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The colour:
Blending or balance of emotions and intellect. Orange is a blend of red and yellow, and as such much refines the basic instinctual energy or red with the life giving yellow.

Dream Dictionary
Seeing a number of orange trees in a healthy condition, bearing ripe fruit, is a sign of health and prosperous surroundings.

The color orange can represent:
Bold, outgoing, assertive, invigorated
Autumn, or the "winding down" of a phase or cycle ...

What does Orange in a dream mean?
Orange in a dream can represent:
Energy ...

Orange (color)
The color orange corresponds to the second chakra and, at times, may be associated with our reproductive system.

Orange also has to do with assimilation of new ideas and can indicate a profound change in perspective is being attempted or required.

as i walked further down the road, time seemed to be slowing, traces of litter (news paper pages, wrappers, etc.) were being blown by an un felt wind, and an orange glow or hue began to surround everything.

Actions, Feelings, Conditions - Nature - Dream Dictionary
Color: The color orange can represent different feelings or emotions. Did thecolor seem harsh? If so, it could represent feelings of aggression.

To see oranges growing or boxed for shipment is a forecast of a slow but steady improvement in your circumstances. To eat them or drink the juice predicts a short but unforgettable love affair. Orange blossoms signify news of a wedding.

Seeing a number of fruit bearing orange trees is a sign of health and prosperous surroundings.
Owl ...

Seeing a number of orange trees in a healthy condition, bearing ripe fruit, is a sign of health and prosperous surroundings.

Psychological Meanings: Love and Pleasure Like "apple", "plum" or "grape" the orange is evaluated as a love symbol and as a the temptation for worldly and sensual pleasures.

Orange represents energy, balance, warmth, creativity and enthusiasm. You will have many enjoyment and adventures in your life.
Pink ...

Orange (the color)
If your dream strongly features the color orange, you have a lively and outgoing nature. You will have a fascinating life with broad horizons and many interests.
Orca ...

Seeing orange trees in your dream indicates health and prosperity. Dreaming that you are eating oranges, means negative vibes, dissatisfaction in your business circles, illness in the family, or separation/loss of a lover.

Oranges: In dreamlore, oranges represent short, but sweet relationships. It may also mean you have a choice of lovers.

Oranges Seeing a number of orange trees in a healthy condition, bearing ripe fruit, is a sign of health and prosperous surroundings. To eat oranges is signally bad. Sickness of friends or relatives will be a source of worry to you.

orange making friends; not getting enough liquids; needing to brighten up; warmth. How could you be more sociable?

To dream of the color orange represents power. Using power or leverage to get what you want. It may also reflect beliefs, feelings, or situations that are very strong and noticeable.

Dream dictionary definition for orange: Orange is the color of sexuality and fire.  It's the color of your second chakra, which is located just below the navel and is associated with passion.

Orange (color)
dream interpretation
meaning of dream
The color orange corresponds to the second chakra and, at times, may be associated with our reproductive system.

Orange tree Oranges Orangutan Orchard Orchestra Orchid Ordeal Order Organ Organist Orgy Ornament
Ornamental shrub Orphan Ostrich Otter Ouija Outlet Overall Overcoat Owl Oxeye daisy Oxygen Oysters ...

Orange is an unusual color, a color of fire, of tropical fruits and island sunsets. This color represents adventure, change, unusual situations. Negative - an unwanted change.

(1) May symbolize aggressiveness.
(2) Because it is the colour of the sun, it may symbolize life, or consciousness.
(3) If you are depressed, orange may symbolize the dawn of a new attitude of optimism and proper self-love.

Drive and Ambition
Meaning: Drive, ambition, (mix of yellow and red). Energizing
colour, especially in career dreams. Orange and Black: Career. Also used to heal the digestive/elimination system.

The color orange in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life.
Pink ...

Oranges And Snakes? (Snakes Dream)
Myself and 2 other people were picking oranges. All of a sudden there were different kinds of snakes in the orange trees. I don't know who the other 2 people were or what types of snakes. We were a...

OrangeOrange can be a lively dream colour that means you have an outgoing nature. It may also be representative of looking to expand your horizons and seek out new things.
PinkPink can by symbolic of love, innocence, affection, kindness and happiness.

Orange colors symbolize courage, endurance and strength representing fire and flame.

nave, navel orange, navel point, Navel-string, Navelwort, Navew
Dream Dictionary
Definition: ...

Orange -- adventure, change (forced change, disruptiveness)
Purple -- royalty, positive personal growth (injury)
Yellow -- enlightenment, (cowardice, illness)
White -- purity, wholesomeness, sacred ritual (emptiness) ...

your temper; Dark Red forecasts unexpected good news; Green pertains to travel or news from a distance; Gray indicates a period of "marking time"; Lavender or Mauve foretells minor disappointment or transitory unhappiness; Orange ...

he became orange and when i tried to hold him to comfort him he began to squirm and violently shake trying to escape from my arms. He leapt out of my arms onto the floor. it was a very mighty leap for such a small toddler i thought.

Was walking through a neighborhood (possibly where I grew up) with my brother and came across this huge but pretty yellow orange red and white snake. My brother was trying to push it away with some garden tool and I was fumbling with my phone.

See also: Pink, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Orange GENERAL MEANINGS OF COLORS Blue = Physical healing particularly of throat, fevers, and infections. Green = Growth, expansion and healing of those areas in association with growth, expansion, abundance.

Salamanders: Particularly the fiery orange-red kind, or fire-belly breeds. These creatures were said to be carriers of fire. Medieval legend indicates salamanders had the ability to light bonfires.

Orange: Message from a great Master. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.
8. Brown: Illness. Materialism.
9. Black: Unhappiness. A rough road ahead. Something that the dreamer needs to know.

ORANGE spirituality and harmony - warmth and harmony
ORB a body of knowledge / a way of thinking
ORB clear and spiritual thought
ORC unknown thoughts or feelings / cannot quite pin a problem down
ORCA deep unconscious / deep spiritual feelings ...

I had a dream that a brightly colored orange and yellow owl was in our hotel room i was going to call room service but it flew into my covers and disappeared...the next night when we were at home my husband suddenly passed away very unexpectedly ...

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Then I noticed that there were reddish-orange haired men chasing me. So I fled into what appeared to be a bathroom. I was very terrified of them for they had knives in their hands. After a while I knew that I could not stay in there.

Cultivated fruit, such as and orange, is a lucky omen and promises a period of growth followed by fruition (financial gain) if it is ripe.

Leo: This famous star-sign is connected to the lion and, like the real life lion, is associated with the colors gold and orange. The zodiac sign Leo is said to govern the heart, lung and liver and its gemstones are topaz and tourmaline.

on snow, and I could look at the stars, (but there were still sides to the box so it wasn't an open area). I had this mission to paint snow on the needles of the tree and such. So I lay down, and start painting the sky purples and black and oranges ...

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