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Preparing for a recent, expected, imagined, or desired trip
Preparing for a change or a task ahead
Setting priorities, such as selecting only the essentials or things that are most important
Portability or mobility ...

Packing in a dream can represent:
Preparation for changes in your life.
Judgements - what is good enough to go with you in your bag.
May represent 'packaging' - the filler inside a box to keep your items intact.

Backpacking - To dream that you are backpacking, symbolizes your self-sufficiency and survival skills. You may be reflecting on all the obstacles and adversities that you have overcame.
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Packing can connect with leaving home, becoming independent or being rejected, It can associate with holiday feelings, and so a sense of ease. It can also link with making changes or wanting to change.

Dream Interpretation/dreams about packing/cleaning, host, trauma, christ
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Dream dictionary definition for packing:  Dreaming of packing indicates that you are preparing for a departure.  If you are planning a trip, this dream symbol could represent your excitement/anxiety about going on the trip.

Dreaming that you are packing, indicates big changes ahead for you where old issues or relationships are put to rest or left behind.

To dream that you are packing, signifies big changes ahead for you where old issues or relationships are put to rest or left behind.

If you dream of packing for a trip or for a move, you may be feeling dissatisfied with a relationship in your life.
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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - to unpacking something in a dream means a chest, dresser, a suitcase, cabinet or similar displays gifts.

Packing things away in a box in a dream can symbolize a desire to hide unpleasant thoughts.

Packing To Go On A Journey (Being Chased Dream)
I have had several "packing" dreams over the past few years. In my dreams it's always the last minute before a trip and I have procrastinated packing. I keep thinking of things that are important an...

packing: Leaving; looking to be more independent; making a
pain: A confl ict or problem; something that hurts you.

Any form of packing is an omen of contrary; you can expect a period of plodding along a familiar rut.
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pacify, package, packet, packing, paddling, page, pagoda, pail, pain, paint, painting, palace, palisade, pall, pall-bearer, pallet, palm tree, palm tree, palmistry, palsy, pancake, pane of glass, panic, panorama, panther, pantomime, pants, parables, ...

addition, adjunct, aggrandizement, ambling, ambulation, ampliation, amplification, augmentation, backpacking, broadening, crescendo, deployment, dispersion, enlargement, expansion, extension, fanning out, flare, footing, footing it, footwork, ...

pack departure; getting things together; a group of people or animals; filling up; a long-awaited leave taking; the end of a stage; load up; packing someone off; stop working and 'pack it in'; feeling like a pack horse; unpack old memories; ...

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Dreams of boxes have the obvious connotation of the dreamer feeling boxed in. If the dreamer sees him or her self packing boxes however it can imply they are either moving on (usually from the past) or needing a change.

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