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Dream Dictionary
To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony and pleasant associates.

Parents in a dream can represent:
Father - can represent an authority figure in your life - yang energy.
Mother - can represent the person who nurtures you in your life - yin energy.
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As a rule, fathers represent authority and mothers symbolize love, and you will have to figure out the meaning of your dream by correlating the action with your parental attitude and other elements of the dream, ...

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Seeing your grandparents in your dream, symbolizes love, security, wisdom and protection. Dreaming that you are searching for your grandparents means your search for love and protection. You may be regressing to childhood needs.

Dream Interpretation Grandparents
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

All first-time parents worry about this. After all, this is a completely brand-new human being, very different from anything else in your life. Some new mothers even dream that their baby is an alien creature. You needn't have fears like this.

Dreaming of a father symbolizes authority and discipline, while a dream of a mother symbolize love and protection - depending, of course, on how the dreamer felt about his or her parents.

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Your childish conscience issues with your actual parents or childhood issues recently reawakened, which may now need to be considered with adult consciousness; aspects of parents that you are like; ...

Parents - To dream of your parents could be quite an involved thing and must be sorted out by consulting the rest of your dream.

Seeing your parents in your dream symbolizes both power, shelter, and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. Alternatively, it represents the merging of the female and male aspects of your character.

To see your parents looking cheerful while dreaming, denotes harmony and pleasant associates.
If they appear to you after they are dead, it is a warning of approaching trouble, and you should be particular of your dealings.

To dream of both your parents represents your conscience and intuition. There may be important choices that you are making or reconsidering.

Grandparents :
This symbolizes love, safety and protection. If you look for your grandparents you look for this.
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To see your grandparents in your dream, symbolizes love, security, wisdom and protection. Consider the characteristics that exist in your own grandparents.
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dead parents symbol in dream
Dreamed about dead parents. What does it mean?
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Grandparents: To dreaam{sic} of meeting your grandparents and conversing with them,you will meet with difficulties that will be hard to surmount,but by following good advice you will overcome many barriers.

Seeing parents dead: Sometimes dreamt at a time you are learning to become independent, so you are letting their influence or power in your life die. See: Brother; Sister; Father; Mother.
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Parents lose between 400-750 hours of sleep in the first 12 months of having a baby.

The parents of Jesus, Joseph and Mary were warned of the danger to child Jesus by a dream.
Joan of Arch predicted her death through one of her dreams.
Abraham Lincoln saw himself being shot at, a few years before his death.

"My parents are getting a divorce. I am unsure what life will be like afterwards."[Dream Dictionary - tornado forming]
"I have had a really bad year and the tornado portrays my own emotional state."[Dream Dictionary - tornadoes] ...

For parents to dream of chastising their children, indicates they will be loose in their manner of correcting them, but they will succeed in bringing them up honorably.

Encouragement and sustenance instilled. Their house: Need to regain peace and tranquility in life.
Reminder of things past and completed. Draw opinions conclusions from other symbols.

As a general rule grandparents are a symbol of, love, security, love, protection, love, home, and love. If you dram of searching for your grandparents you are really searching for love and protection.

Opposum - Parents may appear in a dream in the guise of animals. It then would represent a love-hate feeling toward that parent. An opposum is a marsupial, an animal whose young is carried within a pouch. What si the relationship with your mother?

In general: Parents in a dream can be a sign for the need of advice, help, security, safety and sincere feelings. It depends on what is (was) the relationship between own's parents. But there are also other possible individual interpretations.

I was at my parents house and they were having a party. There was this boy-man there and he was wise-cracking with, lets call Man A. I was also having a pleasant conversation with Man A until, the boy-man made an unnecessary comment toward me.

A dream of godparents (either seeing them or being one) indicates a coming opportunity to serve the community or engage in... Continue dream interpretation - Godparent"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Godzilla ...

Parents Symbolize power, shelter and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about them. As a rule, fathers represent authority and mothers symbolize love.

Dream dictionary definition for parents: If the parents in your dream depict your waking life parents, go about interpreting this dream symbol in the way that you interpret other dream characters:  ...

To see your dead parents in your dream signifies the apprehension of their ultimate fate or the way you are handling the loss. You may simply need one more chance to bid them farewell.

Then I called my parents to come and give me a ride out of Cheyenne. They pulled up in their van and my aunt and uncle were with them. They parked on the other side of a ditch.

In particular, to dream about the death of your parents, indicates that you are undergoing a significant change in your waking life. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm.

Together they make 25, and this dream could have been addressing issues in regard to you and your parents.)
On the other hand, numbers in dreams may represent global concepts and point to collective dilemmas.

To dream of the ghost of either one of your parents, denotes that you are exposed to danger, and you should be careful in forming partnerships with strangers.

Your parents put your boat into their river and teach you how to paddle upstream against the current. You try really hard to fulfill THEIR hopes, wishes, and dreams for you. At some point in the journey you realize you do not belong on their river.

Parenting a child may be a way that your brain is working out some difficulty in your own relationship to your parents or another relationship of responsibility.
Parenting can also be a power projection dream.

I pondered this teenage mentality that I have been acting out in so many ways throughout my life, and realized that I had gotten mixed messages from my parents.

We are concerned about the love of our parents, children, co-workers, friends, and many, many others. There is nothing more important to our emotional, psychological, or spiritual well-being than love. It is a vital part of any growth process.

And what if either or both of your parents had died when you were a baby and you were raised by a single parent or foster parents? Would you have been a better or worse person with other paternal influences in your life?

In many ways, police in your dreams are symbolic of your parents or others who have control over your lives. When you were young, you ran to your parents for protection and safety. You also chafed at your parent's rules and restrictions.

A vacation, or desire for a vacation or change of pace
If you still live with your parents, dreaming that you are out camping with friends without your parents could represent freedom from authority, or time away from your parents ...

If you two have different relationships with your parents, your dream may be calling attention to your feelings about that. Or, someone you just met could have qualities similar to your sister.

Authority figures in teen dreams, like police and parents. Most likely to appear in school context. Searching for a principal reflects desire for authority and guidance in school or social context.

An example would be a teacher, boss or your parents; have you been rebelling against them or have you been respecting or honouring them in their place of authority?

It is not uncommon for parents to dream their children are dying. They usually awake sickened at this prospect, wondering if this dream is truly an omen of things to come.

Typically when a child experiences a nightmare the parents feel helpless. There is no real solution to help a child after they have a nightmare, just love and support calms them down.

While your parents may influence you in many positive ways - dreams only focus on changes you need to make. The likelihood is that the parent in the dream is influencing you in a negative way with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

When you are a child, your parents can look like giants to you, so if you dream about a giant you may feel that you are being treated like a child, or you may be feeling helpless.

Not really, it means your gonna lose a relative or your parents might die. I dreamed loosing my teeth many times and i lost my grandma and 2 friends. You lose money when you dream of finding silver coins like twenty five cents
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It is teenagers, and not parents, who kiss until they are weak in the knees on the escalator in the mall. You can be kissing another, watching others kiss, or experience that "I'm about to be kissed" moment.

To business men, increase in trade. To parents, much pleasure from dutiful children. If one stings, loss or injury will bear upon you from a friendly source.
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Returning home, or to that place of comfort inside oneself. Outgrowing dependence on parents and establishing one's own independence and identity. Endurance and persistence. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

On February 19, 1878, I was boarding with a family on Christopher street, New York, while my wife and baby were visiting my parents in the country, a short distance from the city. Our baby was taken sick.

Sorrows and calamities from hosts of evil work against you. Death of parents and friends, loss of limbs or sight, may follow after a dream of these ghoulish monsters. A white bat is almost a sure sign of death.

To dream of ancestors other than parents
denotes devotion to ideals that carry on
tradition. You will be respected in the
community where you live.

warns him that he will find favor in the eyes of his parents by contracting
a suitable marriage. For a woman, this dream is a warning to be careful
of her conduct, lest she meet with unfavorable fortune.

Seeing your dead parents in your dreams, may mean your fears of losing them or your way of coping with the loss. You may want that last opportunity to say your final good-byes to them.

To dream that you are somebody else is hiding, indicates a need for security and protection. In particular, to dream that you are hiding from some authority figure (police, parents, teacher.), implies feelings of guilt.

Siblings, sons, and daughters often reflect aspects of ourselves. Grandparents in a dream may represent the role that traditions play in your life, though they may also represent the archetypes of the wise old man, or woman (see archetypes).

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