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Pregnancy Test

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Dreaming that you are taking a pregnancy test, may be a metaphor for a new phase you are entering in your life (a new job, relationship, etc.) You may feel that you are being put to the test as to whether you are prepared or ready for these changes.

Pregnancy Test
To dream that you are taking a pregnancy test, may be a metaphor for a new stage you are beginning in your life (such as a new relationship, job or friendship).

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Happiness if Being Pregnant - In a dream to be pregnant or to get positive result of pregnancy test (or becoming pregnant for both, for men and for women): indicates happiness and spiritual joy; foretells that a wish will come true; ...

If you are a woman you should take a pregnancy test, or it is a warning telling you to be careful so you do not get pregnant if you do not desire it. A birth can also mean a new start in life or good news.

I had a dream last night that i went to take a home pregnancy test. It was a three pack of test but before i even pee'd on them they already said positive.

Dream Symbols:Doctor, Pregnancy test, woman @ clinic, waiting, what people symbolize in our dreams, tired of waiting, leaving doctor's office.

simply, representing positivity: Positive ions, positive protons, a positive charge in electricity (check out a Duracell battery).
In modern culture, the symbol represents a positive sign of inception, an affirmation of new life from pregnancy tests.

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Dreams  Pregnancy  Pregnant

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