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A pool represents a house slave and a slave, is relied upon. If you drink from a pool, you will fall in love with a slave girl;
the same interpretation applies if one eats from a bowl.

A calm pool can represent peace, relaxation, or a feeling of luxury.
See also: body of water drowning swimming game
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Swimming in or lying beside a pool is the ultimate wish-fulfillment dream for many people. The rest and relaxation of sunning outside is a wonderful invitation. However, depending on who is in the pool, you may be missing out somewhere in waking life.

A pool of water in your dream indicates pleasure and is also a mirror to your own soul. Anything with water in a dream is going to be indicative of your own emotions or inspiration. Water can also relate to love and intuition.

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In a dream, a spool means keeping one's secrets, or it could represent a gracious man, or a trustworthy person who lends his help to others and benefits them in their worldly affairs.

Swimming ~
A swimming ~ is about your spiritual side. These dreams normally focus on specific spiritual abilities which are indicated by other symbols in the dream. The significance of the swimming ~ is that it is a contained body of water with no outlet.

Quick Decode: Fun; competition; risks
Popular Expressions: Staying afloat; Take a dive; Tread water ...

Dream Interpretation/The Deer by the ~
First off, in most cases I am acutely or mostly aware that I am dreaming. In this dream I was with my younger brother at a very large public ~.

Because pools, like lakes and ponds, are bodies of water, they are symbols of emotions in dreams. Note the condition and quality of the water. Peaceful and inviting pools suggest comfortable immersion in one's emotions.

If you should have a dream that features you as a ~ player this is a warning that you should cultivate new friendships and stop running with the same old crowd.

~-symbolic of a place where people gather in life. If the water is dirty it symbolizes wickedness
~-hall-symbolic of people trying to scam or deceive you ...

~, pond, lake, water
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Pools and lakes, as common places of purification or initiation, can represent a change in your way of life; emerging unconscious material that will promote growth.

Like all bodies of water, the ~ has associations with emotions, although in this case it takes on the symbolism of ‘being contained.’ Because it is maintained and kept clean, it can portray a clinical approach to feelings.

To see a ~ of water in your dream, denotes that you will find much happiness and pleasure in love and marriage. Your social life will keep you busy. To dream that you are shooting ~, signifies that it is time to make new companionships.

~. A swimming ~ is a symbol of social gaiety, unless it was empty, dirty, or in poor condition, in which case it is a warning against gambling or speculation. A garden ~ is a happy omen for love affairs.

Bathing ~ :
A bathing ~ indicates luck in love. If you felt threatened the meaning will be the opposite. See also swimming ~ and water.
The dream symbols are also available in an iPhone app which you can download from iTunes: ...

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
For many people swimming pools are associated with summer fun, vacations, rest, and relaxation. Interpret your dream based on its content and see if any these positive feelings are being conveyed to you.

~- A round or square ~ may be a symbol of the self.
Potato - Unconscious contents that can grow to be consciously nutritious. Not very intelligent {potato head}.

~: What is going on inside you? If underwater: what have
you submerged?
position: Where you stand in life. Are you above it all, side by ...

A ~ or billiard ball can stand for an obstacle in your life.
If you dream about a tennis ball, you may believe that you are going to be successful in an endeavor.
If you dream about a football, you may thinking of restarting a project that you have dropped.

Swimming ~ - place of spiritual refreshing; a place of God's Spirit; immersed in God; dirty water can indicate spiritual pollution, corruption or backslidden condition
Tent - temporary place of rest; meeting place with God ...

Swimming ~: Spiritual place or condition; church; home; family; God's blessings.
Swinging: Peaceful; rest; quietness; romance; fellowship. (Is. 30: 15)
Swinging High: Danger; thrill seeking; immorality; infidelity.

A dream with a swimming ~ can symbolize your relationships with others or the need to acknowledge your feelings or emotions. Perhaps a relationship in your waking life needs more ..Read more →

~ To see a swimming ~ full of water in your dream is lucky, symbolizing that you will find much happiness and pleasure in friendship, love and marriage. An empty ~ means trouble in love and friendship, or that you are not feeling enough affection in your life.

Example dream : A dream where a lifeguard stops him jumping into a ~ linked to the dreamer breaking up with his girlfriend the night before. Stopping symbolised his need to stop and think at a time when his emotions were heightened and he was very upset.

orle, outer space, outfield, oval, paddy, palaestra, pale, paling, paly, parade ground, parcel of land, park, pasture, patch, pean, pen, pet subject, pheon, pick up, piece of land, pit, place, plat, platform, play, player, playground, playing field, playroom, plot, plot of ground, polo ground, ~ ...

Of what I remembered, I picked out the room I wanted and then went outside into a very large yard where I had a pet whale in a huge white ~. The whale was very tame; it would jump out of the water and come to the edge of the ~ so that I could pet its nose.

I just woke up from a dream about a black snake attacking out from a ~ of lotus flowers.

Leisurely swimming, such as at a beach, in a lake, or in a ~, implies good fortune and easy living ahead, unless the weather is bad, in which case danger could result from doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Last night I had a dream that I was drowning in a ~. There was people everywhere both in the ~ & outside of it, but no one would help me. I could see my dad somewhere outside of the ~ talking to someone but once I started drowning he disappeared.

see also: swimming flow or river aquarium canal wet water flood fountain underwater pier jetty or breakwater ~ wave
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Dreams of water are often associated with feelings - either good or bad. You need to assess the dream to see if the water is enjoyable, such as a peaceful ~ or a raging sea, to decide what the dream is trying to tell you.

In fact, some expectant mothers even give birth in a ~, because the environment in the water mimics the environment in the uterus. It is less traumatic for the baby as it emerges into the world. So perhaps, in your dream you're searching for your own comfort zone.

In any games to play in a dream - a twist of fate / least favorite job. But the dominoes to play - fun. In the play skittles - loss. In the ~ - the sadness. In Checkers - fun. In chess, if the familiar - success in spiritual work. With strangers - reasonable suspicion.

This dream could also represent that you have control of this circumstance. If the handle is broken within your dream, then you need to get a grip on the person you have become. For this you may need to ~ your inner resources.

Mislabeled from birth, the little duckling lives his life with the heroic heart of a swan. Indeed, after growing strong under the nurturing of kind humans, the duckling is set free, and sees its image for the first time in a reflective ~ of water to discover he had "transformed" into a ...

dad sister brother aunt uncle cousin neighbor family chair flying tree book reading angelic light whoosing noise driving car truck bicycle moped motorcycle horse elephant zebra birds peacock duck food kitchen cooking refridgerator oven dishwasher dreamt cleaning washing machine wash hands bath ~ ...

Later, I follow them to a hilltop villa where they are having an orgy. When it is over, I express an interest (desire) to join in their activities and with one particular girl. She isn't very good looking, so I feel some disappointment, but we begin fucking in the swimming ~. P.G.

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