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The ocean is the place of origin for all life. Especially in Jungian interpretation, this is a place of creativity, fertility, and birth.

To sail on the ocean when it is calm, is always propitious.
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The ocean symbolizes spirituality and life. Life is a spiritual journey so expect to see other symbols in the dream indicating your spiritual gifts or giving advice on your life journey.
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Ocean dreams will tend to link to emotional issues.
Example dream : An ocean dream occurred when the dreamer was trying to avoid getting tangled up emotionally with a man she had just met on the internet ...

To dream of the ocean when it is calm is lucky. The sailor will have a pleasant and profitable voyage. The business man will enjoy a season of remuneration, and the young man will revel in his sweetheart's charms.

And what is that ocean? I find that water is almost always emotional, and an ocean is the most untamed (read: passionate) water of all.

The meaning of this dream varies according to its details and action. The ocean, as such, is a good omen if calm, and a sign of mixed fortune if choppy.

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Ocean carries much of the vast unconscious reserve; the collective unconscious; the depth of our emotions; memories; the mother of primordial womb; the cosmic source or primordial mother.

Ocean Water - Depending on where you are in the ocean it has different ways of interpreting it. If you see the ocean as dark and deep it represents your emotional state in your walking life.

ocean unpredictable, large and life giving; mother relationship may be indicated; issues with mother seem overwhelming; new information about your abilities and potential; an important dream symbol that signifies a vital message; ...

Symbol of emotions and the subconscious mind. Clear and calm water suggests transparent emotions and feelings of serenity. Turbulent waters and difficulty swimming or navigating a boat suggest problems "staying afloat" emotionally.

Because the ocean is vast and we have a sense of the enormous life that stirs beneath its surface, this body of water is a classic symbol of delving into what lies below the surface of the unconscious.

Spiritually: When you keep dreaming about tides in the ocean (recurring dream of the cyclic rise and fall of the water in the ocean), this indicates the passage of the time as well as the change of feelings and mixed … ...

Dreams about the ocean are strong signals from the unconscious mind. If you dream of being lost at sea, you are unsure about your feelings for a certain person.

Oceantop list
Opportunity; spirituality, prosperity, intuition, emotions
Oil (Auto/car) Enginetop list
The engine is to the auto that the heart is to the body. The oil is to the car as blood is to the body.

If you dream you are standing on shore and watching the waves foam up as they break over the beach foretells that you will have some narrow escape from an accidental injury.

Dream interpretation - Ocean
If you dream you are standing on shore and watching the waves foam up as they break over the beach foretells... Continue dream interpretation - Ocean"continue dream interpretation ...

To dream of an ocean represents powerful uncertainty in your life. Confrontation with negative situations or negative emotions. Your biggest struggles or most baffling challenges.

Ocean Liner - impacting large numbers of people
Riverboat - slow, but impacting many people ...

To see an ocean in your dream, represents the state of your emotions and feelings. It is indicative of some spiritual refreshment, tranquillity and renewal.
To see an octagon in your dream, indicates a spiritual reawakening.

Ocean and
Sailor To dream of sailors, portends long and exciting journeys. For a young woman to dream of sailors, is ominous of a separation from her lover through a frivolous flirtation.

- see Dream Dictionary: Water
An octopus in a dream symbolises unconventional means to overcome problems.

ocean. Typically, the ocean symbolizes the subconscious. A turbulent ocean suggests personal upheaval, inner struggle, discontent, and restlessness; whereas calm seas represent balance and harmony within the self.

Life. One of the few universal symbols. An active ocean, teeming with life, with high waves and crashing surf, implies that life will soon become much busier. A calm ocean: A peaceful life. A stormy sea: Trouble ahead.

Deepest foundation in a spiritual sense. The source and depth of spiritual feeling.
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Ocean - The deepest unconscious where one finds repressed, forgotten emotions. Also is a symbol for mother, your own mother or Mother Nature. May symbolize creative potential.
Octopus - a symbol for your mother or mother-attachment ...

A great expanse or amount. Vast, limitless feelings. Your feeling overwhelmed with emotions.
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Ocean See: Sea, Water. More
Octopus Depending upon whether you are the octopus, it may symbolise the desire to ravenously seize another in your emotions and possess them.

ocean: Vast and deep feelings, emotions. Overwhelming
emotions or stormy emotions, depending on the action of the
ocean or sea.

The OceanThe ocean in a dream can take on many meanings: that of fertility, that of power, but also of something that is a bit foreign to us.

See Ocean and Sea.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
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Also See Ocean and Sea.
To dream of sailors, portends long and exciting journeys.

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