life in order to feel fully alive and whole again.

Alternatively, the dream demonstrates that you have manipulated others or that you feel manipulated. The dream arcade also serves as a temporary escape from reality. You are trying to numb and block out your problems.

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