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packing dream interpretations
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Preparing for a recent, expected, imagined, or desired trip
Preparing for a change or a task ahead
Setting priorities, such as selecting only the essentials or things that are most important
Portability or mobility ...

Packing something in a dream can suggest a new trend of affairs in your love life. If you are packing clothes, you might display a closed mind in front of your friends, but this dream can also mean that you are planning an urgent trip.

Dream " P " Packing something
The interpretation of the dream "Packing something"
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Dreaming that you are backpacking, symbolizes your self-sufficiency and survival skills. You may be reflecting on all the obstacles and adversities that you have overcame.
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Dream Interpretation/dreams about packing/cleaning, host, trauma, christ
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The idea of packing reveals what you currently consider to be so important that you need to carry it with you.

To dream that you are packing, signifies big changes ahead for you where old issues or relationships are put to rest or left behind.

Packing things away in a box in a dream can symbolize a desire to hide unpleasant thoughts. If you are having trouble stuffing things into a box, it is a sign that you are repressing too many difficult thoughts and you need to face them and to deal with them.

packing: Leaving; looking to be more independent; making a
pain: A confl ict or problem; something that hurts you.

Pack Packed Packing It would be worthwhile wondering when you last packed your bags or house, and what you felt. The dream probably looks back at those feelings. Packing can connect with leaving home, becoming independent or being […] More
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backpacking, "found out cheating in exams", "treating someone with compassion", "the countryside", "discover an illness", "found out" "here is a serious error here", exploring new places", "meeting new people", "finding yourself", genealogy, "learning the truth", "Native-American", "overhearing", ...

pack departure; getting things together; a group of people or animals; filling up; a long-awaited leave taking; the end of a stage; load up; packing someone off; stop working and 'pack it in'; feeling like a pack horse; unpack old memories; running with the pack; something in your life packed.

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Pressure from other if sudden departure - A sudden departure and hasty packing of your bags in the dream, means that somebody tries to push you to take more responsibility; ...

Dreams of boxes have the obvious connotation of the dreamer feeling boxed in. If the dreamer sees him or her self packing boxes however it can imply they are either moving on (usually from the past) or needing a change.

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