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If the police are trying to arrest you for some crime of which you are innocent, it foretells that you will successfully outstrip rivalry.

Police - Dream Symbols
Police are a very powerful force in our society. You can feel anger towards them when they keep you from 'having fun', but you can also feel great gratitude when they keep you safe.

Authority, rules, laws
Punishment or enforcement of laws, or taking responsibility for your actions
Protection or security ...

If the police are trying to arrest you for some crime of which you are innocent, it foretells that you will successfully outstrip rivalry.
If the arrest is just, you will have a season of unfortunate incidents.

The police catching you doing something against the law can represent:
A feeling or fear of being accused, or of being falsely accused
A need to take more responsibility for yourself and your actions ...

Armed police could tap into several concepts and feelings. Armed police do not mess about - they give clear immediate instructions to stop where you are.

I am a retired New York City Police Officer ,I retired in 2003,went through 911 .But my dream is not about 911,back in 1987 while on patrol 3am in the morning ,my partner and I were flagged down by a woman in the middle of the street .

Police in dreams reference law and order, and also hold associations to feelings of guilt. Are you nervous that you will be caught for an action or impropriety that you have committed?

A policeman personifies that function within the dreamer which regulates and orders things. A traffic policeman in a dream gives guidance in how to adapt to a family or social situation in the world around the dreamer.
Poor ...

A dream involving the police means you feel guilty for not honoring a promise or obligation. If you dream that you are a police officer, this represents your own sense of morality and conscience.

Policemen - authority for good or evil; protector; spiritual authority
Prisoner - a lost soul
Shepherd - Jesus Christ; pastor, leader (good or bad); selfless person; protector ...

Police are guides / angels in a dream. Their presence is a reminder that your guides are aware of everything you do and are there waiting to be asked to help.

Police-symbolic of authority, 1 Pet. 2:13 NLT
Polishing-symbolic of preparation and refinement, Ezek. 21:11 NLT
Pollution-symbolic of grievous sins within a nation or a per­son’s life, Ps. 106:38 ...

People, Characters - Dream Dictionary
In general, the principle of order and control; therefore that part of yourself that is able to bring this about, or seek control or order.

To see the police in your dream, symbolizes structure, rules, power, authority and control.

Ship To dream of ships, foretells honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life. To hear of a shipwreck is ominous of a disastrous turn in affairs. Your female friends will betray you.

police symbol of authority; feeling oppressed; afraid you might be punished for doing something; keeping order; difficulty in keeping a commitment; being reckless. (See cop) How are you guarding yourself?

Police dreams occur when one aspect of your evolving identity is challenged by the ‘critic’ or the ‘patrolling’ aspect of the psyche. Sometimes the message is important: slow down.

Police. Police in your dream are a symbol of security in your life, and even if your dream involved trouble with them, it is an omen of contrary and signifies that you will get unexpected help with a current problem.

A dream featuring the police may suggest that you are not abiding by the rules in some way, you are being careless or reckless, or you are experiencing some kind ..Read more →

Guard (police officer)
Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - To loss by theft. Hindu (Hinduism) - There isn't any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) - There isn't any meaning of dream in Islam.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Dreaming about the police could symbolize many different things, so please consider all of the details carefully.

Authority figures add sense of protection or rescue. Can also provide sense of impending punishment.

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Pack- If carrying a pack, represents carrying a load, emotional baggage.

The police generally can link to situations of disorder. But disorder in a general sense. That your life becomes chaotic and disordered. Its not really linked to disorder in the sense that laws are broken.

If the police are trying to arrest you for some crime of which you are innocent, it foretells that you will... Continue dream interpretation - Police"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Polishing ...

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*Please See Police.
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To dream of police badge represent moral authority or the authority to force change. An unquestionable voice of reason. Having a police badge flashed at you may reflect a person or situation that you feel you have to change for.

A dream that a police officer puts you in handcuffs can mean that you are feeling resentment toward an authority figure.

Police 1. the law, especially universal or spiritual laws Cayce (136-29, A-6). 2. that which tries to bring disorder under control Cayce (136-18, A-3). 3. uniformed - spiritual law Cayce (900-115, A-1; 900-220, A-3). 4.

Polar bear Polecat Police Police sergeant Polish Polite Political party Politician Polka Pollution Polygamy Poncho Pony Poor Pope Poplar Poppy Porcelain Porcupine Pork Porpoise Porridge Porter Portrait Pose Post office Postcard Poster Postman Potato ...

If you were in the police wagon, you can expect an improvement in status. But if you observed others being taken away, it predicts a temporary setback.
This symbol also appears in the definition for:

master, be responsible for, beadle, beagle, birdman, boatswain, bound bailiff, brigadier, brigadier general, call the signals, carry on, castellan, catchpole, chair, chatelain, chatelaine, chicken colonel, chief engineer, chief mate, chief of police, ...

Getting Caught by the Police
Dream dictionary definition for getting caught by the policeDreaming that you are getting caught by the police could indicate fears or anxieties regarding authority figures.

I rang the police to inform them and then followed the plane in my car as not to loose sight of it, so I could tell the police of where it would eventually crash.

i had a dream that i was going to walmart, and there was a bunch of ambulances and firetrucks and police cars, i walk up to go into walmart & of course you have to look and see whats going on, i see that a guy that was laying there dead, ...

Saints and other sacred human figures in our dreams often appear as heralds of benevolence or as the "morality police.

Law courts or police stations may represent the dreamer's prudence and perspicacity. Industrial buildings such as factories could stand for the imaginative or creative potential of the dreamer; museums represent the past.

Poker Polar Bear Pole-cat Police Polishing Politician Polka Pomegranate Pond Pony Poor Poor-house Pope Poplars Poppies Incest Sewing Serpents Chandelier Shaking Hands
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*Please See Police.
To see or use a copier in your dream, represents your lack of originality and tendency to copy other's ideas/beliefs. You need to start thinking things through for yourself.

Saints or Sacred Figures - Saints and other sacred human figures in our dreams often appear as heralds of benevolence or as the morality police.

Also See Bailiff and Police.
To dream of ships, foretells honor and unexpected elevation to ranks above your mode of life.

Hearing a wailing sound while dreaming foretells fearful news and sorrow. A wail of a police siren denotes minor trouble with the law which involves you or someone close to you.

It's not so much the people that are important in this instance, but the characteristics we associate with them. The appearance of policemen for example, symbolizes protection and security.

They do usually have a stereotypical identity though. For example, the generic character may be a policeman (representing authority), a spy (who is covert), or a gypsy (usually seen as being nomadic).

To dream that you are somebody else is hiding, indicates a need for security and protection. In particular, to dream that you are hiding from some authority figure (police, parents, teacher.), implies feelings of guilt.

Then I heard more noise from the other side of the tent, it the was police or law of the island coming to kill me and to subdue the elephant. As they were trying to subdue the elephant, I slipped out the tent door. But I could not go undetected.

I saw his big teeth that bit them. Then I was outside waiting for the police and a snake catcher to arrive they did and blamed me for their deaths. I woke up frightened and upset. Both mum and brother am and was close too.

are elected sheriff or feel interested in the office,denotes that you will participate in some affair which will afford youneither profit nor honor.
To escape arrest, you will be able to further engage in illicit affairs.
- See Bailiff and Police.

The use of the vehicle will give indications of the type of experience being related in the dream message. For instance, an Ambulance will indicate a need for healing in the giving and receiving of experience, a Police Car will signify the need for ...

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