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The penguin hardly ever appears in dreams, or in fact in literature generally. so I have not been able to gather from people's dreams how they use this symbol.

Hardiness. Self-protection through playfulness or sense of humor. Intuitiveor free-flowing. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

If you see a penguin in your dream, your problems are not as serious as you may think.
Penis ...

To see a penguin in your dream denotes that your problems are not as serious as you may think. It also suggests a need to remain calm and cool.
Pheasant ...

Seeing a penguin in your dream indicates that your problems are not as serious as you may think. It serves as a reminder for you to keep you cool and remain level-headed.

To dream of a penguin represents an aspect of yourself that is noticeably harmless or powerless. You or someone else that is perceived to be non-threatening.

Penguin Tattoo (Penguin Tattoo Dream)
This was a very jumbled dream, but here goes.
The first part was me and a bunch of friends (no one I recognized) at a bar ordering margaritas. In the middle of ordering, the bar announ...[More of this dream] ...

PENGUIN trouble balancing emotions
PENGUIN waddling awkward movement
PENINSULA thinking about some part of the real world in a deep / emotional way
PENIS fertility power and raw male emotions - energy - male sexuality - determination and drive ...

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jackanapes, Jackaroo, jackass, jackass bat, jackass penguin
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