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Power, control, ability. Dreaming that you have special powers or abilities can mean you're feeling powerless somehow in your life, or that there's a particular situation in which you'd like to have more power, ...

Super Powers
To dream that you have superpowers, indicates your growing confidence, high self-esteem and increasing skills. Also see "Control Water", "Flying", "Telekinesis", "Telepathy" and "X-ray Vision." ...

healing powers dream symbol
healing powers
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Having the power to heal someone's wound or disease can represent: ...

Magical Powers - Dream Symbols
It's very common in dreams to find that you have magical or super powers - you can run fast, fly high, breathe underwater. What do these mean?

Magical Powers
One of the great things about dreams, especially lucid dreams where you are aware of dreaming and can practically control the outcome, is that you can acquire unusual powers.

Healing Powers
Dream dictionary definition for  healing powers: Dreaming of healing powers could indicate that you have the ability to heal whatever ails you.

If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successful attacks of enemies.
To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition.

Supernatural Powers - If you have supernatural powers in a dream - flying, magic, mind-reading, etc. - it is often a dream of regaining control.

Having magical powers represents the capacity to get what you want, to make your dreams come true.

Contemplate the powers of the Peacock when you need more vibrancy and vitality in your experience. The Peacock can also help you on your spiritual Path, and breath new life into your walk of faith.

Example dream : A dream where demons try to kill the dreamers brother with cancer was caused by powers of the immigration authorities and persistent worries that the dreamers husband would be deported. ...

To have super human powers reflects waking life feelings of confidence to succeed in achieving a goal, even against great obstacles. Having X-ray vision is a symbol of penetrating insight into a relationship or problem.

You are aware of certain spiritual powers that you have.
lake - Observing peacefully: Your emotions are under control and you know it. Drowning in it: You have lost control of your emotions.

You are in control and most likely utilizing other than physical powers to get to your goal whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Also, are you a pilot, part of the crew, a passenger, or observer?

peck, person of renown, personage, personality, persuasion, pillar of society, plenitude, poignancy, polis, polity, possession, potence, potency, potent, potential, potential energy, potentiality, powder, power elite, powerful, powerfulness, powers, ...

You are waking up to the positive powers within you. To dream of being burned by fire indicates that your temper is getting out of control. Some issue or situation is burning you up inside.

It can represent both the creative and the destructive powers that you hold within you, powers that are so strong that your conscious mind struggles to repress them.

Alchemy is an influential philosophical tradition whose early practitioners' claims to profound powers were known from antiquity.

Some people don't realize it until they are presented with a situation where those powers are needed.
Everyone gets messages in thier dreams. You can choose to look at them as messages or you can choose to call it fantasyland.

To see cattle stampeding, means that you will have to exert all the powers of command you have to keep your career in a profitable channel.

Perhaps the food was what gave the people the angels powers, their wisdom, and helped them grow their wings. I try to tell the teacher and the class, but although they show a mild interest. I collect up the seeds and go to the cliff.

Spirits - May represent the not yet discovered or utilized powers or capacities of your psyche offering inspiration, creativity, love and powers of healong (self-healing).

In the Greek and Roman era, dreams were seen as messages from the gods and believed to have healing powers. With this belief in mind temples were built were sick people would sleep and be sent cures through their dreams.

The Egyptians And DreamsThe Egyptians were great believers in dreams and their powers and influence. The Dream Book is a papyrus that contains dream examples and dream interpretations and it is believed to date back to the early reign of Ramesses II.

Traditionally, beans symbolize magical powers. In a dream, beans can symbolize unleashed potential. Beans in your dream can represent hidden powers that you have - not necessarily magical powers, but hidden talents.

These images seem to represent, or allude to, the childlike creative powers in the unconscious. You can think of the dwarf as a "worker" in your unconscious.

seven lucky number; psychic powers; spiritual number that represents God in Hindu and Christian tradition; Neptune and music; seventh heaven is the highest level; Seven Wonders of the world; seven days in a week; Seven Deadly Sins.

Wrestler-to be a wrestler is symbolic of a struggle between people or spiritual powers, Gen. 30:8
Wrestling-to dream of being locked in a wrestling match is symbolic of a struggle against spiritual powers, Eph. 6:12 ...

It shows considerable powers of imagination and signifies a successful venture.
A tongue is related with pleasure and new experiences. Is a sign of future professional success.

To see a blue tiger in a dream represents a positive belief that overpowers other priorities. A genuine belief that something is so positive that it's more important than anything else.

an eclipse of the sun and moon can symbolize the harmonious alignment of feelings (moon) and assertiveness or power (sun.) If the landscape suddenly becomes dark because of the eclipse, you may be testing your idea of power against external powers ...

To pass down an avenue of white chrysanthemums, with here and there a yellow one showing among the white, foretells a strange sense of loss and sadness, from which the sensibilities will expand and take on new powers.

feather: Often represent the powers or nature of the bird it came from, e.g.

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