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In the dream, I remember thinking we were the same person. There was one catch.. she had a penis. We began having sex and I woke up having an orgasm. I have NEVER had a dream this strange in my life and am really curious as to what this could mean.

Dream interpretation - Orgasm
Climax. Indulgence. Consummation. You have completed the circle.... Continue dream interpretation - Orgasm"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Orgy ...

To dream of having an orgasm represents an exciting end to something. What is complete for you? Alternatively, this dream may be a straight-forward representation of your physical desire.
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Since we dream of what we are not facing, dreaming of having an orgasm can be a message about the need to open to your sexual feelings.

To dream of an orgasm represents you or some aspect of your personality that is satisified with a choice, or happy with the results of a new life situation. TOP
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Climax. Indulgence. Consummation. You have completed the circle.
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dream interpretation
meaning of dream
For the young wet dreams and orgasms in a dream are very common (Also known as "wet dream"). In these cases it is simply a reflection of your awareness of the physiological change taking place.

Women reported orgasm in lucid dreams much more frequently than men even though men reported having more dreams about sex overall.

Ejaculation is the ejection of semen (usually carrying sperm) from the male reproductory tract, and is usually accompanied by orgasm.

howl, hum, hysterical, in a transport, in hysterics, intoxicated, Jeremianic, keen, keening, lamentation, lamenting, lamentive, lowing, mad, madding, maniac, mating call, moanful, moaning, motorboating, mournful, mourning, mugient, note, orgasmic, ...

KEY WORDS :false papers, pretending to be the real thing, false, lacking honesty, deceptive, wanting to be like someone you admire, lacking ability, not genuine, giving people what they want, boosting someones confidence, faking orgasm ...

I feel something wet on my nightgown and realize it is semen emission, either leakage or he had an orgasm. We both start giggling uncontrollably like teens in a library.

So, it can refer to wholeness, psychological completion; union of different aspects of yourself. Frightening, oppressive or unpleasant sexual dreams often relate to repressed or unresolved spiritual problems.
Dreams of having sex and or orgasm are ...

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Dreams  Organist  Orgy

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