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If you have a dream about nuts then this means that it radiates the energy of busyness around you which makes life a little bit difficult because there is just so much on your plate.

To dream of gathering nuts, augurs successful enterprises, and much favor in love.
To eat them, prosperity will aid you in grasping any desired pleasure.
For a woman to dream of nuts, foretells that her fortune will be on blissful heights.

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Try to make associations with a dream symbol. If someone was "nuts" in your dream then try to think how "nuts" might appear in your thoughts right now.

Dream Interpretation Nuts
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

To dream of gathering ~, augurs successful enterprises, and much favor in love.
~ ...

~-symbolic of the blessing of God and the best of the land, Gen. 43:11 ...

To see ~ in your dream, signifies craziness or confusion. It may also refer to someone who is "~" or someone who is driving you crazy. You may be approaching a waking situation all wrong and need to look at it from a different perspective.

Lug ~ indicate your lymph system. Lug ~ keep a wheel safely on a vehicle and wheels indicate your circulatory system. In a symbolic way your lymph system does the same for your circulatory system.
Luggage ...

These ~ in a dream predict a troublesome trip; in any case, the trouble will be someone else's.... Continue dream interpretation - Hazelnut"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Head ...

To see ~ in your dream, suggests that someone who is ~ is driving you crazy. You may be approaching a waking situation all wrong and need to look at it from a different perspective.
To dream that you are eating ~ signifies prosperity and attainment of your desired pleasure.
Oatmeal ...

To see filbert nuts in your dream, signifies peace, harmony, and profitable business ventures.
To dream that you are eating filbert nuts, true and dependant friends.
File ...

You will get your earns if shake walnut tree - Somebody dreams, he shakes a walnut-tree and collect ~, will get his money from a miserly man with troubles and hard effort, which he has itself recently worked for and acquired; ...

with, male organs, manna, marital relations, marriage act, marrow, mass, material, material point, mating, matter, matter in hand, meal, medium, menue viande, mess, milestone, mince, most, mothering, motif, motive, nigger toe, noisette, noix, nourishment, nub, nucleus, nurture, nut, nutriment, ~, ...

Then it was Haagen-Dazs ice cream, coffee and vanilla with hot fudge, no ~. I dreamed of hunks of cheesecake and mountains of cookies and slabs of bittersweet chocolate.

Pine ~ in a dream represent the pine tree itself. A pine nut in a dream also represents a renowned person who has a noble character, a godly person who is respected, holy but poor, or it could represent someone who has little to offer, or a person who shelters thieves out of compassion.

All those ~ our squirrels do not recover are all primed and ready to seed themselves. This means, that thanks to our furry friends, we are gifted with new generations of trees and plants sprouting from all the seeds and ~ burrowed in the soil by squirrels.

walnut good furniture; ~ are good for you; a nutty person who bangs on your wall. Whose picture do you have on your wall?
waltz time for a romantic evening; old fashioned; the past; something of Walt's; 1,2,3 .... do it. Who is dancing as fast as they can?

A dream where you eat ~ suggests that you feel that you have the ability to achieve your goals, or you are feeling prosperous. The dream may also imply that ..Read more →
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(Rev 3:17; Rev 16:15; Jer 3:3; 1 Sam 19:24; Gen 2:25) in (or of ) the flesh; impure; temptation; lust; self-justification and self-righteousness (not under grace, see Galatians 5:4); using sex to control others (which is witchcraft); ashamed; stubborn, exhibitionism; ~ and ...

Eating chocolate with ~ could mean that you are bored with something in your life and need a change.
A dream that you are choking or are being choked can be a sign that you feel you are unable to express yourself fully.

Heart, circulatory system, emotions; Lug ~: Lymph system; Wheelchair: restricting / repressing feelings
See also: Saffron , Yankee , Undress , Hairy Hands , Dancing
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The only "message" I see is that it is better to be sour and slightly broken than ~... LOL ...

If you are male, most likely you won't dream of your actual castration, but will dream of other images, possibly double images, that face damage. Consider especially any games where balls are used, ~ and eggs are eaten, rotted, or destroyed.

1. Eat foods high in tryptophan:
Eat these foods during the day to aid restful sleep and to encourage the release of sleep hormones.
Foods high in tryptophan include: Milk, eggs, meat, ~, beans, fish, and cheese. Cheddar, Gruyere, and Swiss cheese are particularly rich in tryptophan.

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