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opossum rat, opossum shrimp, opossum wood
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Strategic refusal to argue or fight, using appearances to your advantage, the ability to project a certain appearance for your own benefit; or hiding one's feelings. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Dream interpretation - Opossum
This amusing animal in a dream is reminding you that ignoring your problems is a surefire method of building a time... Continue dream interpretation - Opossum"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Opponent ...

*Please see Possum.
To dream that you have an opponent, signifies an aspect of yourself in which you are in conflict with.

Most marsupial pouches (like kangaroos and opossum) open upwards, but the opening of koala pouch is directed toward the hind quarters. This design protects the young joey from dirt burrowed by early koala mothers.

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