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Potato Chips

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Potato Chips
To dream about seeing or eating potato chips, symbolizes your overindulgent behavior.
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Potato Chips
To see or eat potato chips in your dream, symbolizes your overindulgent behaviour.
To see a potion in your dream, indicates misfortune and negative consequences. You should not try to purposely alter the normal rhythm of things.

Potato chips or other chips might represent an accompanying or non-primary element (a "go-with" or sidekick).
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Please see "Potato Chips" or "French Fries"
Dreaming of chocolate could mean you feel unappreciated for a recent success. It can also signify the need for special treatment from an unattentive friend or loved one.

Seeing or eating potato chips in your dream, symbolizes your overindulgent behavior.
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Dreams  Potato chip  Potatoes

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